Chapter 1468 - Ill-Natured Arrival

MGA: Chapter 1468 - Ill-Natured Arrival

That voice came from the group of small sects and schools.

When they first heard that voice, many people felt that someone was looking for trouble. After all, the people from the small sects and schools were not qualified to participate in this sort of gamble. This was not only an issue of gambling stakes, it was also an issue with their status and identity.

“It’s him?”

However, after the crowd saw the person who had spoken those words earlier, they were all startled. This was especially true for the people of the Jadewater Temple. Their expressions had become uneasy.

The man who spoke was the person who had revealed his strength several days ago. He was a peak Half Martial Emperor, someone who even the headmasters present could not do anything to. As for who he was, he was naturally Hong Qiang.

While a headmaster from any other small sect or school would be considered to be looking for trouble by speaking, Hong Qiang was different. Everyone knew very well that he possessed the qualifications to speak.

“So it’s actually the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster. If you wish to participate in the gamble, you can most naturally do so. Merely, I suspect you still do not know about the gambling stake involved with this gamble, no?” The Jadewater Temple’s headmaster said with a eccentric tone.

His elder had been beaten up by Hong Qiang. Yet, there was nothing that he could do to Hong Qiang. Thus, he was naturally feeling very displeased with him.

“Is this sufficient?” Hong Qiang flipped his palm, and a piece of metal the size of a fist appeared.

“That is?!” When they saw the metal, the eyes of everyone present started to shine. This was especially true for the people from the World Spiritist Alliance. They were so shocked that they all stood up.

They were all people who could recognize treasures with a glance. With only a single glance, they were able to tell that this metal was no ordinary piece of metal. Instead, it was a metal capable of being used to craft Imperial Armaments. Although the metal was only the size of a fist, it was still extremely valuable. Compared to the gambling stakes from the rest of them, this piece of metal was much more precious.

Chu Feng was able to recognize with a single glance that it was the Raging Flames Metal. Furthermore, he knew that Hong Qiang possessed more Raging Flames Metal than that. The piece that he was holding in his hand was merely the tip of the iceberg.

“This headmaster, this gamble is merely for fun. This item that you have taken out, its value is a bit excessive. Could you perhaps change it to something else?” The Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges’ headmaster urged with a beaming smile.

In truth, he only said that because he was lacking in confidence. Hong Qiang had taken out such a precious item as gambling stake. It was clear that he wanted them to take out items of equal value as gambling stakes.

It was not that he could not take out an item of equal value as a gambling stake. Merely, he was not willing to do so. After all, treasures of that level were truly too precious. If he were to lose in the gamble and lose the treasure, it would be quite a heartache for him. That was the reason why he asked Hong Qiang to change his gambling stake.

“You all do not have to increase your gambling stakes,” Hong Qiang understood his intention.

“But… if that’s the case, it will be too unfair to you,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master said. As a world spiritist, he knew very well how precious this piece of metal was.

“Heh… it’s not unfair at all because the person that I’m going to bet on will only let me win and not lose,” Hong Qiang said.

“I never expected this brother to be this confident. In that case, who might you planning to bet on?” The Jadewater Temple’s headmaster asked. There were traces of ridicule in his tone.

Following his question, everyone’s interest was perked. They all wished to know who exactly Hong Qiang was planning to bet on after his bombastic appearance. Exactly which disciple was capable of making him think so highly of them?

“I am going to bet on the Cyanwood Mountain’s little friend Chu Feng,” Hong Qiang did not bother to look at anyone else and looked directly to Chu Feng.

“What? It’s Chu Feng again?!”

Once Hong Qiang said those words, the expressions of the crowd changed once again. Many people did not even dare to believe that all of this was real.

If the bets placed on Chu Feng had been the same as the strongest beautiful sisters, then the bets placed on Chu Feng right now had surpassed them. He had now became the disciple with the most bets placed on him. In other words, he was the disciple who was thought of the most highly.

However, Chu Feng’s cultivation was merely that of a rank six Martial King and there weren’t many people from the crowd who thought highly of him.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I trust that you have been well since we last met,” Right at this moment, Hong Qiang spoke with a smile on his face. His tone was extremely good-natured. It simply did not seem like he was speaking with someone from the younger generation. Instead, it was more like he was speaking with an old friend.

“Exactly who is this Chu Feng? How come he is so intimate with this fiend?!!”

At this moment, many people sucked in a mouthful of cold air. As matters stood, even fools could tell that Chu Feng had an extraordinary relationship with Hong Qiang and that Hong Qiang had come to support Chu Feng.

