Chapter 1426 - Divine Spirits?

MGA: Chapter 1426 - Divine Spirits?

When those eight rays of light landed, Chu Feng and the others all started to frown, feeling a deep sense of unease.

Especially Sima Ying, her face that was previously filled with anger was now pale as paper from fear. In fact, sparkling and translucent cold sweat filled her forehead and was rolling down her beautiful cheeks.

That was because those eight rays of light were the same as that giant creature that stood before Long-browed Old Freak, they were all gigantic monsters. Although their appearance, body build and colors were all different, there was a single common ground for all of them; that was, that they all possessed the strength of peak Half Martial Emperors.

Most importantly, these nine giant creatures, other than their extraordinary strength and their enormous bodies, were also emitting a special sort of aura, an incomparably divine sort of aura.

As matters stood, Chu Feng and the others finally believed the words spoken by that strand of aura… this place was indeed dangerous.

“Grandpa Miao, exactly what are these things?” In panic, Sima Ying turned to ask Miao Renlong.

“I’m not sure. These things here are not monstrous beasts, nor are they world spirits. Yet, they are also living things.” Miao Renlong was uncertain about the origins of these things.

“No, Ying’er, we should’ve met these monsters before. Merely, at that time, they were only able to see us, whereas we were unable to see them,” Suddenly, Chu Feng said to Sima Ying.

“We’ve seen them before? When?” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Sima Ying was shocked. She never remembered seeing these monsters before.

“The Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, the time when your grandfather and Elder Hong Mo opened the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. When the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram was opened, it gave off the aura of nine different monsters. Could it be that you’ve forgotten about the aura that had covered the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram?” Chu Feng said.

“Nine Spirits Divine Diagram? I remember now! Indeed, there had been auras very similar to those of these monsters.” At this moment, Sima Ying came to a sudden realization. Then, she said, “Could it be that they are related to the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram?”

Hearing this mention of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, Old Village Chief Ma came to a sudden realization. Yet, he also felt extremely doubtful. “The Nine Spirits Divine Diagram? I’ve heard of it before. It’s something that a genius, a grand world spiritist from the Cyanwood Domain by the name of Nine Spirits God created.”

“According to the legend, at the apex of Nine Spirits God’s life, he had wanted to create an item to commemorate his hometown, the Nine Spirits Paradise.”

“Thus, he sought nine powerful evil spirits and used a special formation, as well as countless precious treasures, to seal them within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“However, shouldn’t it be nine evil spirits that were sealed within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram? Could it be that these are the nine evil spirits? But, their auras simply do not resemble those of evil spirits or even ordinary World Spirits. They are so very different.”

“Long-browed Old Freak, could these nine monsters be the nine evil spirits from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram?” Compared to Old Village Chief Ma who was pondering, Miao Renlong directly asked Long-browed Old Freak.

“Haha, not bad. You actually knew about this,” Long-browed Old Freak did not deny it. Instead, he laughed complacently.

Then, he said, “That’s right, what you said is correct. They are indeed the spirits of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. However, I would have to correct you on this. They are not nine evil spirits. Instead, they are nine Divine Spirits.”

“Back then, the Nine Spirits God captured nine evil spirits that were strung through and filled with evil and sealed them within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Then, using their special power, he turned them into the souls of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“After the nine of them were turned into the souls of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, the Nine Spirits God then placed all that he had learned, all that he had acquired in his lifetime, his countless formations and treasures, into the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“The value of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram has long since greatly surpassed the worth of the nine evil spirits.”

“After all these years of being sealed in the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, these nine evil spirits had long since been nurtured by the formation techniques and treasures from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Although they are the souls of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, they were also transformed by the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. And now, they can no longer be considered to be evil spirits. They have long since transformed into Divine Spirits.”

“As for what I have done, I have merely freed them from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram so that they could be of use to me.”

“And now, I have already succeeded. With these nine Divine Spirits as my henchmen, Miao Renlong, what do you have that could possibly fight against us?”

“I do not care what sort of method you used to find this place, I can tell you with certainty that you are simply throwing your lives away by coming here.”

“The four of you are going to become the first offerings to my nine Divine Spirits.”

As the Long-browed Old Freak said these words, a flash of coldness shone through his eyes. Following that, the nine Divine Spirits all began to emit ruthless killing intent. Together, they unleashed their attacks at Miao Renlong and the others.

“Village Chief Ma, protect Ying’er and Chu Feng. I’ll handle these animals,” Miao Renlong shouted in anger. Then, he flipped his palm and took out a Royal Armament. With a single thought from him, eighteen enormous world spirit gates appeared around him.

After the eighteen enormous world spirit gates appeared, eighteen monstrous, enormous world spirits walked out from the world spirit gates.

Each and every one of these eighteen world spirits was several tens of meters in height. Although they were not as enormous as those nine Divine Spirits, they were the largest world spirits that Chu Feng had ever seen.

Most importantly, these eighteen world spirits all emitted auras of peak Half Martial Emperors. Each and every one of them possessed extraordinarily powerful strength and the might to bring about the destruction of the world.


After the eighteen world spirits appeared, they all cried out with snarls capable of causing heaven and earth to tremble. After that, in groups of two against one, they charged to attack the nine Divine Spirits.

At the same time, Miao Renlong held his Royal Armament and leapt forward. With an unstoppable power and an extraordinary speed, he charged to attack the Long-browed Old Freak.

“Mere world spirits wanted to contend against the Divine Spirits? Miao Renlong, you are truly dreaming!”

Long-browed Old Freak burst out into loud laughter. He was not afraid of Miao Renlong. He clenched his palms, and two hook-shaped Royal Armaments appeared in his hands. As he spoke, he began to fight Miao Renlong.




The battle between two peak Half Martial Emperors was extremely terrifying. It was simply not a level that Chu Feng and the others could touch. Even Old Village Chief Ma would not be able to interfere.

In fact, they were unable to even see the attacks from the two experts. The only thing that they were able to sense was the frightening aftermath of their attacks, the terrifying energy ripples that appeared in all directions. The only thing that they were able to see was the chaotic battlefield and the space that was being torn apart.

“Senior Miao is so powerful.”

At this moment, Chu Feng was secretly delighted. Although he was unable to see the battle between the two experts, he was able to sense with his sharp perception that Miao Renlong and his eighteen world spirits were actually on par with the Long-browed Old Freak and his so-called nine Divine Spirits.

Furthermore, as the battle continued, Miao Renlong was able to catch gaps in his opponent’s defence with his profound attacks. Gradually, he started to gain onto the upper hand.

While it would be one thing if Miao Renlong were the only one holding the upper hand, his eighteen world spirits were also holding the upper hand. They were all managing to suppress the nine Divine Spirits they were fighting.

As for all of this, it was all because of Miao Renlong. Chu Feng believed that if it weren’t for Miao Renlong’s command over his eighteen world spirits, it would have been impossible for them to show such a great performance.

Upon thinking of how Miao Renlong was fighting against the Long-browed Old Freak who possessed a cultivation on par with his own and still able to observe the battle between the world spirits and give them instructions in the process, Chu Feng started to admire Miao Renlong’s strength even more.

“Long-browed Old Freak, it would seem that your nine evil spirits are not up to much. It seems that regardless of how many treasures they were nurtured by, they are still nothing more than evil spirits that are unable to contend against true world spirits.”

“And that, that is the price that they paid to betray the correct path and enter the path of evil,” Holding the upper hand, Miao Renlong began to insult Long-browed Old Freak.