Chapter 1043 - Public Humiliation

MGA: Chapter 1043 - Public Humiliation

At this moment, three figures appeared outside of the large courtyard.

It was three young men. Not only were these three men wearing the clothings of core disciples, their cultivation was also not weak at all. Among them, two were rank eight Martial Lords. As for the last one, he was actually a rank nine Martial Lord.

However, the reason why these three men brought about such fear to everyone was not their cultivation. Instead, it was their identity. The three of them were famous among all of the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. They’re people that were to be sent to the Cyanwood Mountain this year. Even if one was to say that they were the most outstanding disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, that would also not be an exaggeration.

Thus, after they appeared, not to mention Li Lei and them, even some of the elders present did not dare to speak.

People who had the opportunity to become core disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they were all extraordinary. If Chu Feng was the person that Sikong Zhaixing thought highly of, then the three of them were also people that he thought highly of. For people like them, who would dare to offend them?

“Darn, it’s actually Zhao Genshuo and them. They are the most powerful disciples of our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Not only do they possess powerful strength, they also have robust backgrounds. Why did they come here?”

Although the people of the Southern Sea Region had only arrived here for a very short period of time, they had, through occasional chances, seen the outstanding disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Thus, they recognized Zhao Genshuo and also knew that he was someone that should not be trifled with.

The current them were truly panic-stricken. They all felt that Zhao Genshuo and them had not come with good intentions.

“What happened? Weren’t you shouting quite loudly earlier? You’ve turned mute now? What are you looking at? I’m talking about you.” Suddenly, that rank nine Martial Lord among them pointed his finger at Li Lei. It turned out that the person who had shouted earlier was him.

“This, this, this, this senior brother, might there be anything that you need?” Even though he was now extremely confident as he had Chu Feng behind his back, but when faced with these three men before him, especially Zhao Genshuo, Li Lei did not dare to act like a bigshot.

“Who are you calling senior brother? You’re calling me senior brother? Am I that old? F*cking hell, you look much older than me. Yet you actually went on to call me senior brother?” Zhao Genshuo suddenly burst into a violent rage.

“This, this, this… then how shall I address you?” Li Lei’s gaze was flickering. His lips shaking. He was deeply scared. He did not expect Zhao Genshuo to directly turn him into the target of his attack.

“How shall you address me? Since you feel that I’m older than you, you can address me as your ancestor. Come, trash from the Southern Sea Region, address your ancestor. If your ancestor here is happy, then he would not mind about the conceited nonsense you spoke of previously and let you go.” Zhao Genshuo pointed at Li Lei and said.

“You…” Hearing those words, Li Lei’s face turned green. To have him call another ancestor before all these people, this was simply a public humiliation. Even though Li Lei had a timid nature, he was not someone who was craven and cowardly. To have him call someone of the same generation as ancestor, this was truly impossible for him to do. That was because this was a disrespect to his true ancestors.

“Zhao Genshuo, what Li Lei had said earlier was not meant for you. Why must you make things difficult for him?” Right at this moment, an elder was unable to continue to watch this anymore. He opened his mouth and tried to urge Zhao Genshuo.

“Elder, did you just call me by my name? Do you know that I am soon to become a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain? Do you know how great of a gap between your status and mine would be if I am to become a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain?”

Zhao Genshuo took a glance at that elder. There was not the slightest trace of respect within his gaze. Instead, it was filled with disdain and contempt. Due to the fact that this elder was not a management elder, he was of no threat to Zhao Genshuo. Instead, he had simply not placed such an elder in his eyes at all.


Hearing what Zhao Genshuo said, the elder started to frown deeply. The corner of his mouth started to violently twitch. No matter what, he was still an elder of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. To be threatened by a disciple like this before all these people, it was simply not something that he could allow his self-respect to bear.

However, after considering this Zhao Genshuo’s strength as well as his potential, in the end, the elder forcibly resisted his anger. He did not bother to say anymore and instead waved his sleeve and left.

Seeing that elder leaving, the complacent smile that Zhao Genshuo had on his face became even more intense. He then cast his gaze toward all of the people from the Southern Sea Region and shouted. “All of you, kneel on the ground.”

After he finished saying those words, a boundless oppressive might spread out from his body. The oppressive might enveloped everything and came down from above. How could the people of the Southern Sea Region possibly be able to withstand it? Whether they were male or female, willing or unwilling, before that powerful oppressive might, they were uniformly pushed kneeling to the ground.

