Chapter 1045 - Returning Good for Evil

MGA: Chapter 1045 - Returning Good for Evil

“I don’t dare; I would never dare to do such a thing again.” After Chu Feng said those words, Zhao Genshou appeared like someone who had just been freed from worldly worries. He loudly shouted as he flew to the sky. He activated a body martial skill and rapidly flew away from this large courtyard. Compared to the fierceness he displayed when he arrived, the current him only left behind a sorry figure.

Zhao Genshou’s reaction had greatly shocked everyone. However, after Zhao Genshou left, this area entered into a strange silence. No one said a single word. They did not dare to utter a sound. Instead, they were gazing at Chu Feng in silence.

This was especially true for those two men that had arrived together with Zhao Genshou. They were simply acting the same as Zhao Genshou before, standing with deeply shivering legs due to their endless fear of Chu Feng. However, they did not dare to leave this place without permission. Thus, they continued to stand there, withstanding an enormous pressure.

“Everyone, the show should be finished, no?” Suddenly, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the group of eighteen. His gaze was not one filled with good intent.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we did not…” Seeing this, the group of eighteen men and women all started to panic. After seeing Chu Feng’s strength, they became both respectful and fearful of Chu Feng. They did not wish to leave behind any bad impression of themselves for Chu Feng. Thus, they hurriedly opened their mouths in hopes of explaining.

“Scram. All of you, scram. If anyone not from my Southern Sea Region dares to step foot in this courtyard again, I will definitely not let them get away.” Chu Feng’s sword-like eyebrows frowned as he angrily shouted those words.

Seeing this reaction from Chu Feng, those eighteen people were a bit shocked. However, it was also within their expectations. Thus, they did not say anything and instead soared into the sky one after the other and rapidly left this place.

Those elders that were watching from the side as well as the disciples that had come to enjoy the show after hearing noises coming from here also hurriedly left this place. They deeply feared they would anger Chu Feng and be violently beaten up by him like Zhao Genshou.

After all, Chu Feng was capable of driving away even the Han family. For people like them, even if Chu Feng killed them, there was nothing that they could do to him.

In an instant, only the people from the Southern Sea Region as well as the maids in charge of serving Chu Feng and Li Lei remained in this courtyard.

Although these maids did not leave, they currently had fear written all over their faces. One could tell that they had all been scared by Chu Feng’s actions earlier. They were deeply afraid of Chu Feng.

“What, have you all not kneeled enough?” Seeing the people that were still kneeling on the ground, Chu Feng asked with a hateful tone.

After hearing Chu Feng’s question, everyone suddenly came to a realization and immediately stood up. However, they did not dare to move half a step from where they stood. Instead, they stood there like a bunch of criminals waiting for Chu Feng’s interrogation.

“Chu Feng, before your return, those eighteen senior martial brothers and sisters had spoken out for us. For you to treat them like that, are you sure it’s okay?”

“No matter what, we’re all fellow disciples. Especially with how outstanding you all are and would be entering the Cyanwood Mountain in the future, if you are to set up a good relationship with them now, you’ll be able to look after each other in the Cyanwood Mountain, no?” Li Lei walked over to Chu Feng’s side. His relationship with Chu Feng was pretty decent. Thus, he spoke without restraint.

“Although they spoke out for you, did they act to stop that Zhao Genshuo from humiliating you all?” Chu Feng asked.

“That, they did not.” Li Lei shook his head.

“Then, before this, have they come to this place to see you all?” Chu Feng asked again.

“How would they possibly do such a thing? They are the high and above core disciples, the most outstanding existences in the entire Southern Cyanwood Forest. For no reason or cause, why would they possibly come to see us?” Li Lei smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

“In that case, why did they come today?” Chu Feng continued to ask.

“This… is naturally for you. You have already become famous in the Southern Cyanwood Forest now. You are now Lord Headmaster’s favorite disciple. No matter how outstanding they are, when all things are said and done, they are inferior to you. Even if I was them, I would also be like them and think of a way to set up a good relationship with you.” Li Lei replied.

“You had only managed to correctly say half of their reason.” Chu Feng shook his head. He then said, “No matter what they did earlier, if they were truly sincere in coming to befriend me, I would naturally welcome them. However, in my opinion, they did not come over to sincerely befriend me. Instead, like that Zhao Genshuo, they had come to test me out.”

