Chapter 1044 - Scram, Trash!

MGA: Chapter 1044 - Scram, Trash!

“Senior brother Zhao, that should be enough, no? Although these people are trash, that person by the name of Chu Feng is not someone to be trifled with. If he is truly as powerful as they say, then what should we do?”

“That’s right senior brother Zhao. Didn’t you say that we’re coming here to find that Chu Feng to spar and figure out if he is as strong as the rumor claims him to be.”

“What you’re doing is no longer as simple as just a spar. This is simply a provocation, a humiliation. If that Chu Feng is truly as powerful as he is rumored to be, then wouldn’t the three of us be met with a major calamity?” At this moment, the two men who followed Zhao Genshou here walked toward him and urged him softly.

“Major calamity? Who’s going to meet a major calamity? Me? Bullshit!”

“I refuse to believe that a trash from the Southern Sea Region would be that powerful enough to force the Han family out.”

“Let me tell you. Lord Headmaster disliked those people from the Han family for not just a day or two. Expelling the Han family from our Southern Cyanwood Forest is something that Lord Headmaster would have done sooner or later. It is completely unrelated with that Chu Feng.” Hearing Chu Feng’s name, Zhao Genshou displayed a face filled with disdain and unhappiness.

“Zhao Genshou, I advise that you be more rational. What Chu Feng has done today is something that many elders and disciples have seen with their own eyes. That Chu Feng is an exceptional genius. His talent is above both you and I. Lord Headmaster’s opinion of him is extremely high and has even deemed him as our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s hope. What you’re doing now is simply digging your own grave.” That woman from the group of eighteen once again urged Zhao Genshou.

“Exceptional genius? Bullshit! You said he’s that powerful, did you see it with your own eyes? Did any of you see it with your own eyes? Who exactly saw it?”

“If that Chu Feng is that powerful, then he should’ve shown himself by now. I have humiliated people from his Southern Sea Region, yet where is that Chu Feng?” Hearing the mention of Chu Feng’s talent to be above his, Zhao Genshou felt even more displeased. In anger, he snarled.

“Are you searching for me?” Right after Zhao Genshou’s voice landed, a voice suddenly sounded from behind Zhao Genshou.

When Zhao Genshou managed to react to it, his expression took a huge change. As for the two men beside him, they were so scared that they started to shiver. Subconsciously, they jumped backwards to stay away from the trouble.

At practically the same moment, nearly everyone present were startled because at this moment, a young person was standing behind Zhao Genshou. However, before he spoke, no one noticed that he had approached and arrived behind Zhao Genshou.

This person was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng…” Compared to the others, when Li Lei saw Chu Feng, he was overjoyed. Unable to help himself, he called out for Chu Feng. He knew that their savior had arrived.

“Chu Feng, he is Chu Feng? This appearance, he’s truly as young as he is rumored to be. Such an age, is he truly a rank nine Martial Lord already?”

“No, he is even younger than I imagined him to be. It is rumored that although this child only possessed a rank nine Martial Lord cultivation, he knew a secret technique that could instantly raise his cultivation from rank nine Martial Lord to rank one Martial King. It is simply inconceivable.”

“Furthermore, it is rumored that this child’s battle power is extremely high and possesses the ability to defy the heavens. Even rank three Martial Kings are no match for him.”

“That’s right. A rank one Martial King defeating a rank three Martial King. With that powerful battle power, it is very rare even among the core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain; but, after all, these are merely rumors. We still do not know whether the numerous rumors about this Chu Feng are true or false.”

After determining Chu Feng’s identity, the eyes of those eighteen shined. While carefully inspecting Chu Feng with their eyes, they began to softly discuss with one another.

“So you’re Chu Feng?” Zhao Genshou questioned Chu Feng.

“I am indeed Chu Feng. What might you need from me?” Chu Feng lightly smiled. However, his gaze was chilling cold.

The coldness was spine-chilling and heart-piercing. Like an invisible sharp blade, it was already pierced into Zhao Genshou’s heart and into the depths of his soul.

At this moment, all of the might that Zhao Genshou displayed earlier crumbled. It was as if everything that he was composed of was destroyed. Seeing Chu Feng before him, how could he possibly feel disdain anymore? It was already a miracle for him to be able to continue standing before Chu Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Genshou regretted. No matter how arrogant he was, no matter how conceited he was and no matter how prideful he was, he was still a very talented youngster. Thus, he was no fool. He was able to sense from Chu Feng’s soul-piercing gaze how powerful he was.

