Chapter 1050 - Peaceful Interaction

MGA: Chapter 1050 - Peaceful Interaction

After the feast was over, the sky had already turned dark. Due to the fact that they had already agreed to proceed to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond together, the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion did not leave and were instead arranged to a private living area.

At this moment, all the outstanding disciples, management elders and even the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion were in a guest room. They had heavy expressions on their faces, the remnants of their humiliation.

“Lord Headmaster, that brat by the name of Chu Feng actually wanted to cripple Yuanhang’s cultivation. Had we not arrived promptly, I fear that Yuanhang’s cultivation would truly be crippled. That child is vicious and merciless. How could you possibly let him get away with it that easily?”

Asked the many management elders of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion in confusion. That was because they knew the personality of their headmaster, they knew that he was not a person who was fond of suffering losses. However when Yuanhang’s cultivation was being crippled, he did not turn into a despot.

If such a thing happened in the past, their headmaster would’ve already been madly enraged. How could he possibly let things be and not act on it? But today, he had chosen to endure it. This sort of reaction was truly abnormal.

“That Chu Feng is a powerful character. His cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord is true and without doubt. As a rank nine Martial Lord, he was able to easily suppress a rank one Martial King. That sort of martial power is sufficient enough for him to be ranked among the geniuses.”

“Moreover, I’ve heard that this child’s battle strength is not limited to only that. Not to mention rank one Martial King, even rank three Martial Kings have been defeated by him before. Although I do not know whether this matter is true or false, but it is true that the Han family created grievances with this child and ended up being expelled from the Southern Cyanwood Forest by Sikong Zhaixing.”

“The Southern Cyanwood Forest have been established for close to ten thousand years. Yet, such an outstanding disciple has never appeared before. Thus, they would naturally treat Chu Feng as if he is their treasure. They were even able to expel the Han family that is so important to them without any hesitation, if we dare to do anything to that Chu Feng, that Sikong Zhaixing will definitely not let things go.” Said the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster helplessly.

“So what if they do not plan to leave matters be? Could our Cloud Thunder Pavilion possibly fear them? Lord Headmaster, this does not seem to match your character.”

“That’s right. Lord Headmaster, even though that Chu Feng is powerful, that only mean that we cannot allow him to live even more. In my opinion, this child does not appear to be easy to deal with. The matter today has already left behind grievances between us. If this child ends up becoming powerful in the future, who can guarantee that he would not come attack our Cloud Thunder Pavilion?”

“Lord Headmaster, what the other elders said is correct. Their Southern Cyanwood Forest treats that Chu Feng as if he is their treasure, but are our Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples not our treasures?”

“The thirty five of them are people that you, Lord Headmaster, had spent meticulous care and numerous years to cultivate. Today, one of them nearly ended up becoming a cripple. Are you truly able to endure that?” Said the management elders. They were unwilling to accept it.

Although Shi Yuanhang and the other disciples couldn’t interrupt the conversation, they also placed their hopes on their Lord Headmaster. They wished that their Lord Headmaster who had always been a tyrant throughout his time, would go and uphold justice for them.

“Endure? Could it be that you all think that I wanted to endure it? However, who among us could deal with a Half Martial Emperor? Who among you all can?” Suddenly, the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion snarled in anger.

“What? Half Martial Emperor? Could it be… could it be that Sikong Zhaixing had broken through to Half Martial Emperor realm?” Upon hearing these words, the expressions of all the people present took a huge change. That was because they knew very well exactly how powerful Half Martial Emperors were. At the very least, their headmaster had tried to breakthrough numerous times and failed every time. That was a realm approaching Martial Emperors and already grasping Emperor level Martial Power.

To speak frankly, even if their Cloud Thunder Pavilion was enormous and possessed countless elders and disciples, if they were to offend a Half Martial Emperor, that person would be able to extinguish their entire Cloud Thunder Pavilion instantly.

Thus, when they found out that the Southern Cyanwood Forest was actually led by a Half Martial Emperor, they were immensely shocked and even became awfully afraid.

“That’s right, Sikong Zhaixing had already broken through and become a Half Martial Emperor. Otherwise, did you all think that I would continue to withstrain myself against his arrogance?” Said the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion.

“Lord Headmaster, then what should we do?” After knowing about this, the management elders of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion lost all their energy for wanting to obtain justice for their disciples. One after the other, they cast their gazes onto their Lord Headmaster.

“What else can we do? Now that the Southern Cyanwood Forest not only obtained a Half Martial Emperor, a genius like Chu Feng also appeared in it, I believe that the Southern Cyanwood Forest would soon to rise in power.”

“A power like them, unless we are forced with no other choice, we cannot become their enemy.”

“In my opinion, I’m afraid that… we might truly need to befriend them.” Said the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion with a helpless and optionless tone.

Due to the fact that Sikong Zhaixing ordered for the things that happened today shouldn’t be spread out, no one ended up spreading this matter. Thus, other than the people present that day, no one else knew about the matter.

As for the people that were present, they too did not mention of the matter again. Thus, as if nothing had ever happened before, the matter was slowly forgotten.

However, after that day, Zhao Genshuo and the other disciples began to try their hardest to befriend Chu Feng. Originally, Chu Feng disliked them. But upon recalling that, at the very least, they were unanimous against foreign enemies on that day, Chu Feng no longer bothered to bicker with them. Gradually, Chu Feng also started to open up to them.

However, the matter that was the most unexpected was that even the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion started to worm their way in, trying to befriend Chu Feng. Moreover, the attitude that they treated Chu Feng with was extremely respectful. It did not appear like an attitude of someone toward another of the same generation but more like the attitude toward a senior.

As the saying goes, one does not hit someone who’s smiling. Moreover, Chu Feng had already taught them a lesson, and most importantly, Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster had also especially spoken with Chu Feng.

Although the Southern Cyanwood Forest was a genuine subsidiary power under the Cyanwood Forest, it was greatly inferior to the other three Cyanwood Forests due to their bad performance. Currently, not only were they isolated from the others, the powers that truly wished to befriend the Southern Cyanwood Forest were also very few. Moreover, they had also unknowingly created many enemies.

But now that Sikong Zhaixing had become a Half Martial Emperor, this created a safeguard for the Southern Cyanwood Forest. On top of that, there was Chu Feng, their hope. This meant that the future of the Southern Cyanwood Forest was very bright.

But, they were, after all, much weaker than the other three Cyanwood Forests. Thus, the current Southern Cyanwood Forest needed true allies. After that day, the headmaster of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion had expressed to Sikong Zhaixing that he wished to continue on their friendly relationship. Thus, Sikong Zhaixing also wanted Chu Feng to be able to let bygones be bygones, leave behind the grudges he had with the Cloud Thunder Pavilion and try to have peaceful interactions with the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion as much as possible.

Thus, for the sake of Sikong Zhaixing, Chu Feng did not bother to bicker with the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion again. However, the relationship he had with them was merely at a level of addressing each other as fellow junior and senior brothers and nothing deeper.

In this sort of circumstances, a couple more days passed. Finally, the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the Cloud Thunder Pavilion set off for the journey to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

This journey was very far. Adding on the fact that they had a lot of people in the journey, they ended up utilizing a warship. This warship was being personally steered by Sikong Zhaixing, a Half Martial Emperor. Thus, its speed was extremely fast.

The warship was not huge but it wasn’t small either. Chu Feng was currently sitting at the front of the warship with his eyes closed. Suddenly, a gentle voice of a female sounded from beside Chu Feng’s ears.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, do you know of the origins of this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond?”