Chapter 1456 - Are You Satisfied?

MGA: Chapter 1456 - Are You Satisfied?

“This bastard, he’s truly too shameless!”

“Chu Feng, ignore him. He clearly knows that your cultivation is not as high as his and your battle power is inferior to his. Yet, he has still come here to pick a fight with you. Isn’t it obvious that he wants to beat you up?”

“He is trying to use you to establish his might. He is trying to let others know that regardless of how powerful you are, there are still places that you are inferior to him in.”

“This, if he wants to spar with you, you must insist on the match being with world spirit techniques. See if he dares to accept that sort of match or not!” Sima Ying said to Chu Feng via voice transmission. It was clear that she had managed to see through Lin Yezhou’s intentions.

When even Sima Ying was able to tell what Lin Yezhou’s intentions were, how could Chu Feng not tell? It was as Sima Ying said, Lin Yezhou’s intention was to establish his might.

Lin Yezhou knew very well that, compared to Su Mei, Chu Feng was his greatest threat. However, it was also true that his world spirit techniques were inferior to Chu Feng’s. Thus, he could only try to beat Chu Feng through martial cultivation. That was the reason why he had come over to challenge Chu Feng in a fight of martial power.

As Chu Feng saw the three people standing behind Lin Yezhou, Chu Feng was able to guess that it was very likely that this was not Lin Yezhou’s idea. Instead, it was more likely to be an idea coming from his family.

However, regardless, Chu Feng would not be afraid of Lin Yezhou. Thus, after he smiled lightly, he said to Lin Yezhou, “Senior brother Lin, you said that one’s martial cultivation is inseparably linked with the strength of one’s world spirit techniques.”

“In that case, as you are a rank nine Martial King and I am a rank six Martial King, even though the two of us are both royal-cloak world spiritists, my world spirit techniques would definitely be inferior to yours, isn’t that right?”

“Since that is the case, why don’t we compete in world spirit techniques?”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, I don’t think you understood my intentions. Regardless of how powerful one’s world spirit techniques might be, in the end, they are only world spirit techniques. If you are to fight against an enemy, the best method is still to use martial power.”

“If your martial power is insufficient, even if you are to grasp extremely powerful world spirit techniques, you will still be utterly defeated when you encounter an expert martial cultivator.”

“Thus, junior brother Chu Feng, you would not be mistaken to listen to me. Martial cultivation is a world spiritist’s foundation. Regardless of how wholehearted you are in mastering world spirit techniques, you must still put forth effort in your martial cultivation.”

“Today, I only plan to compete with you in terms of martial power. If you do not dare to accept the challenge, then we can forget about this matter.” It was clear that Lin Yezhou was prepared. He had only planned to compete with Chu Feng with martial power. No matter what, he would not compete with Chu Feng with world spirit techniques.

“Hah…” Chu Feng was not surprised by Lin Yezhou’s comeback. He laughed once again and then said, “I understand what senior brother Lin’s intentions are now. What you are implying is that regardless of how powerful one’s world spirit techniques might be, they will still be no match for a martial cultivator. Regardless of how powerful a world spiritist might be, they will still be no match for a expert martial cultivator. Isn’t that so?”

“That is not what I meant. After all, there are indeed many extremely powerful grand world spiritists who can defeat martial cultivators of the same level using only world spiritist techniques. Merely, they are grand world spiritists, seniors who possess extremely profound comprehension of world spirit techniques.”

“At the very least, for world spiritists at our level, we still do not have the ability to use world spirit techniques to surpass fellow martial cultivators,” Lin Yezhou explained. After all, this was the World Spiritist Alliance. He did not dare to belittle world spiritists in this place.

“No, I do not agree with senior brother Lin’s viewpoint,” Chu Feng refuted.

“Are you implying that your world spirit techniques are stronger than the battle power of martial cultivators?” Lin Yezhou smiled coldly. However, his smile was filled with mockery. He was implying that Chu Feng was overly arrogant.

“Although I am also a bit embarrassed to admit this, but that is the truth. My world spirit technique’s battle power surpasses my martial cultivation’s battle power. Even if I am to use my world spirit techniques to fight with senior brother Lin, I’m afraid that I would not necessarily lose to you.”