Zhao Genshou had already determined that Chu Feng was extremely powerful. Not only was he much stronger than himself, he was much stronger than all of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. Even those disciples from the Han family that had been expelled could not be compared with Chu Feng.

“No, no, I don’t need anything.” After tidying up his frame of mind, Zhao Genshou spoke. Although he had spent a great amount of effort composing himself, his voice still shivered and even began to stutter as he spoke.

“What happened? How did Zhao Genshou suddenly become this terrified?”

“Unfathomable. Even before the arrogant Han family, Zhao Genshou had never been like this. What exactly happened here?” Seeing Zhao Genshou’s reaction, those who knew him were incessantly shocked.

However, compared to the others, Chu Feng only lightly smiled and said, “While you might have nothing, I do have something.”

“Juni,Junior brother Chu Feng, what matters might you have?” Hearing those words, Zhao Genshou’s complexion turned green. The voice that he spoke with started to shudder even greater.

“Let me ask you first. Have the people from my Southern Sea Region provoked you?” Chu Feng asked.

“N,no.” Zhao Genshou shook his head diffidently.

“Then, let me ask you, have the people from my Southern Sea Region ever offended anyone that you know?” Chu Feng asked once more.

“N,n,no.” Zhao Genshou shook his head again. His expression became even more unsightly. His legs were already violently shaking.

“In that case, why did you f*cking have my Southern Sea Region’s people kneel down to you? Have you f*cking grown tired of living?” At this point, Chu Feng was abruptly enraged. He raised his arm and a ‘pow’ sound was heard. A resounding slap landed on Zhao Genshou’s face, slapping him to the ground.

“Ouchee~~~” Chu Feng’s sudden slap to the face caught Zhao Genshou off guard. Actually, even if he wanted to defend against it, he would not be able to. The powerful might of that slap not only caused him to roll on the ground more than a dozen times, it even caused him to spray out a mouthful of blood.

Although he was slapped, Zhao Genshou was not angered. Instead, he felt even more clear-headed. That was because he became more determined that the sensation he felt earlier was correct. Chu Feng was indeed an existence so frighteningly powerful.

It would appear that all those rumors regarding Chu Feng were all true. Chu Feng was truly an exceptional genius way above them.

Thus, he did not dare to set himself against Chu Feng anymore. Even though he had received a resounding slap to the face in front of all these people and lost all his face, he did not dare to feel any bit of displeasure from it. Instead, he hurriedly wiped away the bloodstain on his mouth, stood up and squeezed out a smile. He said to Chu Feng. “Junior brother Chu Feng, what are you…”

“Kneel down.” However, who would’ve thought that before Zhao Genshou could finish what he wanted to say, Chu Feng angrily shouted. At the same time, he also sent forth his aura.

“Boom.” Once Chu Feng displayed his aura, the earth instantly startled to tremble. Even the surrounding large trees that reached the skies started to sway. Although they both possessed the aura of rank nine Martial Lords, the oppressive might contained in Chu Feng’s aura was something stronger than even a rank one Martial King’s aura.

“Heavens, this…” Feeling Chu Feng’s aura that was filled with oppressive might, the expressions of everyone present became stiff. This was especially true for those eighteen famed disciples as well as the other two that had arrived together with Zhao Genshou. Their expressions were truly as brilliant and marvelous as they could be.


As for that Zhao Genshou, he directly kneeled to the ground. It was not Chu Feng using his oppressive might to force him to kneel, he had instead kneeled to the ground on his own accord. That was because he had truly sensed how frightening Chu Feng was. He feared that Chu Feng would kill him.

“Earlier, who did you say was trash?” Chu Feng walked toward him and coldly asked.

“I am, I am.”

“I am trash, I am trash.” Zhao Genshou did not dare to hesitate and decisively responded.

“Heh, look at yourself. Are you not trash?” Seeing Zhao Genshou who was shivering all over, a very pale complexion and drenched with cold sweat, Chu Feng loudly shouted.

“Scram. From today on, if you dare to step foot on this courtyard again or disrespect someone from my Southern Sea Region, not only will I break your legs, I will take your life.”