Chapter 1042 - Coming to Pick a Quarrel

MGA: Chapter 1042 - Coming to Pick a Quarrel

After hearing what Sikong Zhaixing said, Chu Feng couldn’t help but deepen the reverence he had for Martial Emperors.

However, when he recalled the Old Ape, Chu Kongtong and even his family’s forbidden area’s guardian statues that he encountered in the Heavenly Road, they all possessed such powerful auras. The sensation that they gave were completely different from that of Sikong Zhaixing.

Thus, at the moment when he encountered them, Chu Feng firmly believed that he had encountered the legendary Martial Emperors. In the Holy Land of Martialism, the Martial Emperors were equivalent to Gods. However, within his own clan, even the guardian statues of the forbidden land were Martial Emperors. This clearly showed Chu Feng how powerful his own clan was.

The Old Ape had said that Chu Feng came from the Outer World and Chu Feng’s family was so powerful that it could make all of the major powers in the Holy Land of Martialism to kneel down and worship them.

At that time, Chu Feng was skeptical of those words spoken by the Old Ape. However, at this moment, he had totally and completely believed in it. That was because he was able to sense that regardless of whether it was the Old Ape or Chu Kongtong, they were all Martial Emperors. Moreover, they were not only ordinary Martial Emperors. Merely based upon their powerful strength as well as their aura that could make one suffocate, it already signified that the words spoken by the Old Ape were all true.

His family was extremely powerful. Logically, this should be a good thing. However, it just so happened that what Chu Feng wanted to challenge was that unimaginably powerful family of his.

One must say that the current Chu Feng had also started to feel some pressure in his heart. However, no matter what, he needed to challenge that family of his from the Outer World. That was because he needed to snatch back his father’s honor. And in order to do that, he must first establish himself in this Holy Land of Martialism.

“Chu Feng, the current you are already a rank nine Martial Lord. This is an extremely crucial level. In a couple more days, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is going to be opened. I will send you alongside with the disciples our Southern Cyanwood Forest planned to send to the Cyanwood Mountain this year to train in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.”

“I believe that with your talent, you would be able to obtain quite a harvest from there. When next year comes, I will send you to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond once again. Perhaps, at that time, you’ll be able to achieve comprehension from that place and breakthrough to the Martial King realm.”

“When you become a Martial King, I would be able to be at ease in sending you to the Cyanwood Mountain to train.” Suddenly, Sikong Zhaixing’s voice interrupted Chu Feng’s train of thought.

“Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, what sort of place is that?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“I nearly forgot to introduce you to it. The Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is a sacred cultivation land in our Holy Land of Martialism. Not only does that place contain a great amount of natural energy, it also contains special items flowing through it.”

“Those items cannot be seen nor can they be touched. However, those who are fated or possess the ability are able to sense them. As long as you’re able to sense those items, you’ll be able to achieve a breakthrough easier. Even if you do not make a breakthrough, it will still allow your cultivation path to be much smoother.” Explained Sikong Zhaixing.

“So that’s what it is.” Chu Feng nodded. A sacred cultivation land of the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng also wished to experience it for himself. However, after thinking about it, Chu Feng asked, “Senior, you wished to wait until next year before sending me to the Cyanwood Mountain?”

Chu Feng was a bit worried because he wished to enter the Cyanwood Mountain as quickly as possible. After all, the cultivation resources they possessed there was incomparable to the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Although the competition there was enormous and there might even be dangers to his life, but as the saying goes, going against the current would allow one to temper and mature faster.

“I planned to wait until you managed to breakthrough to the Martial King level before sending you to the Cyanwood Mountain. However, if you’re able to break through to Martial King level by the time when the Cyanwood Mountain receives disciples from its subsidiary powers, I would naturally send you to the Cyanwood Mountain this year.” Replied Sikong Zhaixing with a face filled with smiles.

Facing Sikong Zhaixing’s words, Chu Feng could only force a smile. The meaning behind his words was extremely clear. Regardless of how urgently Chu Feng wished to enter the Cyanwood Mountain, he must first reach a cultivation of Martial King. If Chu Feng wished to enter the Cyanwood Mountain this year, it is fine too. However, that meant that he must reach Martial King level this year.

Chu Feng continued to chat with Sikong Zhaixing for a long time. Even after they finished dinner and the night turned dark, Chu Feng had still not returned to his residence.

However, Chu Feng didn’t know at all that a large change had appeared in the courtyard manor that the people from the Southern Sea Region’s people were living in.

This courtyard manor was expanded by several times its original size. The ordinary soil covered ground was now a plaza square. Moreover, other than the various ordinary buildings, two extraordinarily large palaces had appeared.

