Chapter 1470 - Seal You Two

MGA: Chapter 1470 - Seal You Two

“Chu Feng!!!”

When Su Mei and the others saw Nie Wan’er’s Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands all hitting Chu Feng, they were all filled with worry and fright.

This was especially true for Su Mei. She was both scared and angered. In merely an instant, tears began to roll down her eyes and she rushed into Chu Feng’s spirit formation filled with killing intent; she wanted to avenge Chu Feng.


However, right at that moment, Nie Wan’er suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood and half-knelt before Chu Feng.

“Big sister!!!”

When the smug Nie Xi’er saw this scene, she was immediately struck dumb. Right away, she ran over to Nie Wan’er and supported her older sister.

After she supported her older sister, her expression took a huge change. Not only was Nie Wan’er’s aura extremely chaotic right now, her lily-white hands were also badly mutilated.

“This… what happened?”

Seeing this scene, not only did Lin Yezhou and the others become stunned, even Su Mei who was rushing over stopped in her tracks as if she had been petrified.


Right at this moment, a flash of golden light shone on Chu Feng’s clothing, a light which was coming from his body.

At this moment, shock and terror flashed through Lin Yezhou and the others’ eyes. As they were all world spiritists, they were able to perceive how dreadful the golden light that covered Chu Feng was. While it was spirit power, it was no ordinary spirit power.

“To only vomit blood after receiving my Invisible Damage Reflection Formation, your body’s very strong,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng’s words cleared the mystery up for everyone. He informed everyone of the reason why he was unharmed after receiving the Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands, whereas Nie Wan’er was instead injured.

It turned out that Chu Feng had not received the attack head-on without dodging. Nor was it that he was deterred by the might of the Earthen Taboo: Eight Dragons Hands and became unable to counter-attack. Instead, Chu Feng had, since the very beginning, placed a mysterious and powerful spirit formation on his body.

Invisible Damage Reflection Formation. It was as its name implied, although the formation was covering Chu Feng’s body, one could not see it with the naked eye and would not be able to sense it either.

However, at the moment when danger arrived, this Invisible Damage Reflection Formation was capable of reflecting the danger back towards one’s attacker.

Chu Feng had done this deliberately. He had been waiting for Nie Wan’er to attack him. Without having to do anything himself, using only this Invisible Damage Reflection Formation, Chu Feng was able to completely defeat Nie Wan’er.

Naturally, Chu Feng had learned this amazingly powerful spirit formation from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. In the past, he had never had the chance to use this spirit formation. However, at this moment, he was given the opportunity to use it. Furthermore, Chu Feng was rather pleased with the effect of this Spirit Formation.

“Despicable bastard! You actually plotted all this beforehand. I’ll make you pay!!!”

Suddenly, Nie Wan’er snarled in anger. After that, her long hair started to flutter as a stream of gaseous flame surged forth from within her. That gaseous flame was extremely powerful. Even Chu Feng was forced to retreat repeatedly.

Following that, wave upon wave of gaseous energy began to emit from Nie Wan’er’s body and started to engulf her surroundings.


Being struck by the gaseous energies, the spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up started to tremble nonstop. This power was extremely strong. However, Chu Feng felt that it was not that Nie Wan’er had deliberately controlled this power to collide with Chu Feng’s spirit formation. Instead, this power was spreading uncontrollably so that others could see its powerful might.

It was an extremely strong power, something that did not belong to mortals.

“Divine Body!!!” Chu Feng’s gaze flashed. He had managed to determine why this power was so strong: Nie Wan’er was a Divine Body.

“Big sister, let me help you,” Right at this moment, Nie Xi’er’s body also began to emit a power as strong as the power Nie Wan’er was emitting from her body.

“This pair of twin sisters are actually both Divine Bodies?!!” Even Chu Feng was shocked by this.

Finally, the formless energies started to take form. They turned into a red gaseous flame. Although it was fiery red, it was not a flame at all. Instead, it appeared more like a flaming cloud.

After the flaming cloud was formed, both Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s bodies disappeared.

Their Divine Bodies seemed to be even more powerful than ordinary Divine Bodies. That was because they had managed to fuse their bodies with their divine powers.

