Chapter 1469 - Torn Body And Crushed Bones

MGA: Chapter 1469 - Torn Body And Crushed Bones

In an aggressive manner, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er entered into the palace hall. Then, they said, “Chu Feng, we sisters are unconvinced by you. How are you qualified to receive six bets?”

“Get the hell out of here!” Hearing those words, Su Mei was immediately enraged. She stood up and spoke to urge them out.

“Where did this rude girl come from? You dare to shout at us in such a manner?” Nie Wan’er was extremely arrogant. She actually attacked Su Mei directly.

Her martial power surged forth violently. However, under her control, her martial power was gentle like the water. Like a stream, it shot toward Su Mei.

However, everyone was able to tell that this martial power that appeared to be gentle was actually very powerful and had killing intent concealed within it.

“Humph,” However, Su Mei was not to be outdone. As her world spirit techniques were extremely powerful, she did not even bother to use martial power at all. With merely a single thought, golden royal-level spirit power was released from her. Her spirit power turned into a world spirit wall and blocked the space before her.


Nie Wan’er’s martial power collided with Su Mei’s world spirit wall. However, it did not unleash any sound of explosion. Instead, like some sort of mucus, it stuck onto Su Mei’s world spirit wall.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded. The expressions of the crowd all changed. That was because the explosion did not come from outside of the world spirit wall. No, it was from within the world spirit wall. It was an internal attack.

Nie Wan’er’s martial power actually contained the characteristics of an internal attack. It penetrated through Su Mei’s world spirit wall and continued to charge forward to attack Su Mei.

“Damn it.”

Seeing that, Su Mei started to panic. Although she noticed that the situation was bad, it was too close of a distance for her to dodge.

However, if she was hit by this internal attack, even if she survived, she would be seriously injured. It was likely that she would not be able to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt tomorrow.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At this moment of imminent peril, a strong gale suddenly swept by Su Mei. It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng waved his sleeve and caused golden spirit power to sweep forth into a golden maelstrom. In a very easy manner, it completely nullified the internal attack that was about to reach Su Mei.

“This…” Seeing this scene, the expressions of both Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er greatly changed. Neither of them expected that the internal attack that even Su Mei was unable to dodge was nullified by a rank six Martial King that they thought to be trash. Furthermore, he nullified the attack that easily.

“Bastard,” Being nearly injured by the internal attack, Su Mei was enraged. As she spoke, she wanted to attack again.

“Little Mei, let me take care of this,” However, before Su Mei could do anything, Chu Feng stepped forward and stopped her with his arm.

Chu Feng knew that Su Mei was very strong. Especially in terms of world spirit techniques, her world spirit techniques could be considered to be the top among the young generation. Very few people would be able to contend against her.

However, that Nie Wan’er was able to use an internal attack to pass through Su Mei’s world spirit wall. This meant that not only was that Nie Wan’er very strong, she also possessed tricks up her sleeve. She knew how to fight against world spiritists and had used her trump card to deal with world spiritists right away. Earlier, if Chu Feng had not stepped in, things would have ended disastrously for Su Mei.

When a single Nie Wan’er was already like this, how frightening would they be if Nie Xi’er were to join in too?

No matter how powerful Su Mei might be, no matter how careful she would be later on, it would still be impossible for her to be a match for these two sisters.

From the attack that Nie Wan’er used earlier, Chu Feng knew right away that it was not baseless for the two of them to have become the strongest disciples among the Nine Powers.

“Careful, they are very cunning,” Su Mei did not refute Chu Feng. Instead, as she stepped back, she sent a voice transmission to tell him to be careful. It was clear that she had also realized how powerful these two beautiful sisters were.

After Su Mei retreated, Nie Wan’er said, “I truly never expected that you would be a hidden expert.”

“There are a lot of things that you would not expect,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and spoke in a mocking manner.

“Chu Feng, I admit that I have underestimated you. However, I still refuse to believe that you are stronger than me.”

“In the end, world spirit techniques are only world spirit techniques. No matter how powerful world spirit techniques are, they are still no match for martial power.”

“Even though you’ve become a royal cloak world spiritist at such a young age and managed to obtain high regard from many seniors, I, Nie Wan’er, will still not acknowledge you,” Nie Wan’er said.

“Do you need me to defeat you in order for you to acknowledge me?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“That’s right,” Nie Wan’er said.


Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve. Like a celestial fairy scattering flowers from the sky, Chu Feng’s golden spirit power turned into an enormous world spirit wall and sealed himself as well as Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er within it.

“Regardless of what sort of methods you two possess, regardless of what sorts of martial skills you know, you can use any of them. As long as you can break apart this world spirit formation of mine here, it’ll be your win,” Chu Feng pointed to the spirit formation he had set up and spoke with confidence.

