Chapter 1467 - Shocking Everyone

MGA: Chapter 1467 - Shocking Everyone

“This old man shall place his bet on the Cyanwood Mountain’s little friend Chu Feng.”

Once this voice was heard, many of the people present were stunned. They truly never expected a disciple as weak as Chu Feng to have people placing bets on him.

After all, the gambling stakes in this gamble were extremely high. Exactly who was this foolish to place a bet on such trash? Could it be that he had excessive wealth to throw around?

After the crowd looked to the source of the voice, they discovered that it was the World Spiritist Alliance’s Miao Renlong who had bet on Chu Feng.

“This... senior Miao, why did he do that?”

Miao Renlong did not bet on the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s beautiful twin sisters, and did not bet on his own World Spiritist Alliance’s Su Mei or Lin Yezhou. Instead, he actually placed his bet on Chu Feng.

This was truly outrageous to the crowd. After all, Miao Renlong possessed a very grand reputation. If it was said that others might be acting foolish, it might be reasonable. However, Miao Renlong did not appear to be someone who would act foolishly.

“This old man shall place his bet on the Cyanwood Mountain’s little friend Chu Feng.” At the moment when everyone was astonished by Miao Renlong’s bet, another voice sounded.

As for this voice, it was from none other than the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master.

“He also placed his bet on Chu Feng? Exactly what is going on? Could it be that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques are truly that amazing that the two of them decided to praise him like this?”

At this time, the crowd was guessing nonstop. However, no matter what, they were unable to guess the reason why Miao Renlong and the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master placed their bets on Chu Feng. Only those who knew that Chu Feng was a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance thought of a sort of possibility.

“My bet’s on Chu Feng.” Suddenly, another voice sounded. It was the Cyanwood Mountain’s Half Martial Emperor White Ape. He had also placed his bet on Chu Feng.

Silence. The crowd was shocked beyond belief. If the two people from the World Spiritist Alliance placing their bets on Chu Feng caused the crowd to think of a possibility for their actions, then the Cyanwood Mountain’s Half Martial Emperor White Ape placing his bet on Chu Feng was something that they could not understand.

“Chu Feng,” Dugu Xingfeng stood up and spoke his bet too. After he finished saying these words, he turned to Chu Feng and nodded with a smile on his face. It seemed as if he was trying to express his goodwill toward Chu Feng.

Crazy, they have all gone crazy.

No, it was not the four people who had placed their bets on Chu Feng who had gone crazy. Instead, it was the countless spectators who had gone crazy from shock.

What sort of situation was this? Of the one hundred and eighty disciples from the Nine Powers, the weakest disciple received four bets in succession before their eyes. He now possessed the same amount of bets as the two strongest beautiful sisters from the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden. This was something that the crowd found to be extremely difficult to accept.

“My bet’s on Qin Lingyun.” The Cyanwood Mountain’s Crazed Killer Tuoba spoke. He decisively placed his bet on Qin Lingyun.

“Finally someone normal. I truly feared that everyone would be placing their bets on that trash.”

Only after Crazed Killer Tuoba placed his bet did the crowd heave a sigh of relief. They realized that they were not dreaming and it was still reality before them. Merely, they were still unable to understand the outrageous bets from earlier.

At this moment, the crowd turned to gaze at the Sword Crafting Villa. The question of who would receive the most amount of bets would depend on the bets from the Sword Crafting Villa. After all, they were the only power that had not placed their bets as of yet.

“Little friend Wan’er, I know that you will not disappoint me. I’ll bet on you,” The Sword Crafting Villa’s headmaster spoke first. From the words he said when he placed his bet, it could be seen that he had placed high hopes on Nie Wan’er.

At this moment, Nie Wan’er returned a good-natured and beautiful smile to the Sword Crafting Villa’s headmaster. She was thanking this grand character for his support.

“Since Lord Headmaster has placed his bet on Miss Wan’er, I’ll place my bet on Miss Xi’er,” An elder from the Sword Crafting Villa spoke. He possessed an extremely powerful strength. He was a rank eight Half Martial Emperor, stronger than both Half Martial Emperor White Ape and Crazed Killer Tuoba. Thus, he was also someone that possessed the wealth to participate in this gamble.

