Chapter 1047 - Stunning Everyone

MGA: Chapter 1047 - Stunning Everyone

There was a very imposing palace in the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s core region. Not only were the decorations of this palace luxurious, a sumptuous feast was even prepared at this place.

Originally, this place was meant to be used to receive the core disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion. However, at this moment, this place that should have been filled with joy, was in a complete mess. The disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion were currently staring down at each other with hostility. A fight was about to break out at any moment now.

Actually, looking at the shattered table, the delicacies that were knocked to the floor and the deep crack on the ground, one could tell that a battle had already occurred in this place. Moreover, the side that lost was the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

If one wanted to ask why that was the case, then one must look at the two men. At the side of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, there were two men with deathly pale complexions and feeble aura. Evidently, the two of them had received serious injuries.

One of them was Zhao Genshuo. As for the other, his name was Kong Lianfeng. Like Zhao Genshuo, he was also a rank nine Martial Lord and could be considered a peak disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

However, unfortunately, the two of them were defeated by a single person. As for that person, he was a disciple of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion called Shi Yuanhang.

“Shi Yuanhang, what is your intention with this? We have graciously received you all as guests. Yet, not only were you not appreciative, you even insulted our Lord Headmaster and even openly attacked our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. Did you really think that we do not dare to do anything to you?” Angrily shouted the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest as they pointed at Shi Yuanhang.

“Heh…” Faced with the angry shouts, that Shi Yuanhang only lightly laughed disdainfully.

He then said, “Insult? You all best not frame me. I have never insulted your headmaster. What I said was merely the truth.”

“Who doesn’t know that the strongest disciples of your Southern Cyanwood Forest every year are all from the Han family? Could it be that you all dare to say that someone among you have been able to defeat those from the Han family and is instead the strongest disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest? Who among you dares to say that?”

“You…” Toward Shi Yuanhang’s question, although it caused everyone to be angry, they did not know how to respond. That was because what Shi Yuanhang said was the truth, they were indeed inferior to the Han family’s disciples.

Not only them, even the disciples before them that were sent to the Cyanwood Mountain every year, the strongest among them, the ones who possessed the greatest chance of becoming core disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain, were all from the Han family. The Han family was indeed extremely significant to the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Could it be that you all do not understand exactly how important the Han family is to your Southern Cyanwood Forest? I said that the Southern Cyanwood Forest expelling the Han family is the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s loss, their mistake. Is that wrong?”

“As for you saying that I have injured your people, this is even more ridiculous. I had merely spoken bluntly and said what I thought. However, those two crazy dogs there immediately started to shout curses at me and even started to attack me. Had it not been for my fast reaction, I might’ve already lost my life to their hands.”

“I had merely fought back in fairness. The fact that they’re still alive now is already me showing leniency. Otherwise, with merely their bit of strength, I would’ve casually been able to kill them over a hundred times.”

“Oh how kindhearted and compassionate I am. I decided to not bicker with you all yet you all actually turned around and tried to frame me? Are you not shameless?” Said Shi Yuanhuang sarcastically. Not only did he not emit a bit of fault, he even felt that he was in the right.

“Shi Yuanhang, enough with your sophistry.” Retorted someone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Heh, sophistry you said? If you think that what I’m saying is sophistry, then go and call for our Lord Headmaster and your Lord Headmaster over. Have those seniors determine whether what I said is sophistry or not. What do you think?” Shi Yuanhang sneered.

“That’s right. If you all want to reason, what you said doesn’t mean anything. Go and find the seniors. Have them come and judge what’s right and wrong.” At this time, the other disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion also spoke out.

“You…” Hearing those words, the people of the Southern Cyanwood Forest became even more enraged. It was evident that the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion knew that they did not dare to find their Lord Headmaster because if they did, it would not only mean a loss of their faces, it would also lose their Lord Headmaster’s face. Thus, they did not do such a thing.

“No matter what, the person who spoke such rude words is you all. The people who injured others is you all. We are, after all, in an alliance. We would not bother to bicker with you all, as long as Shi Yuanhang admits his wrong to my two junior brothers, we would pretend that this thing has never happened.” A man close to thirty years of age and had a calm appearance stood out from the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s side.

“This senior brother, what you said is right. The two of us are in alliance. However, to speak frankly, one’s dignity must be strived for with strength. You all want us to admit wrong, that we can do. As long as someone could defeat me, not only would I admit my wrong, even if you want me to kneel down and admit my wrong, I’d be glad to do that too. The only thing I’m afraid of is that none of you have the strength to do so.”

Shi Yuanhang coldly smiled. After he finished saying those words, he even deliberately cast his gaze at the outstanding disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. As he looked to the ever growing uglier expressions of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s people, the smile on his face grew even wider.

“What a great speech about striving with one’s strength.” Right at this moment, an explosive shout suddenly sounded. At the same time, three figures flew over from the entrance. The three of them landed before everyone.

“Chu Feng!” When they saw the man from the group of three, everyone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest displayed expressions of immense happiness. Even Zhao Genshuo who had conflicted with Chu Feng in the past had a gaze of excitement as if he had seen his savior.

