Chapter 1049 - Public Face Slapping

MGA: Chapter 1049 - Public Face Slapping

However, who would’ve thought that even after throwing away their dignity and kneeling in public, Chu Feng was still unwilling to forgive. He pointed to the people of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion and coldly shouted, “Kowtow and admit your mistake.”

“This…” Hearing Chu Feng’s demand, the people of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion shivered. They were unable to help themselves from displaying expressions of difficulty. Although they had already kneeled down, there was still a baseline to the things that they were willing to do. To have them truly kowtow and admit their mistakes, this was something that was hard for them to do.

“I shall say it again. Kowtow and admit your mistakes to our Southern Cyanwood Forest.” Seeing that they were hesitating, Chu Feng coldly shouted once again. When his words left his mouth, the chilling sensation covered the entire palace hall.

At this moment, Chu Feng was like a sovereign king that ruled over the entire world. Moreover, he was a tyrant that couldn’t be defied. The consequences of disobeying him might not necessarily be death. However, it would definitely be very miserable.

Under this sort of enormous oppressive pressure, the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion were nearly about to collapse. Thus, they gave up on honor, baseline and whatnot. In unison, they said, “Senior and junior brothers of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, it is us who are wrong, it is us who are in fault. Please look upon the fact that we are in an alliance and give us another chance.”

Once they finished saying those words, they immediately smashed their foreheads to the ground. They were truly planning to kowtow while admitting their mistakes to Chu Feng and them.

“Chu Feng, it’s enough!”

Right at this moment, an elderly voice suddenly exploded from outside the palace like a rolling thunder. To be exact, this voice was not something that thunder could compare with. Not only was it loud and ear-piercing, it was also filled with intimidation. In merely an instant, the voice caused everyone present in the palace to become even more awake.

“Woosh woosh woosh.” Soon after this voice sounded, several figures of old men flew down from the sky like meteors. In the end, they landed on this palace hall.

A portion of these old men were people that Chu Feng and them knew. That portion was their management elders led by their headmaster Sikong Zhaixing.

As for the other portion of elders, their clothings were completely different from that of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s. Moreover, they all displayed ugly expressions on their faces. Evidently, they were the management elders of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion. As for the old man standing beside Sikong Zhaixing with a feathered crest on his head and possessing extraordinary aura, he was clearly the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster.

At this moment, as they saw all the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion kneeling on the ground, the headmaster and the management elders from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion all had unwell expressions and twitching mouths. Their appearance was truly as ugly as it could be. It was as if they had eaten a pancake made out of flies and stinky dog feces.

“Woosh woosh.”

However, regardless of how ugly their expressions were, when they saw the current state of Shi Yuanhang, they were incapable of standing idly by. Even though the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion did not move, two management elders with decent cultivation had already flew over to Shi Yuanhang.

Once they landed, they did not bother to speak any useless words, and immediately displayed their spiritist power and started to create a seal to seal Shi Yuanhang’s dantian so that his cultivation would stop spilling away. Only after that did they take out medicinal pellets and fed that to Shi Yuanhang to contain his injuries.

Merely, their arrival was a bit late. Although they managed to save Shi Yuanhang’s cultivation, it had already greatly weakened. He was now no longer a rank one Martial King but instead a rank eight Martial Lord. Although it was only two ranks difference, it was not that easy to recover the lost cultivation.

“Lord Headmaster, he crippled junior brother Shi’s cultivation and forced us to kneel to him. He even forced us to kowtow to him. Lord Headmaster, you must uphold justice for us!”

Seeing the appearance of their Lord Headmaster, the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion appeared to have seen their savior. They heaved sighs of relief and ran over to the side of their headmaster. Uniformly, they kneeled down and stared at Chu Feng and them.

“Shut up!”

However, who would’ve thought that Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster not only shouted angrily, he even extended his arm and ‘pa pa pa pa…’ gave every disciple a clear slap to the face, knocking all of these disciples that were like treasures to them to the ground.

After doing all these, the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion had an apologetic expression and cupped his fist toward Sikong Zhaixing. “Headmaster Sikong, it is I who did not teach my disciples well. Please do not blame them.”

“Haha, they’re youths. It is a good thing for them to be competitive. A spar between them is no big deal.” Sikong Zhaixing laughed out loud while stroking his beard. He had an expression of no big deal.

However, he then squinted his eyes and began to say casually yet with deep intentions. “However, sometimes it’s not good to be overconfident. For example, the things that happened today. Not only were you unable to humiliate others, you were actually scared kneeling. This is truly too humiliating of a thing. Moreover, not only did you lose your own face, you also lost the face of your entire sect.”

“Headmaster Baili, our two sect’s relationship is very good, so this matter could easily be hidden away. As long as I do not spread it, no one will know about it. The reputation of your Cloud Thunder Pavilion will not be affected.”

“However, you must truly be careful. If this matter were to happen in a place controlled by other powers, like that of the Great Wisdom Sect, then it will definitely not be concluded so easily.”

After hearing what Sikong Zhaixing said, the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster’s face turned from green to purple and then from purple to blue. That was because the mocking intention behind those words were too obvious. However, he did not dare to display any sort of displeasure. With a humble expression, he said, “What Headmaster Sikong said is correct. In the future, I will definitely discipline my disciples better and not have them lose face again.”

“Let it be, let it be. This is but a small matter. There’s no need for you to take it to heart.”

“You are, after all, a guest. Moreover, it is the first time for Headmaster Baili to bring this many elders and disciples to our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Let’s not mention about unhappy things anymore.”

“Men, tidy up the feast. I shall properly receive everyone from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion.” Headmaster Sikong suddenly laughed loudly and said.

After this, the feast was truly tidied up. Moreover, all the people that were present participated in this feast.

Even though this was a celebration feast prepared for the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion, the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion had expressions of unhappiness on them the entire time. They were incapable of even eating the food. They merely sat on the tables with bitter smiles on their faces. It was as awkward as it could be.

But, compared to them, the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest were filled with excitement. The happiness came from the bottom of their hearts. That was because they had obtained victory in this battle. Not only did they protect the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s honor, they even gave the Cloud Thunder Pavilion that had come to provoke them a loud and clear slap to the face.

However, they would not forget that the person who protected their honor was not them. The person who gave the Cloud Thunder Pavilion a loud and clear slap to the face was also not them. It was Chu Feng. It was all done by Chu Feng alone.

Even though the management elders of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion had stomachs filled with grievances, they were, after all, seniors. Thus, they must display pleasant expressions on their faces. Thus, they were even more tired than their disciples. Clearly they had lost all their face, but they still had to pretend to be happy and toast their wines and drink enjoyably with the elders of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

However, regardless of whether it was the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples, their management elders or even their headmaster, they would, every now and then, sneak a peek at Chu Feng with gazes filled with complicated expressions.