Upon recalling how Hong Qiang had beaten up the Jadewater Temple’s Daoist Silver Snake and came out unscathed after confronting the Jadewater Temple’s headmaster as well as the other headmasters, the crowd was able to tell that Hong Qiang was a vicious person.

When Chu Feng had someone like him as a backer, it meant that his strength and background was definitely not as simple as it appeared to be. There was most definitely a very extraordinary existence behind him.

At this moment, many people seemed to realize why so many experts had placed their bets on Chu Feng. It was very possible that Chu Feng possessed an extraordinary background and that they were trying to give the huge monster behind Chu Feng face.

However, what sort of huge monster would make the headmasters of the Nine Powers be willing to express their goodwill in this sort of manner?

Could it be the Four Clans or the Three Palaces? Or could it be the extraordinary Ancient Era’s Elves? Or perhaps it was a certain expert uninvolved with worldly affairs?

All sorts of speculation began to run back and forth through the crowd. However, without a doubt, everyone had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

Perhaps they might still not recognize Chu Feng for his strength. However, they all felt that Chu Feng possessed an extraordinary background and was most definitely some grand clan’s heir or an expert’s relative. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to be valued this highly by this many experts.

At this time, the people feeling the most depressed were naturally still Qin Lingyun, Bai Yunxiao, Qi Yanyu, Zhao Jingang, Tao Xiangyu and the others in their group.

Back then, they had trampled upon Chu Feng as if he were a grandson. Why had they done so? It was all because the Chu Feng from back then was not only weak, he was also without any backing.

Even if he possessed the backing of several elders, they did not fear those elders. After all, their own backing was much stronger than those elders. Thus, they naturally bullied and trampled upon Chu Feng to their heart’s desire.

However, so many grand characters now suddenly stood behind Chu Feng’s back. Furthermore, each and every one of them were peak Half Martial Emperors. Each and every one of them were either headmasters of the Nine Powers or existences on par with the headmasters of the Nine Powers. Any random one of them would have more power and status than their own backing. As such, how could the situation possibly be good for them?

Originally, they had wanted to use the Nine Powers Hunt as an opportunity to teach Chu Feng a proper lesson. Yet, at this time, many among them had no choice but to give up on this thought. It was because of one thing: they were afraid. Thus, they naturally did not dare to do anything to Chu Feng anymore.

“Don’t fear, do what you plan to do. I’ll take care of the consequences,” At the moment when Qin Lingyun was also starting to hesitate, a voice transmission suddenly entered his ear. It was Crazed Killer Tuoba.

Crazed Killer Tuoba also deeply detested Chu Feng. He considered Chu Feng to be a thorn in his side. Back then, he had used a lot of means to attack Chu Feng. Thus, the grudges between them had already been established.

In fact, when he saw the support that Chu Feng received and how his strength was still growing, Crazed Killer Tuoba was actually also very afraid. He feared that once Chu Feng matured, he would not be able to safeguard his own life.

Thus, even when braving this enormous risk, he felt that he still had to take care of Chu Feng. After all, if he succeeded, he would be able to have a trace of life.

“Understood,” Qin Lingyun understood Crazed Killer Tuoba’s intentions. Thus, as he looked to Chu Feng, a trace of faintly discernible killing intent flashed through his eyes.

After this matter was over and the crowd dispersed, Lin Yezhou, Fu Feiteng, Su Mei and the others all arrived at Chu Feng’s residence.

The reason they had come here was naturally to celebrate Chu Feng shocking the crowd and becoming the disciple with the most bets placed on him by the experts in this gamble.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you are truly amazing. I never would’ve expected that you knew that Hong Qiang. It is no wonder that you are so certain that he had defeated Daoist Silver Snake. It turns out you knew him already. Ahh, you’ve truly concealed well, concealed well.”

“That’s true. How come we never heard you mention that you knew such a powerful person?” At this moment, Fu Feiteng and the others were praising Chu Feng with teasing tones.

“Does the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple Chu Feng live here?” Suddenly, a female’s voice sounded from outside Chu Feng’s palace and shattered the lively atmosphere.

Hearing this voice, Lin Yezhou and the others were all startled. They were all able to tell that this voice contained hidden hostility. The person who had arrived had not come with good intent.

“Those who have come are guests. If you have anything that you wish to talk about, please come on in,” Chu Feng did not go out. Instead, he waved his sleeve and opened the door to the palace hall.

Chu Feng had already noticed the two of them at the moment they had arrived. Furthermore, he already knew who they were.

As for the people who had arrived, it was the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s two strongest beautiful sisters, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er.