One of the two palaces was extremely luxurious and imposing. Compared to the ordinary buildings that the other people from the Southern Sea Region were living in, the difference between them and these palaces was simply as great as that of the sky and earth.

As for these two palaces, they were Chu Feng and Li Lei’s new residences. The one that appeared luxurious and large was Li Lei’s residence. The other one that was extremely luxurious and imposing was Chu Feng’s residence.

The construction of these two palaces was extremely quick. In merely half a day, they were completed. At this moment, the two palaces were completely finished. However, there were many young females with good figures holding things and scuttling back and forth through the palaces.

They were the maids that the Southern Cyanwood Forest had given to Chu Feng and Li Lei. At this moment, they were currently decorating the palaces. They had received a death-threatening order to finish preparing the palaces by tonight so that Chu Feng and Li Lei could check into them.

For Li Lei’s palace, it was relatively ordinary. Regardless of whether it was the interior decorations or the maids, they were more or less the same as the ones that core disciples received. Although it was unimaginable for him to obtain this sort of treatment with his status, but it was, at the very least, nothing extraordinary.

As for Chu Feng’s palace, the decorations were extremely luxurious. Even the maids of his palace were very beautiful girls with good cultivations. It could be said that they were the crème de la crème[1.Xima: means best of the best] of the maids.

In short, if one was to say that Chu Feng’s treatment was the best among all of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, no one would deny it.

Thus, when the people from the Southern Sea Region saw the things that had suddenly appeared in the courtyard, they felt extremely depressed. Their eyes were also filled with gazes of envy.

Chu Feng obtained the acknowledgement of Lord Headmaster. It was reasonable and ought to be when he obtained this sort of treatment. However, what about Li Lei? What virtue or ability did he possess?

They all knew very well. It was because at the crucial moment, Li Lei stood up for Chu Feng. That was why he obtained this sort of reward.

This caused them to be extremely regretful. If they were to honestly explain what had happened like what Li Lei did when the Han family’s elders asked them what had happened, then perhaps they would obtain the same sort of treatment as Li Lei and reach instant success in the Southern Cyanwood Forest because of Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, they did not do such a thing. Instead, they framed Chu Feng and nearly killed him. To be more exact, had it not been for Chu Feng possessing powerful might himself, he would have likely been killed by them.

This caused them to be fated to walk upon a completely different path from Li Lei. Much less an instant success, they likely would not possess a chance for success in the Southern Cyanwood Forest anymore. Even living the rest of their lives peacefully would be problematic.

However, while wishfully thinking and taking advantage that Chu Feng had yet to return, being led by the brother and sister Shen Lang and Shen Hong, all of the people from the Southern Sea Region went together to find Li Lei. They wished that Li Lei would be willing to plea for leniency for them.

“What? You all want me to go to Chu Feng and plead for leniency for you all?” Currently, Li Lei’s injuries had been completely healed. He was originally supervising the maids and examining his new residence with joy and excitement from the bottom of his heart.

However, after he heard the request from Shen Lang and the rest, Li Lei’s expression took a huge change. It could be said that ‘unhappiness’ was written all over his face. Now that he had Chu Feng as his backing, he did not fear Shen Lang and them at all. Thus, he did not bother to be courteous with them. With a stern face, he pointed at Shen Lang and them and said.

“You all listen carefully. It is only my brother Chu Feng who is that merciful and kind. If it was me, just by your conducts, I would’ve already killed you all.”

“Especially you, Shen Hong. My brother Chu Feng has only brought troubles upon himself because he stood up for you. How could you possibly treat him like that? Search in your heart and ask yourself, is what you have done something that a human could possibly do? Do you even have a trace of conscience left? Have all of your conscience been eaten by dogs?”

Facing Li Lei’s loud interrogation, Shen Hong lowered her head and did not speak. Her eyes had already reddened. This was because she was feeling completely ashamed after being asked those questions by. However, the thing that caused her the most unrest was still the crime of kicking her benefactor in the teeth. That crime was something that even caused her to blush with shame. She no longer had the face to see others anymore. Thus, it was truly too late for the current her to regret.

Unfortunately, the thing had already happened. No matter how regretful she was, there was no way for her to change it. The road that she had taken herself was something she needed to bear herself. Whether it be honor or shame, it was something that she needed to face.

“Yoh, you truly have quite a boastful tone. You, a bunch of trash from the Southern Sea Region, who are you planning to kill now?” However, right at this moment, a voice filled with a mocking tone suddenly sounded from outside the courtyard.

After this voice was heard, it brought about great alarm to all of the people present. Even the maids in charge of decorating the palace were stunned. They cast their gazes toward the person who shouted toward words.

After Li Lei and them turned to gazes toward the source of the voice, practically all of their expressions took a huge change. Alarm and unease, these two complicated states of mind, rushed forth onto the faces of everyone present.