“If I am truly as powerful and talented as the rumors said, they would naturally treat me very well. However, if I am nowhere as good as the rumors made me out to be, not only would they not try to befriend me, they would also possibly try to humiliate me like that Zhao Genshou.”

“Say, towards this sort of people, should I befriend them or should I not?” Chu Feng looked to Li Lei and asked.

“Aiya, I am truly slow-witted. I am truly slow-witted.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Li Lei suddenly came to a realization. He patted his head so hard that his forehead was making ‘pow pow’ sounds. He felt that he was truly too stupid; he actually tried to urge Chu Feng to befriend those sort of people.

One must know those sort of people was the archetype of people with vile characters. If you’re glorious, they would try to approach you. However, if you’re in a desolate state, they would leave you far behind. It is naturally better to fraternize with as few as possible of these sort of people.

Seeing Li Lei who had suddenly come to a realization, Chu Feng lightly smiled. He did not bother to say anymore and instead turned his gaze toward Shen Lang, Shen Hong and them. He said. “The things that you all have done today and the conduct that you have displayed today is truly low. However, taking into consideration that you’re also from the Southern Sea Region, I will not bicker with you all.”

“I have already talked about this with Lord Headmaster. From tomorrow hence, you all will receive the same cultivation treatment as that of core disciples. Moreover, there will be management elders coming over here. If you wished, they would accept you all as personal disciples.”

“As for your residences, as the time is already late today, I did not trouble Lord Headmaster about that. However, Lord Headmaster will send people tomorrow to build new residences for you all.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, everyone was stunned. They displayed expressions as if they were dreaming.

No matter what, they never would’ve thought that after doing that sort of thing to Chu Feng, not only did Chu Feng not punish them, he even obtained such a wondrous opportunity for them.

The same cultivation treatment as core disciples, have the core disciples take them as personal disciples, this was simply something that all of the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest dreamed of. However, it was also something that the majority of the disciples would not be able to touch in their lifetime.

“Chu Feng, we…”

At this moment, everyone was excited. However, as they looked at Chu Feng, they did not know how to express their state of mind. After all, they couldn’t make up for the things that they had done to Chu Feng. Yet, Chu Feng was treating them so well. This caused them to feel deeply ashamed and guilty.

“There is no need for you all to bother with superfluous words. It is already uneasy for us from the Southern Sea Region to pass through the Heavenly Road and come to this place. Thus, I wish that we would be united in the future. At the very least, we should not bully our own.” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, rest assured. From today on, if I, Shen Lang, dare to bully anyone again, my life shall be yours to punish.” Seeing this, Shen Lang patted his chest and guaranteed.

“I hope that you can keep your promise.” Seeing Shen Lang who had an appearance of someone who had turned over a new leaf, Chu Feng nodded satisfiedly.

Under Chu Feng’s leadership, the atmosphere of unease in this large courtyard where the people from the Southern Sea Region lived in started to gradually fade away and was replaced with harmony and happiness. Everyone was affected by what Chu Feng had done. They were filled with gratefulness and reverence for Chu Feng.

Right at the moment when the people in this large courtyard were partying, two figures were standing above a large tree in the distance and attentively watching Chu Feng and them.

These two people were the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster Sikong Zhaixing and the new Punishment Elder Gongsun Kuo.

“Returning good for evil, not only is he powerful, he is also harsh toward people with ulterior motives. This Chu Feng’s way of doing things is truly insightful. In the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he is able to protect the people from the Southern Sea Region. I believe that when our Southern Cyanwood Forest is faced with enemies, this Chu Feng would definitely come to protect the people from our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Lord Headmaster, your eyesight is truly good. This child is truly different from the masses. At the very least, I have never seen such an outstanding youngster at such a young age before. Not only does he possess astonishing strength, he also possesses extraordinary perception and mentality.” Praised Gongsun Kuo with a face filled with admiration and surprise.

However, Sikong Zhaixing did not respond to Gongsun Kuo’s words. Instead, he smiled complacently. Then he turned his head and asked, “You said that the Cloud Thunder Pavilion had sent a letter stating that they wanted to proceed to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond together with us?”

“Mn, it had been ten days now and the date for the opening of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is close. I believe that the Cloud Thunder Pavilion would arrive in our Southern Cyanwood Forest in the upcoming days.” Replied Gongsun Kuo.

“Although the Cloud Thunder Pavilion appears to have a very good relationship with our Southern Cyanwood Forest on the surface, they do not have good intent in their request for journeying to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond together with us.” Sikong Zhaixing shook his head.