Chapter 1048 - Kneel and Beg for Forgiveness

MGA: Chapter 1048 - Kneel and Beg for Forgiveness

Other than Chu Feng who had a calm expression, everyone else in the palace hall was stupefied.

Looking at Shi Yuanhang who was covered with blood and in an extremely sorry state, everyone’s frame of mind was overturning like the seas and rivers. It was as if ten thousand thunder strikes were rumbling in their brains. None of them were able to be calm.

Not mentioning those Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples who had looked down upon Chu Feng in the past, even the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples who had a slight understanding of Chu Feng’s power were stupefied.

They had heard of Chu Feng being extremely powerful and had also experienced his power for themselves before. However, after seeing Chu Feng’s powerful might again today, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

That was because this Shi Yuanhang was not Zhao Genshuo. Although they were all rank nine Martial Lords, Zhao Genshuo was unable to withstand a single strike from Shi Yuanhang even when joining hands with Kong Lianfeng. Thus, they knew that Shi Yuanhang was a true genius with outstanding battle power.

However, even such a powerful Shi Yuanhang was unable to withstand a single fist from Chu Feng. This displayed how powerful Chu Feng was, allowing them to realize for themselves how enormous the gap between them and Chu Feng was.

“You bastard!”

Right at the moment when everyone was stupefied by Chu Feng’s strength, that Shi Yuanhang actually gave off an angry shout. At the same time, a hurricane that one could see with one’s naked eyes engulfed his body. That was his aura, his powerful aura.

When they felt this powerful aura, the majority of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples’ expressions changed. That was because that aura contained King level martial power. At this moment, this Shi Yuanhang no longer had the cultivation of rank nine Marital Lord. Instead, he was a rank one Martial King.

“Hualalala” [1. Crashing sound.]

Following the falling of a large amount of crushed stones, Shi Yuanhang’s body slowly emerged from the wall. He seemed to have forgotten the pain of his body. His face was covered with rage and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“So you can’t hide it anymore? You’re clearly a rank one Martial King yet you’re hiding to be a rank nine Martial Lord. Are you trying to pretend that your battle power is high or are you trying to prove that you’re an idiot?” Chu Feng mocked as he looked at Shi Yuanhang.

“What? He’s actually a rank one Martial King? No wonder he’s that powerful. So he was actually deliberately pretending to be a rank nine Martial Lord earlier so that he could humiliate us. Truly abominable!” Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest suddenly came to a realization. One after the other, they were so angry that they started gnashing their teeth.

“Bastard! You actually insulted me! Today, I shall turn you into an idiot!” Shi Yuanhang who was extremely enraged to begin with, upon seeing that Chu Feng dared to insult him, his anger became overbearing.

He did not bother to use any Martial Skill. Instead, his body warped[1. Xima: *think mini wormhole.]and he suddenly disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already before Chu Feng. Moreover, his large fist that was filled with King level martial power was, while bringing with it a violent gale, ruthlessly smashed towards Chu Feng’s face.

He planned to give Chu Feng a taste of his own medicine. However, he also planned to put Chu Feng in an even more miserable state. Thus, his target was Chu Feng’s face.

“Bang.” But, who would’ve thought that at the time when Shi Yuanhang’s fist was about to land on Chu Feng’s face, Chu Feng’s palm, like an iron wall, firmly grasped Shi Yuanhang’s fist.

After that, Chu Feng’s arm twisted. A ‘kacha’ sound was heard. Shi Yuanhang’s arm was forcibly twisted apart by Chu Feng. Blood covered bones even appeared from the arm.

“Ah~~~~~~~~~~” The sudden pain of having his arm broken not only caught Shi Yuanhang off guard, it even caused him to scream miserably in pain.

However, never in a thousand lives did he imagine that this was merely the beginning. After twisting apart one of his arms, Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked Shi Yuanhang to the ground. Then, he extended his palm and, like a sharp blade, with a ‘puchi’ sound, pierced it into Shi Yuanhang’s dantian.

“Don’t!” Sensing that his dantian was about to be pierced, Shi Yuanhang started to panic. Subconsciously, he shouted ‘don’t.’ Moreover, the tone that he used was one of begging.

Unfortunately for him, Chu Feng was not a lenient person. Not only did he not slow down his speed of piercing, he instead increased it. Following a spray of blood, a loud and miserable shriek was heard. That Shi Yuanhang’s dantian had been completely pierced through by Chu Feng.