Although their mortal bodies had disappeared now, they had turned into two enormous fiery red birds.

Although the two enormous birds appeared to have real sharp beaks, they also appeared to be gaseous in state. However, undoubtedly, they were extremely powerful, as they possessed a divine power capable of tearing everything apart.

“They transformed! This pair of beautiful sisters have used their strongest trump card, they have fused together with their divine power.”

“Three years ago, it was precisely this move that allowed them to defeat all of the other disciples from the Nine Powers with absolute dominance. It was this move that made them the victors in the Nine Powers Hunt.”

Lin Yezhou, Fu Feiteng and the others grew nervous. They all knew how powerful this move was. At this moment, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s battle power had increased to another tier. They were no longer only capable of matching rank three Half Martial Emperors now. Like Chu Feng, their battle power was now on par with rank four Half Martial Emperors.

“Chu Feng, if you admit your defeat now, we sisters shall spare you this one time,” Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er spoke simultaneously. After their bodies changed, even their voices changed. Although their voices were still female voices, they now contained the coarseness of wild beasts, as well as a sort of divine sensation. It was as if they were divine beasts.

“Admit defeat? I’m afraid I cannot,” Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“Chu Feng, when we sisters take this form, we do not know how to hold back anymore. If you do not admit your defeat, I’m afraid that we might end up killing you,” Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er spoke simultaneously once again.

“Don’t know how to hold back? This means that the two of you are still unable to control this power of yours. To be unable to control your power means that your strength is insufficient. You wish for me to admit my defeat toward two people with insufficient strength? Do you not find that funny?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“You are truly arrogant. Prepare to pay the price,” Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er were angered by Chu Feng. Their bodies drifted and they began to charge toward Chu Feng with a great intimidating might.

“Heh…” Chu Feng chuckled upon seeing this. His body moved slightly backwards. He actually left the spirit formation and went outside of it.


Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er followed closely behind him and collided directly with the spirit formation. Their enormous power caused the spirit formation to be filled with cracks. However, they were unable to charge through it.

“Chu Feng, you cannot escape. With us sisters in this form, you will not be able to stop us,” The two sisters snarled. Chu Feng’s spirit formation was unable to contain their voices. Thus, their snarl was heard by Chu Feng.

At the same time, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s bodies started to let off layer upon layer of flaming clouds. As their wings fluttered, gales and black clouds began to spring up everywhere.

The inside of Chu Feng’s spirit formation was now covered with lightning flashes and rolls of thunder. Energy ripples were being formed everywhere. It was extremely terrifying, as if doomsday had arrived.

When the crowd saw the frightening power being released by the two sisters, even someone as conceited and proud as Lin Yezhou started to frown and step backwards repeatedly.

That was because he knew that these two sisters had been angered. He also knew how frightening the two of them were after being angered.

Thus, Lin Yezhou was extremely scared. He feared that the two sisters would end up massacring everyone before them after breaking through the spirit formation. If that was the case, even they would not be able to escape.

“No matter how powerful you are, you’re only two birds. Your Divine Bodies are quite useless. Here, let me seal you two.”

At the moment when the crowd were all filled with fear, Chu Feng burst into a loud laugh. His hands started to rapidly form hand seals. Then, numerous layers of spirit energy began to surge into the spirit formation that was sealing the two sisters.

With this being the case, not only did the cracks on the spirit formation begin to repeatedly restore themselves, the spirit formation itself also began to flicker with light. It was clearly becoming more and more powerful.

Suddenly, Chu Feng extended one hand and made a grabbing gesture toward the spirit formation. He shouted, “Seal!!!”

The spirit formation actually started to rapidly shrink in size. As for the two sisters who were contained within the spirit formation, they too began to rapidly shrink in size. When that spirit formation had shrunk to the size of two people, the divine bird bodies that the twin sisters had were forcibly stripped away from them, and the two of them were forced back into their human appearance.

Without their divine bird bodies, their divine powers were naturally also gone. At this moment, not only did their battle power greatly decrease, their auras had also become a tier weaker than before. In Chu Feng’s spirit formation, it was as if the two ferocious little birds had been trapped in an impregnable cage.