Chapter 1041 - The Grand Martial Emperor

MGA: Chapter 1041 - The Grand Martial Emperor

“Senior Sikong, you...”

Seeing Sikong Zhaixing’s gaze that was filled with expectations, Chu Feng felt a bit at a loss.

Even though Chu Feng had already known beforehand that Sikong Zhaixing had taken note of him and regarded him highly because he managed to break through the formation outside of the Heavenly Road’s exit and ended up having all those management elders to search for him.

However, Chu Feng had never imagined that Sikong Zhaixing’s expectation of him was that high. Even though this was something good for Chu Feng, it still gave Chu Feng some pressure.

If Chu Feng was to fail to live up to Sikong Zhaixing’s expectations and fail to become successful in the Cyanwood Mountain, a place filled with geniuses and possessed even Divine Bodies, then the Southern Cyanwood Mountain that had already given up on the backing of the Han family might truly be reduced to becoming inferior to even those non-genuine subsidiary powers.

“Little friend Chu Feng, there is no need for you to worry. This is my decision. It is, as a matter of fact, unrelated with you.”

“It has truly been a very long time since our Southern Cyanwood Forest managed to obtain a younger generation as outstanding as yourself. It could be said that ever since the Southern Cyanwood Forest was established in this place, we have never once obtained a younger generation as outstanding as yourself.”

“Did you know that our Southern Cyanwood Forest was established at the same time as the other three Cyanwood Forests. Our very First Lord Headmaster from back then, regardless of whether it was his martial strength or his influence, they were both above the other three headmasters.”

“Back then, he had the priority in selecting which of the four regions to establish his Cyanwood Forest. However, he ended up selecting this place. Moreover, he personally created that formation outside of the Heavenly Road’s exit.”

“Back then, many people did not understand why he did such a thing. That was because back then, this region was already the worst among the four regions. Other than controlling the Southern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road’s exit, there is nothing special about this place. It could be said that it’s an extremely small and desolate place without anything.”

“However, our First Lord Headmaster said that someone who would shock the entire Holy Land of Martialism will eventually appear in this place. He wished for the Southern Cyanwood Forest to send this person to the Cyanwood Mountain and have this extraordinary person put the name Cyanwood Mountain on him.”

“Many years have passed. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest have also changed headmasters many times now. However, not a single outstanding disciple has appeared yet. It was so much that because we have provided way too few excellent disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain and not a single one of them managed to make a name for themselves there.”

“Our Southern Cyanwood Forest is now very much inferior to the other three Cyanwood Forests. It was so much that even those non-genuine subsidiary powers look down upon us now. The supplements that the Cyanwood Mountain send to us every year has also started becoming less and less. Not only is there an enormous gap between us and the other three Cyanwood Forests, we have already fallen so low that we’re equivalent to those third-rate powers now. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest has been completely reduced to a laughingstock by others.”

“Actually, I too was unable to understand this in the past. I did not understand why our First Lord Headmaster would select this place. With the strength that he had back then, he could undoubtedly pick the best region and would’ve allowed us, the younger generations, to obtain better treatment. Why did he decide to select this place?”

“Before I met you, I had been unable to understand his reasoning the entire time. However, when I saw you exiting out from the Heavenly Road’s exit by yourself and even break through the formation left by our First Lord Headmaster, I suddenly came to an understanding.”

“I finally understand what our First Lord Headmaster meant by those words.” When he said to this point, Sikong Zhaixing once again cast his gaze to Chu Feng. He said, “The purpose of the Southern Cyanwood Forest is not the same as the other three Cyanwood Forests. It is not as simple as just delivering a large quantity of excellent disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain every year.”

“The purpose of our Southern Cyanwood Forest is to deliver a single grand and outstanding talent to the Cyanwood Mountain, a person that could affect the entire Holy Land of Martialism. And I… I believe that this person is you.”

“It is fine for you to think that I’m fantasizing. It is even fine for you to think that I’ve gone crazy. However, from the way I see it, you are the hope of our Southern Cyanwood Forest. The purpose of our Southern Cyanwood Forest being constructed in this place is all for you. And now that we’ve managed to wait till your arrival, everything else is of no importance anymore.”

“No matter what you think, no matter if you’re willing or not, I would still exhaust all my ability and everything that we have to cultivate you.”

“Wow, we’ve truly struck gold. This old man is planning to throw all his stake onto you.” After hearing what the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster said, Eggy started to happily laugh. However, while laughing happily, she also said in a slightly regretful manner.

“Unfortunately, based on what he said, the status of the Southern Cyanwood Forest is so low right now. I’m afraid that he would not have much authority in the Cyanwood Mountain. His connections would certainty not be vast either.”

“In the future, if you were to stir up a calamity in the Cyanwood Mountain, I’m afraid that he would be incapable of protecting you. However, regardless, based on his appearance, he would, at the very minimum, use all his strength to allow you to have easier and unobstructed days in the Cyanwood Mountain. To have protection is better than not having protection. It is, after all, a good thing.”

Compared to Eggy, the current Chu Feng was quiet. He had been moved by the words spoken by Sikong Zhaixing.