“Zhao Genshuo, what are you doing?!” Suddenly, another voice filled with oppressive might sounded from a place not far away. At the same time, a total of eighteen figures flew over and landed in this courtyard.

These eighteen figures composed of both males and females. All of them possessed elegance. For the men, they possessed handsome appearance. For the women, they were very beautiful. The youngest among them ought to be only in their early twenties. As for the oldest, they were no older than thirty. The weakest among them were rank seven Martial Lord. As for the strongest, they were rank nine Martial Lord like Zhao Genshuo.

These people were the same as Zhao Genshuo, being the chosen disciples that the Southern Cyanwood Forest had focused on cultivating and planned to send to the Cyanwood Mountain this year. They were the most excellent disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

When they learned about Chu Feng, all of them decided to come and pay a visit. However, never did they expect that when they arrived at this place, what they saw was Zhao Genshuo humiliating the people from the Southern Sea Region.

“Zhao Genshuo, what are you doing?! As fellow disciples, how could you humiliate our junior brothers and sisters like this?!” After landing, one of the female from the group of eighteen denounced Zhao Genshuo’s wicked conduct.

“Yoh, so it’s you all. Perfect timing, watch how I’ll sort out this bunch of ignorant trashes from the Southern Sea Region.” After seeing this group of eighteen, Zhao Genshuo laughed out loud. He did not have the slightest trace of fear on his face. Instead, he turned his gaze towards Li Lei and them once again and said with a loud voice.

“You trashes from the Southern Sea Region, every year you would make our Southern Cyanwood Forest send many elders to laboriously receive you all. Yet, after all these years, your Southern Sea Region did not produce a single presentable fellow. All of you are bottom feeding trashes in our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Are you all worthy of the numerous years of cultivation, education and laborious efforts from our Southern Cyanwood Forest?”

Facing Zhao Genshou’s questions, Li Lei and them could only lower their heads without saying anything. That was because what Zhao Genshou said was the truth. Other than them, there were a lot of other people from the Southern Sea Region in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Some among those people were even people that they knew.

However, no matter how powerful, outstanding and revered they were in the Southern Sea Region, after coming to the Holy Land of Martialism and joining the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they have indeed become bottom existences. At this place, they were simply incapable of lifting their heads. They were indeed equivalent to trash.

“Haha, a group of trash. I would not make things difficult for you all. As long as you all admit and say that you’re trash, I will let you all go.”

“However, if there is anyone among you all that refuse to admit that you’re trash, I would also not make things difficult for you all. However, you are required to continue to kneel here. If anyone dares to stand up, I shall break their legs.” Shouted Zhao Genshou as he pointed at them.

“Zhao Genshou, have you gone mad? To treat our fellow junior brothers and sisters like this, do you not fear Lord Headmaster punishing you?” A man among the group of eighteen spoke.

“Punish me? Why would I be punished? Are you saying that I’m wrong? I am merely having this bunch of trash admit that they’re trash. What wrong is in that? Are you saying that they’re not trash? Tell me, are they not trash?” Zhao Genshou pointed at Li Lei and them while shouting at the group of eighteen.

Faced with Zhao Genshou’s question, those eighteen people looked to one another. They did not know how to answer. In their hearts, were Li Lei and them truly not trash?

They are, of course they are. As the most precious and highest standing disciples, they were extremely proud. They did not put even ordinary elders in their eyes, so how could they possibly put this bunch of bottom tier disciples without any background in their eyes?

Why did they plead for leniency for Li Lei and them? Was it because of their sudden aroused kindness? No, they’re not that kind hearted nor did they have such good intentions. It was all because of Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s conduct had already spread through the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Everyone knew how extraordinary Chu Feng was. Not only did he kill the elders and disciples from the Han family, even the Han family, that had been the tyrant that no one dared to provoke in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, was forced out of the Southern Cyanwood Forest because of him.

This sort of character was fated to become a target for the Southern Cyanwood Forest to focus on cultivating. Speaking nicely, the eighteen of them came to pay Chu Feng a visit. Speaking frankly, they came to hug Chu Feng’s thigh.[1. Ride his coattails; make connections with him for further benefits.] That was the reason why they spoke out for Li Lei and them.

They did not truly wish to help Li Lei and the others from the Southern Sea Region. They had actually only wanted to use this opportunity to lick Chu Feng’s boots.