Chapter 1046 - Bringing About Their Own Disgrace

MGA: Chapter 1046 - Bringing About Their Own Disgrace

“Lord Headmaster, what do you mean by that?” Asked Gongsun Kuo.

“The Cloud Thunder Pavilion is located closer to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond than us. Instead of going directly over there, they brought a group of disciples and circled around to our place. This evidently means that they have a different purpose.” Said Sikong Zhaixing.

“A different purpose?” Gongsun Kuo was still confused.

“I’ve heard that roughly twenty years ago, the Cold Thunder Pavilion had sent a large quantity of elders in the name of ‘wandering’ to enter the areas controlled by other powers. Secretly, they chose a bunch of children with very outstanding martial talent and brought them back into the Cloud Thunder Pavilion to cultivate in secret.

“Later on, after I investigated the matter, I found out that such a thing truly had happened. However, as we do not possess any hatred or grievances with the Cloud Thunder Pavilion, I pretended to not know about this matter and did not mention it to anyone.”

“In a blink of an eye, twenty years had passed. All of those children had grown up now. I believe they most definitely had managed to cultivate some decent seedlings from that group of children.”

“Not long ago, the Cloud Thunder Pavilion had a conflict with the Great Wisdom Sect. They had once mentioned that the disciples that they will be sending to the Cyanwood Mountain this year would definitely shock everyone and that the Great Wisdom Sect would no longer be able to contend against the Cold Thunder Pavilion after this. It was said that they planned to embarrass the disciples of the Great Wisdom Sect in the Cyanwood Mountain’s assessment assembly.”

“Thus, I believe that they had managed to cultivate that group of children from twenty years ago. The Cloud Thunder Pavilion planned to send them to the Cyanwood Mountain and amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. Otherwise, they would not suddenly become this arrogant and speak such boastful words.”

“However, before they send them to the Cyanwood Mountain, they planned to have them come to our Southern Cyanwood Forest and try out their hands.” Said Sikong Zhaixing.

“Try out their hands? What are they trying out?” Gongsun Kuo managed to faintly sense an unease.

“No matter what, our Southern Cyanwood Forest is still a genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain. Even if we are inferior to the other three Cyanwood Forests now, we are not something that is inferior to the Great Wisdom Sect and them.”

“In terms of reputation, among the second-rate powers, our Southern Cyanwood Forest is not weak. If their Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples are capable of defeating our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, then their confidence would become even more ample.” Said Sikong Zhaixing.

“No wonder the Cloud Thunder Pavilion began to befriend our Southern Cyanwood Forest over this year. So their intention was actually not pure. They actually wanted to seize the opportunity to humiliate our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Truly abominable!” Gongsun Kuo’s face was filled with anger.

“Sigh, there is no need for you to become angry. This is merely a speculation of mine. Perhaps the Cloud Thunder Pavilion truly have the intention to befriend our Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, if they are to borrow the name of befriending us and instead try to humiliate our Southern Cyanwood Forest, then I could only say that they have chosen the wrong target.”

“Had it been a couple days ago, then perhaps they would’ve truly been able to humiliate our Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, now, I’m afraid they do not stand a chance anymore.” Absolute confidence arose from Sikong Zhaixing’s eyes.

“That’s right. With Chu Feng here, if their mere Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples dared to request for a sparring, they would only be asking for their own disgrace.” Said Gongsun Kuo.

“Heh, that holds true for not only their Cloud Thunder Pavilion.” Sikong Zhaixing cast his gaze toward Chu Feng in the distant. A light smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Time passed. In a blink of an eye, six days went by.

In these six days, the large courtyard that Chu Feng and the others lived in expanded by multiple times once again. Moreover, compared to six days ago, an enormous change had occurred in the large courtyard.

This place no longer contained ordinary buildings like it did in the past. Instead, they were all replaced with palaces. It was so much that with all the different kinds of buildings here, this place could no longer be considered as a large courtyard. Instead, it was more like a small city. It was comparable to the core region of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. It was now one of the places in the Southern Cyanwood Forest that people yearned for.

However, regardless of how dazzling the buildings here were, regardless of how imposing they were, they were all inferior to the towering palace in the southeastern direction. That palace drew about the most attention. That was because that was Chu Feng’s residence.

