Chapter 1457 - Unchanged Malicious Intentions

MGA: Chapter 1457 - Unchanged Malicious Intentions

“Seniors, are you all satisfied?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Lin Kuxing angrily shouted, “Insolence!” He was so enraged by Chu Feng that he started to shiver.

It was a slap to the face. Truly, an enormous slap to their faces. He had advised Lin Yezhou to come here so that he could prove himself and let everyone know that Chu Feng was inferior to him, Lin Yezhou.

However, never had Lin Kuxing thought that his grandson would be this much of a disappointment. From merely a single attack, he was defeated.

Not only was Lin Yezhou defeated, they were also implicated by his defeat and were actually publicly humiliated by Chu Feng, a member of the younger generation.

“Trash!” In a rage, Lin Kuxing shouted once more. Then, he waved his sleeve, and a boundless amount of spirit power surged forth onto Lin Yezhou’s body.

That was a seal breaking formation. Furthermore, it was an extremely powerful one. It managed to directly break apart the formation that Chu Feng had used to bind Lin Yezhou.

However, this was the only thing that Lin Kuxing could do. He knew that his grandson had been defeated. It was something that everyone present knew.

Although this spar between Chu Feng and Lin Yezhou had been conducted in Miao Renlong’s residence, there were a lot of people watching from outside of Miao Renlong’s residence. They had all managed to see the scene of Lin Yezhou being defeated.

Lin Yezhou had been defeated by Chu Feng. Furthermore, he had been defeated by Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques. Most importantly, Chu Feng had only used a single attack to defeat Lin Yezhou.

While Miao Renlong and the others were shocked by this result, they were still capable of accepting it.

However, the people who did not know that Feng Chu was Chu Feng, that the person who defeated Dongfang Zexuan was Chu Feng, were all struck dumb.

To them, Chu Feng was merely a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. Although Chu Feng was an Asura World Spiritist, he had been unable to contend against Lin Yezhou not long ago.

Yet now, he had used only a single strike to defeat the World Spiritist Alliance’s number one disciple. As such, how could they possibly be able to accept this? In fact, it could be said that they simply could not believe what they had seen.

Humiliation. This was an enormous humiliation. It was simply equivalent to having them admit that they, the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance, were inferior to a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Chu Feng, you cheated!” Lin Yezhou suddenly shouted in anger. It was obvious that he was unwilling to admit his defeat.

“If you are unconvinced, we can fight again. Regardless of how many times you want to fight, I will always accept your challenge,” Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, with a beaming smile on his face, he looked to Lin Yezhou. He was extremely calm.

Although Lin Yezhou was very powerful, so powerful that he was on par with the Cyanwood Mountain’s Qin Lingyun, it was all only the past now. Currently, Chu Feng possessed the might to completely disregard Lin Yezhou.

“You…” When Lin Yezhou saw Chu Feng’s gaze, his heart shivered. He had grown afraid. Although he was unwilling to accept what had happened earlier, he had become afraid of Chu Feng now.

He saw the absolute confidence in Chu Feng’s gaze. This sort of confidence was something that Chu Feng had not possessed earlier. Yet now, he had that confidence.

This made him realize that it was no accident that Chu Feng defeated him earlier. Instead, Chu Feng now really did possess the strength to defeat him.

Although he was very unwilling, so unreconciled that the brat who he could have pinched to death with one hand not long ago was now trampling all over him, he did not say anything any longer.

What Lin Yezhou was afraid of was Chu Feng’s ability to explosively increase his power in such a short period of time.This sort of growth speed was truly frightening.

“Let’s go,” Seeing that his own grandson was being scared speechless, Lin Kuxing snorted coldly and turned to leave.

“Wow! Chu Feng, you’re this powerful now? Exactly what happened?” After Lin Kuxing and the others left, Sima Ying rushed over to Chu Feng.

Actually, she had been curious about this for some time now. The Chu Feng in her memory was not this powerful. She was itching to know how Chu Feng had become this powerful.