“You are truly arrogant and conceited,” Nie Wan’er snorted coldly and raised her hand into a fist.

A stream of martial power surged forth and turned into a golden spear. With the power to pierce through the heavens, it shot toward Chu Feng’s spirit formation.


A loud explosion. The sky and ground started to tremble violently. However, Chu Feng’s spirit formation did not waver in the slightest. Yet, Nie Wang’er’s spear that she had formed with martial power was completely shattered.

“It’s this firm?”

At this moment, not to mention Nie Wang’er and Nie Xi’er, even Lin Yezhou, Su Mei and the others were shocked.

Even though they already knew that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were extremely powerful, so powerful that he could defeat a rank four Half Martial Emperor with them, this spirit formation was only something that Chu Feng had only casually set up.

Yet, the attack that Nie Wang’er had used was no casual attack at all. It was a martial skill. Furthermore, it was a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill.

However, even a martial skill like this was unable to do anything to Chu Feng’s spirit formation and shattered instantly upon collision. This truly appeared to be a bit too ridiculous.

“I refuse to believe…” Nie Wang’er started to attack again. This time around, her martial power was even denser and her attack even stronger. Countless amounts of flowers condensed from martial power swept forth toward Chu Feng’s spirit formation like reverse meteors. This was an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill from the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden. Its name was Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Flowers Slash.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

In an instant, it was as if ten thousand thunders exploded within the spirit formation. The noise was extremely ear-piercing. However, this sound could only be heard from within the spirit formation. The people outside of the spirit formation could not hear the sound at all, much less the people outside of Chu Feng’s palace.

Although the sound was isolated by the spirit formation, Lin Yezhou and the others were able to clearly see how powerful and frightening this Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Flowers Slash was.

The energy ripples of different colors were as gorgeous as fireworks. However, they all knew very well that those gorgeous fireworks-like energy ripples contained very frightening destructive power.

Yet, as the fireworks-like energy ripples subsided, Chu Feng’s spirit formation was still completely undamaged.

“Impossible!” At this moment, shock filled the faces of Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er.

“How was it? I possess some qualifications to be arrogant and conceited, no?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Destroy the leader and the gang will collapse, kill the general and the army will collapse,” A cold flash shone past Nie Wan’er’s eyes. Like a flash, she flew toward Chu Feng.

Her speed was extremely fast. In merely a blink of an eye, she arrived before Chu Feng. She started to wave her hands around, turning them into eight different arms. Each one of her arms was like a dragon. Roaring with dragon cries, they came at Chu Feng to tear him apart.

This was no ordinary attack. It was another Earthen Taboo Martial Skill called Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands.

Although this martial skill had not been created by the Ten Thousands Flowers Garden, it was something that they had obtained from an Ancient Era’s Remnant. Thus, its power was extremely strong and even surpassed the Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Flowers Slash that Nie Wan’er had used earlier. This Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands was one of the most famous martial skills of the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden.

It was also the strongest martial skill that Nie Wan’er grasped. Thus, Nie Wan’er had gone all out. She wanted to use this martial skill to determine the outcome of the battle.

However, Chu Feng stood motionless when facing this sort of powerful martial skill. At the beginning, the crowd thought that he must have a plan. However, when Chu Feng still did not have any reaction after Nie Wan’er grew closer to him, the crowd knew that he did not have a plan up his sleeve. Instead, he did not think to resist the attack at all.

“What happened to Chu Feng? Why isn’t he dodging?” Lin Yezhou and the others discovered that the situation was amiss. Unable to contain themselves, they started shouting.

“It’s not that he’s not dodging, it’s that he cannot dodge. The powerful aspect of the Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands is not its powerful might, it’s also its deterrence power. Its deterrence power is akin to that of an actual dragon. Ordinary people are simply unable to withstand it and will cower in fear. In close distance, that deterrence is even stronger, doubled.”

“That Chu Feng is too arrogant. He saw my big sister’s attack yet decided to not fight back immediately. He must’ve planned to counter-attack after my big sister gets close to display his strength. However, that’s exactly what big sister wanted. He will now end up having to receive the Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands’ enormous deterrence power.”

“At this moment, even if he wanted to fight back, he has already lost the chance to do so. This fight will result in his defeat.”

At the moment when the crowd were worried for Chu Feng, Nie Xi’er sneered in her heart. She knew how frightening the Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands was. Thus, she felt that her big sister’s victory was guaranteed.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.”

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

Suddenly, eight ear-piercing explosions sounded in a continuous manner. All eight of Nie Wan’er’s Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands landed on Chu Feng’s body.

Head, neck, chest, back, arm, wrist, thigh and calf.

Eight different locations were struck by her Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands. She simply wanted to tear Chu Feng’s body apart and crush his bones.