Chapter 1424 - Long Time No See

MGA: Chapter 1424 - Long Time No See

“This formation is truly miraculous. It is no wonder that even our World Spiritist Alliance does not possess this sort of formation.”

“Unfortunately, this formation has been extinguished. I fear that it will be difficult to find another formation like this in the Holy Land of Martialism,” At this moment, Miao Renlong sighed with sorrow. Within his eyes was sadness and regret.

As a world spiritist, he was naturally infatuated with powerful rare formations. As for this formation, it was the sort that would infatuate world spiritists the most.

Although it was undeniable that it had disappeared and the reason for its disappearance was because of them, Miao Renlong and the others still felt sadness and regret for its disappearance.

This was especially true for Chu Feng. Not only was Chu Feng feeling sadness, he was also feeling guilt. After all, that man had disappeared because of him. Furthermore, Chu Feng had a sort of unexplainable sense of familiarity toward him. Even though it was very meager, it was still present.

“Although this formation has been extinguished, we managed to, at the very least, determine the whereabouts of that Han Helai,” Compared to Miao Renlong, Old Village Chief Ma was rather joyous. In fact, there was even a faint smile on his face.

After all, to him, the life and death of this formation was greatly inferior compared to knowing the whereabouts of Han Helai. After all, Han Helai’s whereabouts concerned the continued existence of their Sealing Ancient Village.

“That’s true. However, this is all thanks to little friend Chu Feng,” Miao Renlong turned his admiring gaze to Chu Feng.

“Putt,” Sima Ying actually kneeled onto the ground before Chu Feng. She said, “Chu Feng, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to kill Han Helai and avenge my relatives.” The gratefulness she had toward Chu Feng could clearly be seen.

“Lil Sis Ying’er, what are you doing?” Seeing Sima Ying’s action, Chu Feng immediately lent her an arm and got her up.

At this moment, tears were flowing down Sima Ying’s cheeks like raindrops. She was extremely emotional. To be able to find Han Helai’s whereabouts and avenge her family, she would naturally be emotional. However, it was precisely because she was so emotional that she started crying.

“Lil Sis Ying’er, rest assured, your enemy is my enemy, I will definitely help you get your revenge,” As Chu Feng spoke, he handed the compass in his hand to Miao Renlong. “Senior Miao, that is the location of that Han Helai.”

Miao Renlong looked to the compass and saw that the needle was trembling slightly. However, it was, nevertheless, pointing toward a direction. Furthermore, the most fascinating thing was that there were delicate little characters that read ‘Animal Han Helai’ inscribed on the direction the needle was pointing toward. It was likely that this was something that ‘that’ person had especially left there.

“Little friend Chu Feng, that senior had said that you should carry the compass. Although he has disappeared, we should still follow his final wishes. Thus, little friend Chu Feng, you should be the one leading the way for us,” Miao Renlong did not take the compass from Chu Feng. Instead, he pushed Chu Feng’s hand back.

“Okay then,” In response, Chu Feng took the compass back and held it in his hand. He began to lead the way for Miao Renlong and the others.

Even though Chu Feng could be said to be leading everyone with the compass, the person that they truly relied on in their travels was still Miao Renlong. After all, Miao Renlong was a peak Half Martial Emperor. He possessed extremely fast speed. Only by being guided by him would they be able to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

After a long journey, that needle finally stopped trembling. In fact, it even began to emit a special sort of light. This signified that they were very close to Han Helai.

Merely, at this moment, the scene that appeared before them caused them to feel unease. This was a very vast mountain range.

However, this mountain range was extremely strange. Not only was it filled with airs of death and without a single trace of life, it was also pitch-black in color. A dusky fog that appeared like clouds lingered over the mountain range.

As far as the eye could see, this mountain range was like a place where demons lived. It was truly terrifying. Furthermore, the matter that caused Chu Feng and the others to feel the most helpless was that this mountain range actually possessed the effect of isolating one’s spirit power. Even Chu Feng was unable to see through exactly what was located in the depths of the mountain when using his Heaven’s Eyes.

“What sort of place is this? It’s so strange. No wonder that guy formed by aura would say that this place is dangerous. It seems that this place is somewhat fishy,” Sima Ying was frowning. She also felt that the situation wasn’t good.

“Somewhat fishy? No, this place is extremely fishy. Why would an ordinary mountain range turn into this sort of appearance? Exactly what happened here? I suspect it is most likely Han Helai’s doing too,” Miao Renlong said.

“This place is so remote and practically uninhabited. Could it be that Lord Miao actually knows where this is?” Old Village Chief Ma asked in surprise.

“Indeed, this is a very remote place. Not only are there no ordinary people living in the surrounding area, there are also no powers located here. However, I have been to this place in the past.”

“Thus, I know that although this place was not splendid and magnificent, it could still be considered to be a place with enchanting scenery. While there were no special monstrous beasts here, there were still some ordinary creatures.”

“Yet now, this place is completely quiet, with airs of death lingering around. There is most definitely a cause for this. Exactly what has that animal Han Helai done here?” Miao Renlong said.

“Grandpa Miao, are you sure this is something that Han Helai did?” Sima Ying asked.

“It is most likely related to him. However, he most definitely has other accomplices too,” Miao Renlong said.

“Grandpa Miao, you mean?” Sima Ying felt a trace of unease.

“Although Han Helai has the ability to turn this place into this sort of state, he does not have the ability to isolate even my spirit power from seeing through this mountain range. I fear that something major lies within the depths of this mountain range. If my guess is correct, someone must’ve used the natural energy of this mountain range to set up a Taboo Formation,” Miao Renlong said.

“Taboo Formation?” Hearing those words, Sima Ying grew even more uneasy. She involuntarily began to recall what that man had said to them. Could there really be a danger that even Miao Renlong could not withstand in this place?

“Yes, it’s most definitely a Taboo Formation. Else, it would be impossible for the surrounding thousand miles to be so filled with airs of death without even a single blade of grass,” As Old Village Chief Ma spoke, he looked into the distance.

Only at this moment did Sima Ying notice that although the surrounding region of the mountain range was not as sinister and frightening as the mountain range itself, it was still completely barren, without any trace of life; not even weeds could be seen on the ground.

“It doesn’t matter. Regardless of the circumstances, today will mark the death of that animal Han Helai.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, please lead the way,” As Miao Renlong spoke, he waved his sleeve and created two golden-bright and dazzling defensive barriers around Chu Feng and Sima Ying.

Although he needed to capture Han Helai and behead him, he did not possess absolute certainty in being able to do it. Thus, he had to be careful.

In response, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and began to follow the compass and led the way into the strange mountain range.

The deeper they entered, the brighter the compass needle shone. However, at the same time, their feeling of unease grew more and more heavy. Although all of them were cultivators, they were only able to see no more than a thousand meters in front of them right now.

“Lord Miao, it has truly been a long time since I last saw you,” Right at this moment, a strange voice suddenly and slowly sounded from the distance.