Chapter 1425 - The Arrival Of Danger

MGA: Chapter 1425 - The Arrival Of Danger

“Han Helai!!!” Hearing this voice, both Sima Ying and Miao Renlong displayed expressions of anger.

“Heh, never would I have expected that Ying’er would come here too. It’s only been a short while since we last met, but it seems like your strength has increased again.”

That voice sounded once again. Furthermore, it grew closer and closer. Soon, a figure walked out of the dusky fog. It was Han Helai.

Merely, at this moment, when Han Helai said ‘Miao Renlong’, not only was there no trace of fear, he even wore a slight smile. It was truly strange.

“Han Helai, I’ll kill you!” When Sima Ying saw Han Helai, she instantly became unable to control herself. After a snarl of anger, she rushed to attack Han Helai. With a Royal Armament in her hand, she unleashed a Taboo Martial Skill, her strongest attack, toward Han Helai.


However, even though Sima Ying had unleashed her strongest attack, Han Helai managed to block it with merely a wave of his hand. It could be said that he had stopped her attack with no difficulty or effort at all.

“Oh Ying’er, if you wish to kill me, I fear that you do not have the ability to do so yet. You should go back and train for several more decades. With your talent, you might be able to surpass me at that time.”

After blocking Sima Ying’s attack, Han Helai let out a complacent and depraved laugh. As for that laughter, it was filled with ridicule.

“While Ying’er might not have the ability, does this old man possess that ability?”

Right at this moment, Miao Renlong snorted coldly. He then raised his fist and shot out a fist strike. In an instant, the world started to tremble, and a ferocious Emperor-level martial power swept toward Han Helai like a boundless sea.


However, this time around, Han Helai did not even bother to move. He stood there without the slightest bit of fear on his face.

It was only when Miao Renlong’s attack was ten meters away from him that a loud sound was suddenly heard. Miao Renlong’s attack was actually stopped by an invisible energy.

“Miao Renlong, oh Miao Renlong, I’m afraid that the current you really does not have the strength to kill Han Helai. After all, he is under my protection,” Right at this time, a strange voice sounded from behind Han Helai.

“Who is it? Get out here!” Miao Renlong knew that Han Helai had someone helping him. Thus, he was not surprised. Instead, he shouted in anger.

“Impudent, is this how you speak to your senior?” At this moment, an old man slowly walked out from behind Han Helai.

“It’s actually you…” When they saw this person, Chu Feng and the others all started to frown. As for Miao Renlong, he was greatly shocked. An expression of absolute surprise emerged on his aged face.

This old man was very tall and as thin as a matchstick. However, he had a pair of very special eyebrows. His eyebrows were white as snow, a meter in length, and dropped down from the sides of his eyes like two waterfalls. This old man gave off an impression of being an extraordinary expert.

In fact, his aura was extremely powerful. He was so powerful that he could be said to be on par with Miao Renlong. In other words, he was a peak Half Martial Emperor who was only a step away from becoming a Martial Emperor.

However, if that were all, Miao Renlong would not be as shocked as he was now. The reason why Miao Renlong was so shocked was because this man was someone from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly.

That’s right, the person who was standing before Han Helai preventing Miao Renlong from killing him was an elder of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly.

Furthermore, due to his unique eyebrows, people had given him a close-fitting nickname: Long-browed Old Freak.

“Is it that surprising? Why can it not be me?” Long-browed Old Freak smiled lightly. However, within his smile was a trace of ridicule. It seemed like he was ridiculing Miao Renlong and the others for being stupid.

“Surprise? Of course I am surprised. You should know what sort of person Han Helai is. For a single treasure, he killed his fellows from the World Spiritist Alliance. After that, he killed countless other people. He is an unforgivable traitor.”

“Although you are an elder from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, you are, nevertheless, a part of the World Spiritist Alliance. You have also received the nurture of our World Spiritist Alliance. To kill a traitor is also your responsibility.”

“While it would be one thing if you decided not to kill him, how could you possibly protect this traitor?” Miao Renlong asked angrily. He was so angry that even his veins were showing.

As an extremely powerful person, Miao Renlong had always been calm. Even when he was angry, he would rarely display his anger. However, this time around, he had lost control of himself. That was because even he was unable to accept the truth before him.

“Haha, Miao Renlong, oh Miao Renlong, I had thought you to be very smart in the past. However, it would seem to me now that I have thought too highly of you,” Long-browed Old Freak laughed an eccentric laugh.

“What do you mean by that?” Miao Renlong raised his eyebrows and asked coldly.

“Han Helai was merely an elder. Yet, even after the World Spiritist Alliance used all that much of their force to hunt him down, they still failed to do so. In fact, many of those that had gone to hunt him ended up disappearing forever.”

“In fact, even after that boy Sima Huolie injured Han Helai to such a state, he still remained alive. Later on, his strength even increased further, and he managed to snatch the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram from Sima Huolie and kill him in the process. Why did you think that he was able to do all that? Let me tell you why, it’s all because of me.”

“From the very beginning, Han Helai was working with me. All of his actions were conducted following my instructions. Now do you understand?” Long-browed Old Freak said.

“So all of Han Helai’s evil actions were conducted under your orders, and you are the main culprit?!” Miao Renlong was so enraged that he started to tremble. He was truly at the end of his tolerance. He never expected that such a traitor, such an animal, would appear in the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, the gathering place of the strongest individuals from the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Haha, indeed, he was following my orders. However, I can also tell you this. All of Han Helai’s actions are merely the tip of the iceberg.”

“What I have done is something that should be truly capable of shocking everyone. Did you really think that those old farts from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly disappeared with no reason or cause?”

“In fact, they were all killed by me. As for the reason why I killed them, it’s because they possessed what I needed,” Long-browed Old Freak said.

“You animal! I’ll kill you!” Hearing those words, Miao Renlong was unable to contain himself. After a shout of anger, his clothes started to flutter. Following that, a dazzling golden-bright sword appeared. Being brandished by him, the sword contained a power capable of destroying the world as it shot explosively toward Long-browed Old Freak.

“Heh, kill me? Are you capable?”

However, even when faced with this sort of attack, that Long-browed Old Freak was still smiling. In fact, he didn’t even bother to move. As his eyes flickered, a ray of light suddenly appeared and landed in front of him.

It was an enormous creature. The body of the enormous creature was translucent and covered with green gaseous flames. While it had the body of a man, it had the facial features of a beast. Its body was covered with armor, and it was holding a gigantic hammer in its hand. As for its size, it was a hundred meters tall.

Standing there, it appeared to be an unsurmountable mountain, an impenetrable fortress. It had completely shielded Long-browed Old Freak and Han Helai behind it.


Suddenly, the giant creature waved the giant hammer in its hand. Like a mountain falling down from the sky, the hammer landed on Miao Renlong’s large golden sword.


An extremely loud explosion resonated through heaven and earth. The collision caused the sky and earth in the surrounding several miles to tremble. The ground collapsed, and violent gales sprung up all over the place. It was as if doomsday had arrived. This pitch-black mountain range was leveled completely by this single strike.

By the time that loud rumble passed, Miao Renlong’s large golden sword had disappeared. However, that giant creature was still standing there without the slightest bit of injury.

Furthermore, although this mountain range had been leveled flat, the strange black color was still present and covered this region.

“Don’t be so anxious to attack. I have yet to tell you why I killed those people and took all of those treasures away,” Long-browed Old Freak smiled strangely and then waved his sleeve.

Suddenly, eight rays of light shot forth from the depths of the mountain. With terrifying might, they descended around Chu Feng and the others, cutting off their paths of escape.