Chapter 1474 - The Place That He Must Go To

MGA: Chapter 1474 - The Place That He Must Go To

“Do you know Tantai Xue?” Chu Feng asked.

“I… I do.” Yan Gui did not dare to conceal anything.

“In that case, do you know where she is now?” Chu Feng asked.

“She… she…” Yan Gui started to hesitate slightly. However, in the end, he said, “She’s in our Cursed Soil Sect.”

“In your Cursed Soil Sect? She is not a disciple of your Cursed Soil Sect, so why would she be in the Cursed Soil Sect? Did you all capture her?” Chu Feng asked with a cold voice.

“Yes, that’s right. She was caught by my master” Yan Gui replied. [1. Yan Gui’s master is the headmaster of the Cursed Soil Sect.]

“Why did you all capture her?” Chu Feng asked.

“Not only did she steal my master’s Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute, she also killed my four junior brothers. My master will not let her get away with that,” Yan Gui said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart trembled. Who was Tantai Xue? She was the mysterious woman who arrived in the Eastern Sea Region along with Jiang Qisha and the others.

Tantai Xue had helped Chu Feng many times in the past. She had been a great benefactor to Chu Feng. Originally, Chu Feng entered the Heavenly Road to the Holy Land of Martialism together with Tantai Xue. Unfortunately, some setbacks had emerged on the Heavenly Road. Thus, Chu Feng was unable to enter into the Cursed Soil Domain together with Tantai Xue and had instead arrived in the Cyanwood Domain.

Therefore, Chu Feng had been worried about Tantai Xue the entire time. He did not know whether or not she was safe when returning to the Cursed Soil Domain by herself.

And now, after hearing what Yan Gui said, Chu Feng was naturally even more worried. It was clear that Tantai Xue was not safe right now.

“You all haven't killed her yet? Why haven’t you?” While Chu Feng came to know that Tantai Xue had been captured, he was able to tell from Yan Gui’s words that Tantai Xue was only captured and not yet killed.

“That’s because she has hidden away my master’s Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute. Before we find the Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute, she cannot die,” Yan Gui said.

“Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute, what is that?

“It’s an Incomplete Imperial Armament, our Cursed Soil Sect’s most valuable inherited treasure,” Yan Gui said.

“In that case, if Tantai Xue was to refuse to tell you all the location where she has hidden the Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute, what will you all do then?” Chu Feng asked.

“If she refuses to tell us even when facing death, then, with my master’s personality, he will make her wish she was dead. She will definitely end up telling us the location,” Yan Gui said with honesty. He really did not dare to conceal anything from Chu Feng because he was extremely afraid of Chu Feng crippling his cultivation.

Suddenly, Chu Feng burst into loud, joyous and crazed laughter. “Hahaha… good, very good. Tantai Xue, never would I have imagined that you would have such a day too.”

Chu Feng had done that deliberately. Yan Gui and the others were the disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect. While Chu Feng could cripple the cultivation of a few of them, he could not really kill them. Otherwise, it would create an enormous upheaval and might even lead to the two enormous powers, the Cyanwood Mountain and the Cursed Soil Sect, going to war.

In order to prevent a war, it was possible that the Cyanwood Mountain might hand Chu Feng over to the Cursed Soil Sect.

Thus, Chu Feng could not kill Yan Gui and the others. However, since he could not kill them but instead asked them these sorts of questions, it was unavoidable that Yan Gui would think about why he was asking them.

If he were to ponder on it, they would inevitably take precautions against Chu Feng. If precautions were to form in their hearts, they would definitely inform their Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster about this matter upon their return. As for that, it would be a major crisis for Chu Feng. Tantai Xue would either have her location transferred or be killed directly.

In order to prevent that, Chu Feng deliberately laughed out loud. He wanted Yan Gui to think that Tantai Xue was his great enemy.

He wanted Yan Gui to think that he had asked about Tantai Xue not because he was worried about her, but rather because he wished to know whether or not she was still alive.

Like this, Yan Gui and the others would not take precautions against Chu Feng’s questioning. In fact, they probably would not even mention this matter to their headmaster. After all, what they had done was leaking classified information to Chu Feng. If their headmaster were to find out about this, they would end up suffering a major calamity.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, could it be… that you also have a deep hatred against that Tantai Xue?” Sure enough, Yan Gui was fooled by Chu Feng’s performance and thought that Chu Feng was also someone with hatred for Tantai Xue.