Why did Chu Feng come to the Southern Cyanwood Forest? To be honest, it was because he had an alternative objective. To speak frankly, he wished to exploit the Southern Cyanwood Forest so that his path in the Cyanwood Mountain would be a bit smoother and unhindered. All of this was so that he could increase his cultivation at a faster rate.

However, never did Chu Feng imagine that what he wished to obtain would come so quickly and so fiercely. Not only did he easily obtain the favor of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he even became the person the Southern Cyanwood Forest placed all their hopes in. All of this had surpassed Chu Feng’s expectations.

However, after being silent for a moment, a confident smile suddenly appeared on the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth. He looked to Sikong Zhaixing and said in an extremely serious manner. “Senior Sikong thinks so highly of this Chu Feng; Chu Feng will definitely not disappoint Senior.”

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Sikong Zhaixing was startled. He appeared to not expect for this youngster to give such a response. However, after being startled for a split second, overjoy was written all over Sikong Zhaixing’s face. He repeatedly said, “Good, good, good. I knew that I, Sikong Zhaixing, have not misjudged you.”

Afterwards Sikong Zhaixing chatted with Chu Feng for a bit more. During this time, Chu Feng also asked Sikong Zhaixing about a question he was most curious about right now - Sikong Zhaixing’s cultivation, the so called Half Martial Emperor. He wanted to know exactly what that was.

“Haha, Martial Emperor, little friend Chu Feng, you’ve truly thought too highly of me. Martial Emperor is such an extraordinary level of cultivation; I have no hope of reaching that in my entire lifetime. My current cultivation realm is that of Half Martial Emperor. It is the realm between Martial King and Martial Emperor.”

“This realm surpasses Martial Kings and could, more or less, sense and use a small amount of Emperor Level Martial Power. Merely, this sort of Emperor Level Martial Power is extremely weak. Although it is indefinitely stronger than the King Level Martial Power, there is an enormous difference when compared with true Emperor Level Martial Power. It could even be said that the two are nowhere on par.”

“It is precisely because one would have touched upon the verge of Marital Emperor but is still in fact very far away from becoming a Martial Emperor, this cultivation realm ended up being known as Half Martial Emperor.”

“The reason why little friend Chu Feng has never heard about the Half Martial Emperor realm and believed that after Martial King is Martial Emperor ought to be because the strongest individuals from where you’re from are only Martial Kings. There had simply never been anyone who managed to reach Half Martial Emperor. Then, based on the written records that listed the natural energy after King Level Martial Power is Emperor Level Martial Power, people determined that after Martial King would be Martial Emperor.”

“That is actually wrong. Martial Emperors are the utmost powerful figures in the world. Even the Divine Bodies, people who obtained the favor of the Heavens, possessed immense talent for cultivation and unique and powerful strength, if their comprehension ability as well as their understanding of martial cultivation is not superb, they would also end up stopping at the Half Martial Emperor realm. It is extremely, extremely difficult for one to become a Martial Emperor.”

“This is also the reason why even in our Holy Land of Martialism, a place where countless geniuses gather, the number of Martial Emperors are extremely rare.”

Hearing till this, Chu Feng seemed to have understood why both Grandfather Luo and Tantai Xue placed the Martial Emperors in such ‘holiness.’ It turned out that Martial Emperors were truly high and above. They were beings that existed in a place akin to gods.

“Senior Sikong, in that case, do you know about roughly how many known Martial Emperors there are now in the Holy Land of Martialism?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“The strongest powers of the Holy Land of Martialism, the Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Families are most definitely led by Martial Emperors. Other than humans, the several largest Monstrous Beast Clans most definitely are led by Martial Emperors too.”

“However, as the Holy Land of Martialism is such a huge place, there are also an innumerable number of people who are not interested in fame or wealth. No one could be certain that other than these famous powers that had been in existence for generations there would not be any other Martial Emperors.”

“However, regardless of how powerful the Martial Emperors are, their life is not infinite. Many of the Martial Emperors that had moved unhindered throughout the Holy Land of Martialism in the past had entered seclusion training at the end of their life, finding methods to expand their life. Even now, those people have yet to come out from their seclusion training. We cannot be certain that they’re dead nor could we be certain that they’re alive.”

“Other than that, there are also a lot of senior experts who possess the chance of becoming Martial Emperors. In order to try to breakthrough to the Martial Emperor realm, they have entered seclusion training for many years. Some have even been in seclusion training for over hundreds and thousands of years. Even now, these seniors have not come out from their seclusion training.”

“No one knows if they have successfully become grand Martial Emperors or if they have failed and died.”

“If you ask me how many known and living Martial Emperors there are in the Holy Land of Martialism, it is truly difficult for me to give you a number.”

“All I could tell you is that regardless of who they are, regardless of whether they’re righteous or evil, regardless of whether they’re human or monstrous beasts, as long as they’re capable of becoming Martial Emperors, they are people worthy of the greatest admiration, people that deserve to be revered upon.” Said Sikong Zhaixing with a face filled with appearance of reverence.

It was as if the people that he was talking about were not people but instead gods.