“Senior brother Shi…”

“Junior brother Shi…”

Shi Yuanhang’s dantian was pierced apart before their eyes. The power that he had cultivated for many years was rapidly spilling out from his dantian. Shi Yuanhang’s aura began to rapidly decline. The disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion all started to panic. One by one, they emitted forth their powerful auras, displayed their extraordinary martial skills and charged toward Chu Feng.

“How could this be? Those disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion are actually this powerful?”

Sensing the aura emitted by the remaining thirty-four disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples, the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest were even more surprised.

That was because of the thirty four Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples, three were actually rank one Martial Kings and thirty one were rank nine Martial Lords. Adding on Shi Yuanhang who had been crippled, there were a total of four rank one Martial Kings.

This sort of lineup was countless times more powerful than that of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Even if the Han family had not been expelled, they would still be incapable of comparing with these Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples.

With the strength of this group of Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples, it was likely that no one among the second-rate powers could defeat them. Only those first-rate powers like the other three Cyanwood Forests would be able to suppress the Cloud Thunder Pavilion.

However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng still did not have the slightest trace of fear. Instead, his expression turned cold and suddenly shouted, “Whoever wishes to have his cultivation crippled, try taking another step forward.”


Once Chu Feng said these words, the entire palace hall burst into a tremble. Those previously aggressive Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples that were all planning to attack Chu Feng, in a split second, were petrified. They all stopped and did not move a single step forward. Some among them were even maintaining awkward motions of trying to attack Chu Feng. However, in all their eyes were expressions of fear.

They were scared. That was because the voice Chu Feng shouted with not only contained a powerful oppressive might, it also contained an ice cold killing intent. That sort of killing intent was too frightening. It was so indescribably frightening.

In short, that killing intent had caused them to cower. Overwhelmed with fear, they did not dare to fight Chu Feng.

Especially after looking at Shi Yuanhang who was on the ground with his dantian pierced and cultivation rapidly slipping away and remembering about the quick methods that Chu Feng defeated Shi Yuanhang with, they were incapable of not becoming scared.

They had already realized that even if they were to join hands, they would likely be unable to rival Chu Feng. Then, upon thinking about Chu Feng’s ruthless methods that does not even care about the consequences, they realized that if they dared to defy Chu Feng, they would truly end up like Shi Yuanhang.

At this moment, they were truly filled with regret. They regretted that they insulted the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. If they knew beforehand that such a demon was hiding in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, even if one were to give them a hundred nerves, they would not dare to do the things they did before.

Regret. They were truly so regretful that even their intestines turned green. However, there was nothing that they could do.

“This junior brother, no matter what, we are still in alliance with one another. Even if junior brother Shi offended you earlier and was wrong, you should not have crippled his cultivation, no?”

“Do you know what sort of price he has paid in order to cultivate to his current cultivation? Do you know how much resource our Cloud Thunder Pavilion have exhausted in order to nurture a genius like him?”

“What you have done not only strangled an excellent disciple of our Cloud Thunder Pavilion, you also strangled an outstanding ally of your Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

Seeing that using force was out of question, the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion began to shift to a battle of words. Moreover, they sent a beautiful woman with extraordinary aura to criticize Chu Feng.

“If you all do not wish to have your cultivation crippled, kneel down right away.” Who would’ve thought that Chu Feng completely ignored that woman. Instead, he cast his ice-cold gaze at all of them and shouted a severe command once more.

This voice was even louder and clearer than the voice from before, even scarier than before. Being shouted with this severe voice, the people of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion who originally planned to reason with Chu Feng were completely frightened. Not only did they not dare to speak anymore, they actually uniformly kneeled to the ground.

That was because they felt that if they dared to defy Chu Feng again, then they might not only have their cultivation simply crippled, they might even be met with the calamity of death.

“This…” Seeing the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion who were filled with pride earlier kneeling on the ground with fright written all over their faces, the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest felt this to be an unfathomable sight.

When they looked to Chu Feng again, they were unable to help themselves from having expressions of reverence on their faces. That was because the person that caused all of this to change was Chu Feng.

At this moment, they seemed to realized why Headmaster Sikong would regard Chu Feng this highly and even determined Chu Feng to be the hope of their Southern Cyanwood Forest. That was because Chu Feng truly possessed the potential. It could even be said that he possessed this capability.