Chapter 1455 - Another Provocation

MGA: Chapter 1455 - Another Provocation

Chapter 1455 - Another Provocation

After Chu Feng joined the World Spiritist Alliance, everyone was very happy. However, it was impossible for them to continue to look at Chu Feng the entire time. Therefore, after some time, they all dispersed. That said, they were not urgent to leave the World Spiritist Alliance and return to the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. Instead, they decided to stay here.

After all, there was still tomorrow...

After Chu Feng left the grand palace hall, he followed Miao Renlong and Sima Ying and returned to Miao Renlong’s residence. A thing worthy of being mentioned was that Su Mei had also followed them over.

The reason why she had followed them over was because Chu Feng was going to teach her the spirit formation that could help contain the pain of her side effect’s backlash. Although this was a formal matter that had to be taken care of, it was also a time for the two of them to be alone with one another.

At this moment, the two of them were inside a room. Chu Feng had already taught his beloved Su Mei that mysterious spirit formation.

At this moment, Su Mei was sitting with Chu Feng and snuggling within his bosom. With an intimate expression on her face, she chatted with Chu Feng. It was extremely difficult for this pair of lovers to be with one another. Thus, the two of them especially treasured this moment.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you are truly amazing.”

“If it wasn’t for master instilling power into me, I’m afraid that I would not be able to catch up to you in my entire lifetime.”

“However, even with this being the case, I am still unable to escape the fate of being surpassed by you.”

“Sigh~~~, it is still my big brother Chu Feng who is the most powerful among all geniuses. Back then, when I met you in the Azure Dragon School, I had only thought you to be a brat. I truly never imagined that you would become this powerful.”

Su Mei pretended to be jealous. However, she spoke those words with a sweet and happy expression on her face. In her entire life, she would never forget about the time when she had met Chu Feng and gotten to know him.

“Foolish girl, your current cultivation is greatly superior to mine. You are a grand rank nine Martial King. As for me, I’m only a rank six Martial King. Who knows how long it will take for me to overtake you?”

“Furthermore, it is impossible for you to be stagnant the entire time. I can sense that your current aura is extremely abundant. I believe that it will not take a very long time for you to be able to break through to the Half Martial Emperor realm, right?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Never would I have expected that you would manage to realize even that. As expected of my big brother Chu Feng. Actually, I am very close to becoming a Half Martial Emperor. In fact, I have tried to break through twice already. Unfortunately, I failed both times.”

“However, I found and comprehended some enlightenment in the process. As long as I make the proper preparations, I believe that, at the very most, I will definitely be able to reach Half Martial Emperor after three more tries,” When she mentioned this matter, Su Mei became extremely complacent. That was because she was truly about to step into the Half Martial Emperor realm.

“Half Martial Emperor, this might be a realm that no one in the entire Nine Provinces Continent has ever heard of. If your family is to know that you are soon to become a Half Martial Emperor, I truly do not know how overjoyed they would be,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“That’s true. The me from back then would never dare to imagine that I could become this powerful. At that time, I had only thought about reaching the Profound Realm. I had thought that it was sufficient if I were to become a Profound Realm cultivator.”

“Never would I ever have imagined that the current me would be linked to the character ‘Emperor.’ Just thinking about it makes me extremely excited,” When this matter was mentioned, Su Mei displayed an extremely happy expression.

Being cultivators, who would not wish for one’s cultivation to become more powerful? After all, to cultivators, their cultivation realm was a kind of honor and glory.

“Chu Feng, get out here!!” Suddenly, right at this moment, an angry snarl was heard from outside.

“It’s Lin Yezhou. Why has he come here?” Su Mei immediately stood upon hearing that voice. She was able to tell from his voice that he had not come with good intentions.

However, upon thinking about this opportunity that she had yearned day and night for, this opportunity to be with her big brother Chu Feng that was extremely difficult for her to obtain, and how it was being interrupted by that fellow, Su Mei was immediately enraged.

“Truly, there are annoying people everywhere. Forget about it, let’s go out and see,” Chu Feng seemed to be accustomed to this sort of setting. He began to calmly walk out.

After coming out, Chu Feng discovered that Sima Ying and Miao Renlong had gone out before him. With expressions of displeasure, they looked to Lin Yezhou.

However, the two of them could not do anything to Lin Yezhou. That was because, at this moment, it was not only Lin Yezhou who had come. His parents and even his grandfather Lin Kuxing had also come with him.

With these three grand characters present, even Miao Renlong did not dare to do anything.

After all, no matter how much power he wielded in the World Spiritist Alliance, he was still only a member of the younger generation when compared to the elders from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. Especially before Lin Kuxing, his status was even more inferior.

“Lin Yezhou, why are you shouting and quarreling?” At this moment, Su Mei was the first to speak.

With the Left Reverend behind her back, she did not place Lin Yezhou in her eyes at all. And thus, did not care who it might be that stood behind him.


Hearing Su Mei shouting at him on behalf of Chu Feng, Lin Yezhou’s heart trembled with a sour sensation. He now knew extremely well the feeling of heartache.

He truly could not understand. Exactly where did Chu Feng obtain his charisma? To be able to charm Sima Ying was one thing. However, even Su Mei seemed to have fallen in love with him at first sight.

However, Lin Yezhou ignored Su Mei. That was because he knew that she had the backing of the Left Reverend and possessed a status so high that even he couldn’t argue with her. Else, it might create trouble for even his grandfather. When facing Su Mei, it would be the best for him to avoid her as much as possible. He must not provoke her.

Thus, he looked directly to Chu Feng and said, “Junior brother Chu Feng, don’t be afraid, I have not come here to make things difficult for you. After all, you have joined our World Spiritist Alliance. We are now family.”

“Merely, while I know that your world spiritist techniques are very amazing, I wonder how your martial techniques might be. Therefore, I’ve come to ask if you might want to spar with me. I want to see if junior brother Chu Feng’s mastery in martial cultivation is also as proficient as your mastery in world spirit techniques.”

“After all, even for world spiritists, we must still train both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques at the same time. Only by having a more powerful martial cultivation will our world spirit techniques become more powerful.”

“Of course, if junior brother Chu Feng is afraid, then please pretend that I never suggested the spar. I will definitely not make things difficult for you,” After he finished saying these words, Lin Yezhou smiled lightly. His smile was a smile of disdain and extreme provocation.

“Senior brother Lin, this is the World Spiritist Alliance. Since you wish to spar, then you should be doing so in accordance with the rules of our World Spiritist Alliance and spar with Chu Feng using world spirit techniques, no?” Before Chu Feng could answer, Sima Ying spoke.

“Hah…” Lin Yezhou laughed lightly at Sima Ying’s words. Then, he said, “Junior sister Ying’er, no matter what, I am your senior brother and have looked after you for many years. I had considered you to be my own younger sister the entire time. At the very least, you should treat me as if I am your big brother. Why is it that now that there’s a pretty boy here, you start to speak for him right away? Is it really suitable for you to be so ungrateful?” [1. Pretty boy is a derogatory term. It means little white face. It meant the type of man that would only rely on a woman to live. Basically, they are men that would receive money from women.]

“Who are you calling a pretty boy?” Hearing that Lin Yezhou was insulting Chu Feng, Su Mei was immediately enraged.

While Lin Yezhou dared to refute Sima Ying, he did not dare to say anything back to Su Mei. Thus, he decided to completely ignore her and once again turned to Chu Feng, “Junior brother Chu Feng, if you do not dare, you can tell me. I will definitely not force you into doing anything.”