“Is junior brother Chu Feng present?”

Today, Chu Feng was chatting with Li Lei. However, suddenly, the voice of a female sounded from outside the entrance. Her voice was very loud and clear. Moreover, one could hear impatience within her voice. It was as if she had some urgent matter.

Chu Feng walked out of the palace together with Li Lei. They discovered that two beautiful young women were standing in the sky outside. These two women’s appearance was truly decent. Moreover, their aura was extraordinary. They belonged to the type of beauty that could attract the gaze of everyone wherever they went.

These two women were people that Chu Feng recognized, they were two of the eighteen people from six days ago. As for the woman that had called out for Chu Feng, she had called for Zhao Genshou to stop humiliating the people from the Southern Sea Region six days ago. However, she did not act to stop him. If she had acted to stop him that day, then perhaps Chu Feng would’ve been willing to befriend her.

“What matter brings you two here?” Although it was two women that had come, Chu Feng still did not show an amiable expression.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we have an urgent matter to find you. This matter concerns the honor of our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Might you be willing to allow us to enter so that we could tell you about it in detail?” Said that woman with a begging tone.

“Come on in.” Hearing that it concerned the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Chu Feng nodded, turned around and proceeded to enter towards his own palace. However, he did not close the entrance to his palace. He had left it open for the two women.

Seeing this, those two women heaved a sigh of relief. They landed from the sky and then walked into the courtyard. Only then did they enter into Chu Feng’s palace.

“What is the matter, you can speak.” Chu Feng immediately asked about the main topic. His tone was very cold.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you ought to have heard that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is opening soon and that Lord Headmaster plans to bring us to train in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, right?” Asked that woman.

“Lord Headmaster had mentioned this to me before. However, you said this matter concerns the honor of our Southern Cyanwood Forest, what relationship does this have with the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond?” Asked Chu Feng.

“Sigh, it’s true that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is about to open. However, there is still some time before it does. Today, the Cloud Thunder Pavilion has come to our Southern Cyanwood Forest saying that they wanted to set out for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond together with us.”

“The Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster said that he had important matters that he needed to discuss with Lord Headmaster and Lord Punishment Elder. Thus, the mission of receiving the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples was handed over to us.”

“Originally, we had planned to receive the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples with a feast. However, on the feast, the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion asked again and again about where the Han family’s disciples had gone to.”

“After finding out the Han family had already been expelled from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, a Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciple by the name of Shi Yuanhang actually said that Lord Headmaster is muddled, that our Southern Cyanwood Forest is destined to be desolate after expelling the Han family and if we continue like this, we might even be reduced to a third-rank power and become greatly inferior to their Cloud Thunder Pavilion.”

“Hearing those words, Zhao Genshou, Kong Lianfeng and them became enraged. They fell out with them right on the spot and started to fight that Shi Yuanhang. However, who would’ve thought that the disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion are extremely powerful. Even though they’re all rank nine Martial Lords, Zhao Genshou, Kong Lianfeng and them did not even have the strength to fight back. With only a single strike, they were knocked down to the ground by Shi Yuanhang.”

“And now, the feast has turned into chaos. With such a thing, it is unfitting for us to go and find Lord Headmaster. If we were to be discovered by Lord Headmaster that we have been beaten by the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s disciples to a state where we’re unable to even fight back, we would truly bring about too great of a shame to our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Although we are both subsidiary powers under the Cyanwood Mountain, our Southern Cyanwood Forest is, after all, a genuine subsidiary power. In terms of status, their Cloud Thunder Pavilion is unable to compare with our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Thus, Junior Brother Chu Feng, I hope that you, considering that this matter concerns the honor of our Southern Cyanwood Forest, will be able to disregard the former hatred, stand up for us and teach those disciples of the Cloud Thunder Pavilion a lesson.” Said that woman with a tone of asking. The other woman also looked to Chu Feng with a gaze of appeal.

As for Chu Feng, after knowing about what had happened, his heart was already burning with rage. Thus, he did not bother to speak superfluous words, immediately stood up and said. “Bring me there.”