“Indeed I do. It’s quite an enormous hatred too. However, it’s alright. As long as she’s not living her life in peace, I am reassured.”

“Taking into consideration that you all have the same enemy as myself, I’ll spare your lives today.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his sleeve and released the cloud formation in the sky. The pressure that bound Yan Gui and the others to the ground was also released.


Even though he had his liberty returned to him, Yan Gui was still unable to stand up straight. Instead, like clay, he sat onto the ground. [2. Chu Feng had been holding Yan Gui by the neck earlier.]

At this moment, his eyes were lifeless and his expression absent-minded. He was drenched with sweat and gasping for air. He was deeply and severely frightened.

Even though Chu Feng had only interrogated him with a couple questions, even though it had only been a very short period of time, this period of time was akin to being in hell to him. It was extremely difficult to bear.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said, “All of you, take out all your teleportation talismans given to you by the Cyanwood Mountain,”

The Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples did not dare to go against Chu Feng’s order. One by one, they took out their teleportation talismans and held it in their hands.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, what do you want from this?” Yan Gui asked in a confused manner.

“Earlier, you all came to attack me. This is not something that I can just forgive.”

“However, taking into consideration that your Cursed Soil Sect is also an enemy of Tantai Xue, I am letting you all live.”

“While I can forgive your capital offense, I cannot let you go without punishment. All of you, break your teleportation talisman and return,” Chu Feng said.


“Junior brother Chu Feng, please don’t do this. Please give us another chance. Otherwise, we…” Chu Feng’s words came as a great shock to Yan Gui and the others.

To break apart their teleportation talismans, wouldn’t that be considered to be forfeiting this Nine Powers Hunt? To them, this would be an enormous disgrace, the utmost humiliation. Not only would they be punished by their headmaster upon their return, they would also not be able to escape the reputation of being deserters that fled from battle for the rest of their lives.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Seeing that they were hesitating, Chu Feng suddenly had a thought. Then, twenty spears appeared before him. They were all pointed at the lethal locations of these twenty Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples.

Although all twenty of these spears were formed through spirit power, each and every one of them was a spirit formation with extremely strong might, capable of taking away the lives of these Cursed Soil Sect disciples. Before Chu Feng, even Yan Gui would not be able to escape death.

“I’ll count to three. You all can either leave or die. You decide,” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he closed his eyes and said with a very dull tone, “One.”

“Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop~~~”

Once Chu Feng counted to one, he immediately heard consecutive popping noises. Those were the sounds of the teleportation talismans being broken apart.

When Chu Feng opened his eyes again, he discovered that all twenty of the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples had snapped their teleportation talismans and fled. Not a single one of them remained.

“Heh…” Seeing this, Chu Feng uttered a light laugh. He was sneering at Yan Gui and the others for being so cowardly. At the same time, he was also ridiculing them for being so powerless. With merely their bits of strength, they actually dared to come attack him, to try to kill him. They had truly been overestimating themselves.

“Tantai Xue, you must persist. After this Nine Powers Hunt is over, I, Chu Feng, will come and save you,” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze turned serious. Within his serious gaze were worries.

Not only had Tantai Xue helped Chu Feng enormously and saved his life before, she also had not killed all four of the Cursed Soil Sect’s seven. She had only killed one among the four of them. As for the remaining three, including Jiang Qisha himself, they had all been killed by Chu Feng.

In other words, Tantai Xue had helped Chu Feng take on the offense of killing the other three. Logically, Chu Feng should go and save her. Otherwise, Chu Feng would have a guilty conscience.

When thinking about this, Chu Feng suddenly moved. His body was like a flash of lightning. In an instant, he traveled the distance of several miles and disappeared.

As for the direction that he disappeared in, it was naturally outside of the range that the Cyanwood Mountain provisioned for the participants of the Nine Powers Hunt.

Furthermore, unknown to anyone, that location was also the most dangerous place in the entire Ancient Era’s Remnant.

However, that place was the place that Chu Feng must go to.