“Let’s go in first, we can talk afterwards,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. He did not plan to hide what had happened. Thus, after they returned to the palace hall, Chu Feng told Sima Ying, Su Mei and Miao Renlong about all that had happened.

“Heavens, you said you’ve obtained everything from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram?” After hearing about what had happened, Sima Ying displayed an expression of envy and admiration.

“It was all thanks to that senior,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“That being the case, the current you has already surpassed me. After all, I am the same as Lin Yezhou. Although I am able to contend against rank three Half Martial Emperors, I am no match against rank four Half Martial Emperors,” Su Mei said with feigned grievance. However, on her face, she blossomed a very sweet smile of rejoice.

“Originally, my world spirit techniques could only contend against rank three Half Martial Emperors. However, after the match against Dongfang Zexuan, I became even more adept with the usage of my world spirit techniques. I am now able to control the spirit formations within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram with even greater proficiency. That is why my battle power increased to a higher level. That being said, I must thank Dongfang Zexuan for this,” Chu Feng explained.

“As the saying goes, one becomes stronger after encountering a strong person.”

“However, in the end, little friend Chu Feng has not managed to obtain such a fated opportunity because of luck. Instead, it is because you possessed the potential. It is your potential that attracted that senior to make him willing to help you,” Miao Renlong said in a very appreciative manner.

“Mn,” Chu Feng also agreed with what Miao Renlong said. That was because that senior had once said to him that he had only decided to help him because he took a fancy to the potential he saw in Chu Feng.

Although Miao Renlong and the others knew the reason why Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had advanced by leaps and bounds, the others did not. Thus, after the news of Lin Yezhou being defeated by Chu Feng with one strike was spread out, it was as if an enormous bomb had exploded in the World Spiritist Alliance, violently shaking it.

None of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance were able to accept this truth. They were unable to accept that their number one disciple had been defeated by a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.

It was only during the second day when the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master announced to everyone during the banquet that Chu Feng had officially joined their World Spiritist Alliance was the stifling sensation that filled the crowd finally lifted.

They were unhappy earlier precisely because Chu Feng was a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. However, after Chu Feng became a disciple of their World Spiritist Alliance, the unhappiness that they felt disappeared and was replaced with joy.

Just thinking that this Asura World Spiritist, this extraordinary genius world spiritist, had become one of them, the majority of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance felt extreme joy from this news.

After all, Chu Feng joining them meant that their World Spiritist Alliance would become even stronger. At the very least, among the younger generation, there was now another super powerful expert.

In an instant, the crowd started to toast their wine cups and drink happily. There were many among them who started to toast their wine cups to Chu Feng. It was not only disciples, there were also elders among them.

At this very moment, the joyous atmosphere of the banquet had reached its peak. As for all of this, it was all because of Chu Feng joining the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Alliance Master, there is a matter that this old man doesn’t know whether he should mention or not.”

“If I am to not mention it, I fear that I will lose my mind by holding it back. Whereas if I do mention it, I fear that I will make you unhappy.”

Right at this moment, a thunderous ear-piercing voice suddenly sounded and smashed apart the happy atmosphere.

It was Lin Kuxing. He was the one who had spoken those words. Not only had he spoken those words, he was also standing in midair right now. Everyone was able to see him, this grand character of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly.

“Lord Elder, what matter might you have? There is no harm in saying what you wish to say,” Faced with Lin Kuxing, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master could only act in a respectful manner.

In terms of both status and strength, he was inferior to Lin Kuxing. Thus, how could he refuse to allow Lin Kuxing to speak?

“Since that’s the case, then I shall say what is on my mind. This matter is regarding our World Spiritist Alliance’s new disciple, little friend Chu Feng,” As Lin Kuxing spoke, he looked to Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, the eyes of the crowd present all shone. As for Su Mei, Miao Renlong and the others close to Chu Feng, they started to frown as they felt a trace of unease.

They all knew that if Lin Kuxing were to mention anything about Chu Feng, it would most definitely not be anything good.

The old fellow possessed unchanged malicious intentions, and insisted on going against Chu Feng.