“Yoh, and here I was wondering why those two beauties had left. So they had actually gone to ask for reinforcements.” When he saw Chu Feng, the complacent smile Shi Yuanhang had on his face turned to one of contempt. The gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with was filled with disdain.

“Earlier you said that as long as someone could defeat you, it would be fine even if you admit your mistake while kneeling, right?” Chu Feng walked over to Shi Yuanhang and calmly asked.

“That’s right. I did say those words. However, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but with your cultivation of a mere rank nine Martial Lord, it’s better that you forget about thinking of defeating me. Not to mention about fighting back, even if I don’t fight back and stand here for you to hit me ten times, you would not be able to harm me in the slightest.” Said Shi Yuanhang with extreme confidence.

“Hehe, to be able to defeat you or not is my problem. However, to be daring to accept my challenge or not, that’s your problem.” Chu Feng responded with a light smile.

“I don’t dare? Are you implying that I’m afraid of you? Come, if you have the balls, then come try it out. However, let’s talk about the consequences first. If you cannot defeat me and I defeat you instead, then you must kneel, beg for forgiveness and say that your Southern Cyanwood Forest is inferior to our Cloud Thunder Pavilion.” Shi Yuanhang loudly shouted.

“You’re courting death.” Hearing those words, the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had truly been enraged. That was because regardless of how powerful Shi Yuanhang and them were, the Cloud Thunder Pavilion was simply not a power on par with the Southern Cyanwood Forest at all. They were able to tolerate Shi Yuanhang and them humiliating them, however when it comes to the humiliation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, none of them were capable of tolerating that.

“Stop.” However, before they could attack Shi Yuanhang, Chu Feng loudly shouted. This quieted down all of the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Shi Yuanhang and the other disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion were also shocked by Chu Feng’s action. To be able to quiet down everyone with a single word, this meant that Chu Feng was extraordinary. At the very least, he was someone with a lot of status within the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

However, they were extremely confident of Shi Yuanhang. Thus, they were not worried and merely sat there and waited for Chu Feng’s humiliation.

“I agree to your demand. However, I also have a demand. If I am able to defeat you, then not only are you required to kneel, all of you are required to kneel. Moreover, not only are you required to admit your wrong, you all are to admit your wrongdoings while kowtowing.” Said Chu Feng as he looked to Shi Yuanhang.

“Hahahaha, interesting, very interesting.” However, after hearing Chu Feng’s demand, that Shi Yuanhang suddenly burst into a loud laughter.

Not only him, at this very moment, all thirty-five disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion burst into loud laughter. Their laughter flooded the palace hall. Their laughter was filled with savageness and with mockery. It was as if they had heard the funniest joke.

“Although I do not know what makes you this confident, but I will agree to your demand because I truly want to see what sort of expression you will have when you kneel before me and say your Southern Cyanwood Forest is inferior to our Cloud Thunder Pavilion.” Shi Yuanhang squinted his eyes. His expression was one that brings about displeasure.

Toward his words, Chu Feng merely lightly smiled. Calmly, he asked. “Can we start now?”

“Of course, we can start right away.”

As Shi Yuanhang said those words, he waved his hands at the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion. Seeing this, the people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion understood his intention and all moved far away from Shi Yuanhang.

Moreover, the gazes they looked to Chu Feng with was filled with sympathy. They knew that Shi Yuanhang planned to take his time on teaching this Chu Feng a lesson. This Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple by the name of Chu Feng would be met with a calamity.

“Come. With how confident you are, let me see whether you’re boasting or truly possess that tiny bit of strength.” Seeing that everyone had moved backwards, Shi Yuanhang confidently hooked his finger at Chu Feng. His gaze was filled with disdain and contempt.

“Woosh.” Right after he said those words, Chu Feng’s figure moved. Chu Feng’s movement caused the entire palace hall to tremble. Like a demon, Chu Feng disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already standing before Shi Yuanhang. Moreover, Chu Feng’s fist was currently bringing along with it the whistling sound of wind and a frantic power as it smashed towards Shi Yuanhang’s stomach.

“This…” Even Shi Yuanhang was greatly shocked by what was happening. Fear instantly displaced the confidence that filled his face earlier. He did not dare to be careless any more and hastily gathered all his power to try to dodge Chu Feng’s attack.

However, Chu Feng did not give him this opportunity.

The sound of his fist exploded. His fist had arrived. It ruthlessly smashed onto Shi Yuanhang’s body. With a muffled ‘bang,’ Shi Yuanhang explosively shot out like a reverse meteor. In the end, he ferociously smashed onto the wall of the palace hall.

Everything occurred too fast. No one was prepared. By the time everyone managed to react, the victory had already been determined.

Shi Yuanhang was no longer where he previously stood. His entire body was smashed into the wall that was now filled with cracks. It was as if his body was about to collapse. A large amount of blood was rushing out from his stomach and from the corner of his mouth. He appeared like a dead person.

As for Chu Feng, he was standing where Shi Yuanhang previously stood. There was not the slightest amount of blood on his clothes. He had a calm expression. However, that sort of calm expression brought about fear to everyone present.

At this moment, the entire palace hall was quiet without a sound. Everyone was stunned like chickens. They seemed to be stupefied, but they were actually frightened dumb.