“If senior brother Lin doesn’t believe me, you can use your martial techniques, your martial skills, to spar with me, who will be using world spirit techniques and spirit formations. Neither of us will need to be lenient towards the other or try to throw away the match. Using real abilities, we shall prove our viewpoints with the outcome of this battle. What do you think?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face. It was a smile of confidence.

“Did you think that I would be afraid of you?” Lin Yezhou responded coldly. Although he knew that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were extremely powerful, he did not believe that he, as a rank nine Martial King who possessed heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, a person capable of fighting against ordinary rank three Half Martial Emperors, would be defeated by Chu Feng.

“Since that is the case, then allow us to spar,” Chu Feng was very calm. With graceful steps, he walked into the sky and made preparations to fight against Lin Yezhou.

“In that case, I shall be impolite now,” Seeing that, Lin Yezhou also walked into the sky and stood across from Chu Feng. From his gaze, it could be seen that he truly hated Chu Feng to the bone. He was planning to teach Chu Feng a ruthless lesson.


However, right at the moment when the two of them were about to fight, a golden light appeared in the sky, covering the earth and sealing off this region of space completely.

“This is merely a spar, there is no need to display it ostentatiously. The two of you can spar in private here,” Miao Renlong said.

It turned out that it was Miao Renlong who had used a world spirit technique to seal off this area to prevent others from seeing the fight between Chu Feng and Lin Yezhou.

As for the reason why he did that, it was because he was not entirely confident in Chu Feng. After all, Lin Yezhou was a rank nine Martial King, the peak cultivation among Martial Kings. Even though Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were extremely powerful, he still did not think that Chu Feng would be able to win against Lin Yezhou.

Thus, he had sealed off this region for the sake of not allowing others to see it even if Chu Feng were to be defeated by Lin Yezhou. As long as no one saw it, Lin Yezhou’s plan to establish his might would also be ineffective. He would have come here in vain.


However, right at this moment, Lin Kuxing suddenly raised his hand and shot out a fist strike. That fist strike shattered the spirit formation that covered the region.

“This is merely a spar. It is not something shameful that should not be seen by others. So why try to be so secretive about it?” After Lin Kuxing attacked, he waved his sleeve and spoke with a cold voice.

Seeing this scene, Miao Renlong started to frown. He was rather angered by Lin Kuxing’s action. That was because what Lin Kuxing had done was akin to giving him a slap to the face. However, because of Lin Kuxing’s status, Miao Renlong found it very difficult to say anything about it. Thus, he could only endure.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng said, “There’s no need to conceal the spar. After all, it will end very soon.”


Right after Chu Feng said those words, Chu Feng’s body started to shine with radiance. Like a dragon surging from the sea, a god descending from heaven, with a golden, shining might, he charged toward Lin Yezhou.

Everything happened too quickly. Lin Yezhou had only managed to react when Chu Feng had already passed by him and arrived behind him.

“How… how is this possible?!”

At this moment, the eyes of Lin Kuxing, Miao Renlong and all the other peak Half Martial Emperors shone. Their expressions took a huge change and they were filled with shock.

At the beginning, Su Mei and Sima Ying, being members of the younger generation, did not know what had happened. That was because Chu Feng’s attack had been extremely fast. Even they were unable to see what had happened. However, the very next moment, they realized what had happened.


Lin Yezhou suddenly knelt on one knee in midair. Even his aura became extremely weak. On his leg that was kneeling in midair was a layer of faint golden light that was rapidly extending to the rest of his body. Anywhere the golden light passed, Lin Yezhou’s body would lose all strength and stop moving as if he had been petrified.

In merely a single bout, Lin Yezhou had been defeated. In fact, he had not even had the chance to use any martial power.

“I forgot to tell you this. Although you are a rank nine Martial King with heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation to allow you to fight against rank three Half Martial Emperors…”

“... my current world spirit techniques are capable of allowing me to fight against rank four Half Martial Emperors. Taking care of you is merely a trivial matter, something that I can accomplish in an instant,” Chu Feng slowly said those words. Then, he turned his body around and looked to Lin Yezhou. He said, “Senior brother Lin, are you satisfied with this spar?”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and said to Lin Yezhou’s parents and grandfather, “Three seniors, are you all satisfied?”