Chapter 1476 - Intrude Into The Forbidden Area

MGA: Chapter 1476 - Intrude Into The Forbidden Area

In this place, ordinary people had to be extremely cautious. They had to put forth two hundred percent focus. Else, if they were to lower their guard, they would end up losing their lives.

However, Chu Feng had a very calm appearance. Just like before, he was still rapidly proceeding.

The reason why he was not worried at all was because there was… a map in his mind.

When Chu Feng had first arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng had encountered one Grandpa Luo. This Grandpa Luo had not had a very high cultivation. However, he was a traveler who had traveled to many places in the Holy Land of Martialism throughout his life.

As for his many years of travel, they had not left him empty-handed. He had once obtained a treasure box in the western region of the Holy Land of Martialism.

There had been three treasures in that treasure box. The first was a fruit that contained natural energy. The second was a dark golden item that appeared like a dagger or a cane. As for the last item, it was a map.

As for that map, it not only recorded the treasure contained in the Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancient Era’s Remnants, it also recorded the locations of dangers and traps.

Chu Feng immediately knew how precious this map was. Thus, he remembered the contents of the map in his mind and then destroyed the map itself.

Right now, all of the contents of the map were in Chu Feng’s mind. Even though dangers were lurking on every side, Chu Feng was still well aware of how he should proceed.


However, suddenly, following a step, Chuy Feng’s pupils shrank and his body started to tremble. Even his complexion had slightly changed. In his mind, he shouted, “Oh no!”

Although the map in Chu Feng’s mind recorded the Ancient Era’s formations, the various traps and the locations the Ancient Era’s beasts would frequently rest in, it did not record the situation that Chu Feng had just encountered.

There was a formation here. It covered a very vast region and was very well hidden. It was most definitely not something that an ordinary world spiritist had set up. Else, it would have been impossible for Chu Feng to not discover it.

This formation was the masterpiece of at least a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, it should be something that the Cyanwood Mountain had set up. That was because Chu Feng was able to sense that this spirit formation had been placed here for at least several thousand years. However, several thousand years was a period of time very far away from the Ancient Era. Thus, this was not a spirit formation from the Ancient Era. Therefore, it would most definitely be a spirit formation set up by the Cyanwood Mountain.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to sense that this spirit formation was not a killing formation. Instead, it was merely a detection formation. Now that Chu Feng had triggered this formation, the people from the Cyanwood Mountain would’ve detected that he had come to this place.

Furthermore, this was not an ordinary detection formation. This spirit formation was also capable of ‘soul-locking.’ Now that Chu Feng had triggered the spirit formation, regardless of whether he flew in the sky or dove into the ground, he would still be detected by the people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

All of Chu Feng’s following actions would be under the scrutiny of the Cyanwood Mountain. Unless.. Unless Chu Feng was capable of undoing the tracking formation that had hidden itself within his body.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Chu Feng did not continue onward. Instead, he sat cross-legged in midair and began to form hand seals nonstop. Layer upon layer of spirit power began to overwhelmingly surge out of his body. He was planning to break the tracking formation inside him.


At the same time. In the most mysterious location of the Cyanwood Mountain. There were many ancient pagodas there. Within one of the ancient pagoda's was a golden spirit formation, and that spirit formation was currently shining brightly.

Flowing within that golden spirit formation were snake marks. In other words, the person who had set up this spirit formation was a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

As this spirit formation flickered with light, a vague silhouette began to appear within it. As the spirit formation continued to flicker, the silhouette became more and more clear.

Surrounding this spirit formation were eight aged figures. There were both men and women among them. However, they were all old and white-haired. From their facial appearances, one could tell that they had lived for countless years.

Most importantly, when their ages were not mentioned, their auras were all that of peak Half Martial Emperors. Each and every one of them was not weaker than the Nine Powers’ headmasters. Furthermore, they were all royal-cloak world spiritists.


Suddenly, one of the eight old people opened his eyes and revealed a sharp eagle-like gaze. As he saw the flickering silhouette in the formation, he was enraged, “Damn it, someone intruded into the forbidden area.”

“Who is this daring?” Hearing those words, the remaining seven old people also opened their eyes. As they saw the silhouette in the spirit formation, more and more murderous desire began to appear in their gazes.

“The Nine Powers Hunt should be underway right now. I presume that it’s some power’s disciple who did not understand the rules and intruded into that place.”

“There’s no harm. Let him continue onward. That place is not a place that he can intrude in as he wishes. If he continues onward, the only thing waiting for him will be death. No one will be able to save him,” said an old lady.

“No, we can’t do that. The rules are the rules. That is our Cyanwood Mountain’s forbidden area. Regardless of who it might be, we cannot allow anyone to enter it. Not to mention disciples from the other powers, even if it’s our Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, it’s still a capital offense to enter that place.”

“We were told to watch this place by the Lord Assembly Master. Thus, we should uphold our responsibility. How could we just allow that intruder to do as he wishes just because he’s small and weak?” The old man that spoke first spoke again in a very strict manner.

“This…” That old lady became a bit speechless. The order from the Lord Assembly Master was indeed something that they ought to obey unconditionally. Else, why would the eight grand elders of the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly not train in the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly and instead guard a place like this?

“What Elder Xue says is correct. I’ll go and capture that ignorant little demon right now,” As the old woman spoke, she suddenly stood up and prepared to leave.

“There’s no need to capture him. Lord Assembly Master has ordered that all those who dare to trespass into the forbidden area shall be killed. You only need to kill him on the spot,” Elder Xue said.

“What if he’s a disciple of our Cyanwood Mountain?” The old lady asked.

“No difference, kill him,” Elder Xue said with an ice-cold voice. There was not the slightest trace of sentiment.

“Understood,” After hearing those words, a cold murderous gaze appeared in the old lady’s eyes.

The Lord Assembly Master was the true ruler of the Cyanwood Mountain. The orders given by him were things that none of them dared to go against.


However, right at this time, a loud sound was heard. The ancient pagoda they were in started to violently shake left and right. The entrance door of the ancient pagoda that was closed shut was actually broken apart by someone.

“Ji, ji, ji, ji~~~”

Following that, strange sounds began to be heard from the direction of the entrance. Soon, a large stream of purple gaseous flames came pouring in from the entrance, blocking it completely.

Not only did those purple gaseous flames possess life, they also possessed a frightening aura capable of devouring all of heaven and earth. Even the eight grand elders of the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, all peak Half Martial Emperor existences, started to tightly frown and shiver in fear when seeing these purple gaseous flames.

Before, they had been extremely upright and unafraid. Yet, at this time, they displayed expressions of fear like ordinary people.

“You all are not allowed to interfere in this matter.”

Suddenly, these words sounded from the purple gaseous flame. It was ice cold and ruthless. This was an absolute command.