After everything was settled, although Chu Feng had miraculously gotten the same amount of bets as the strongest sisters from the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden, he was, in the end, still overtaken.

At this time, the only person who had not placed his bet was Old Daoist Wuliang, the person who had proposed this gamble.

Everyone knew that he also thought very highly of the strongest beautiful sisters. In fact, he was the person who thought most highly of them.

Six years ago, the strongest beautiful sisters had set foot onto the stage of the Nine Powers Hunt for the first time. At that time, no one thought highly of them. Yet, Old Daoist Wuliang had placed his bet on them. At that time, the strongest beautiful sisters had became the dark horse in the Nine Powers Hunt.

Although they did not win with absolute strength like they had three years ago, they had still won first place six years ago.

Thus, the crowd knew that regardless of who Old Daoist Wuliang placed his bet on, the honor of having the most amount of bets being placed on them would still be with the strongest beautiful sisters. That was because they believed that Old Daoist Wuliang would definitely place his bet on one of the two sisters.

However, Old Daoist Wuliang did not place his bet immediately. Instead, he looked to Chu Feng and asked, “Little friend from the Cyanwood Mountain, your name is Chu Feng, right?”

“Senior, junior is indeed named Chu Feng,” Chu Feng clasp his hands and nodded.

“Not bad, it’s you then. This time, this old man shall bet on you,” Old Daoist Wuliang said.

“What? For real? Are we mishearing things? How could this be?!!!”

Astonishment. An incomparable amount of astonishment. If the crowd was said to be able to still reluctantly accept the people from before placing their bets on Chu Feng, then Old Daoist Wuliang placing his bet on Chu Feng came as a shock that no one could accept.

What sort of individual was Old Daoist Wuliang? He was a gambling god! Ever since he proposed the gamble, he had never lost once.

However, exactly what was wrong with him this time around? Why would he place his bet on that Cyanwood Mountain’s Chu Feng? Could it be that this Chu Feng was another dark horse?

However, how could that be possible? He was merely a rank six Martial King. Regardless of how powerful he might be, how could he be able to contend against rank nine Martial Kings?

“That old man, what is he doing? Isn’t he just placing his bet randomly?”

Qin Lingyun and the other disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were shivering in anger. They felt as if their hearts and lungs were about to burst apart from rage.

Originally, they had thought that Chu Feng would be disgraced in this bet placement. However now, not only did Chu Feng not receive any humiliation, he had even become the focus of the crowd after receiving five bets. Not only was he now on par with the most powerful beautiful sisters, he even had more than double the amount of bets that Qin Lingyun had received.

At this moment, all of their faces turned green and ugly. It was as if they drank a thousand bowls of mungbean water. [1. Mung bean literally reads as green bean. They actually taste pretty good in ice cream and Chinese dessert soups.]

“It’s finally come to an end. This year’s gamble seems to be rather exciting,” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster said with a beaming smile. However, this beautiful and dignified grand character’s smile was a bit unnatural. That was because even she felt it to be inconceivable. Even she did not expect for the bets this year to be so different.

However, in the end, it was still a five-five tie. As such, she was able to accept it. After all, she was certain that her Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s beautiful twin sisters would definitely be able to obtain victory.

“Since it’s over, we can disperse now. Tomorrow is the day of the Nine Powers Hunt. Exactly who will be able to be the victor, who will be able to win the gamble and who will end up losing their hard-earned savings, it will all be determined by the outcome of the Nine Powers Hunt,” The Jadewater Temple’s headmaster said. His expression was also not very good. Contained within his words was some complaint. That was because he did not enjoy the bet placement process of this year’s gamble.

It was not that he did not manage to place his bet on the person who he wanted to place his bet on. Rather, he felt that Dugu Xingfeng, Old Daoist Wuliang, Miao Renlong and the others were blindly placing their bets and messing around.

To him, when there was no longer a fair competition, the gamble had lost all meaning. Even if he managed to win, he would not be able to enjoy the feeling of victory.

In fact, there were a lot of people who felt the same as him. They all felt that this year’s gambling was different from the previous years and was rather dull.

“Wait a moment, I also wish to place a bet.”

Right at the moment when everyone was preparing to leave, a voice suddenly sounded.