Chapter 1423 - Location Determined

MGA: Chapter 1423 - Location Determined

“Senior, you…”

After the truth was revealed, Miao Renlong and the others all displayed expressions of despair and awkwardness.

They were actually asking a person to give up his life for their sake. This was indeed a very rude thing to do.

Even though this person was merely a strand of aura, even though his mission was to help the Sealing Ancient Village, it remained that he was a sentient being who possessed his own awareness.

There was no one who would be willing to offer their lives for a stranger. Naturally, this person before them would be the same. Furthermore, to request another person to offer their life for you was an even more impossible matter.

“Boy, let me ask you a question. Do you also possess an enormous hatred or grievance for that person by the name of Han Helai?”

However, at the moment when everyone found it very difficult to continue to ask this person for help, he suddenly turned to Chu Feng and asked him that question.

“Replying to senior, to be honest, I do not have any direct deep hatred or grievances with that Han Helai. Furthermore, I also do not wish to say words like ‘someone like him is someone that we all should kill’ because it would be very artificial.”

“However, Sima Ying is my friend. Han Helai killed Sima Ying’s family. Thus, it is equivalent to him having killed my own family. The fact that he is Sima Ying’s enemy means that he is also my enemy. Furthermore, to me, this would be equivalent to an enormous hatred and grievance,” Chu Feng replied truthfully.

“Very well. You are a person who honors friends and righteousness. Boy, I like you,” That man laughed out loud and nodded in a satisfied manner.

Then, he said, “Earlier, I indeed felt that it is better to live a bad life than have a good death. However, I have also thought about another phrase. That is… Since death is unavoidable to everyone throughout history, what one should strive for is a loyal heart, gloriously recorded in the historic books.”

“My master once said that there are deaths heavier than Mount Tai and deaths lighter than a goose feather. The only difference between them was whether one would die in one’s appointed place, whether one’s death will be of value.”

“Back then, I received the mission to stay in this place from my master. It could be said that I carry a great responsibility on my back. If I am to not help you all today, not only will it be undutiful of me, I will also be letting down my master.”

“However, I do not wish to die. Yet, at the same time, I also do not wish to let down my master.”

“Truth be told, I also feel very tangled. However, the reason why I am so tangled is ultimately because I do not wish to die for this bunch.”

“Even though helping them is my responsibility, I truly feel that they do not deserve me using my final strength to help them,” That man said with a light smile.

Hearing those words, Old Village Chief Ma, who was still kneeling on the ground, had a very embarrassed expression on his face. However, there was nothing that he could say, because he had nothing to say. All he could do was bitterly smile.

As the Sealing Ancient Village’s Village Chief, he didn’t even know that the Sealing Glacier had been stolen. He was truly a disgrace. It was no wonder that this person before him would look down on him and not be willing to help him.

“However, boy, you are an exception. I have taken a liking to you. Since you require my help, I am willing to use my last bit of power to help you.”

Suddenly, the man’s body started to shine brightly. Like a sun, he began to illuminate this region of space.

Following that, the runes and symbols on the stone platform actually left the stone platform and soared into the sky. They surrounded that individual and began to spin rapidly. They were being utilized and controlled by that man.

At the moment when the runes and symbols were rotating, they began to form countless profound outlines as they crisscrossed one another, as they spiraled up and down.

All of this was formed by that man controlling the runes and symbols. He was calculating. With his own power, he was calculating Han Helai’s location. He was actually going to use his final bit of power to assist Chu Feng.

“Senior, you…” Not to mention the others, even Chu Feng was stunned. Never did he expect that after even Old Village Chief Ma’s request was rejected, this person, this strand of aura, who was not at all related to him was actually willing to sacrifice his life to help him.

However, at this moment, other than feeling moved, there was nothing that Chu Feng could do. That person had already started to determine Han Helai’s location. He had already started to use his final bits of power, his remaining life, to conduct the calculations.

What has been done cannot be undone. Even if Chu Feng were to stop him now, he would likely still die.


Suddenly, that spirit clasped his palms together and shouted loudly. Following that shout, his body grew many times more fuzzy; it was like a layer of faint mist that could dissipate at any moment.

At the same time, the runes and symbols that had surrounded him all entered his palm.


The next moment, his clasped palms started to slowly open. Following that, a circular compass appeared and floated toward Chu Feng.

This compass was extremely small, less than half an inch in diameter. However, it was extremely exquisite. Most importantly, that compass contained that person’s frightening aura within it. In other words, that man’s frightening aura had all been assimilated into the compass.

“This compass can bring you all to that so-called Han Helai. However, remember, only this boy can hold onto the compass,” That man said.

In response, both Miao Renlong and Old Village Chief Ma nodded their heads in silence. They did not dare to go against the wishes of this man.

“Boy, before this compass disappears, you must not let it leave your body. You must not place it into your Cosmos Sack. You can only hold onto it with your hand or place it in your bosom,” That man continued. This time around, he was informing Chu Feng what to do.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng bowed a deep bow. Chu Feng was truly unable to return the assistance this man had provided him. Furthermore, even if he wished to repay him, there would be no opportunity for him to do so.

At this moment, this individual’s body was disappearing. He had exhausted his last bits of power to condense that compass. As such, his life had reached its end.

“Haha, there’s no need to stand on ceremony. This was my mission to begin with. Merely, it is truly only because of you that I’m willing to help,” That man laughed casually.

Then, he added, “However, there is a matter of which I must warn you all. While I was sensing the location of that Han Helai earlier, I managed to faintly sense a dangerous aura.”

“Due to the fact that it’s so far away and my power is limited, I am unable to determine what that aura is. However, what I am certain of is that this journey you all will be taking this time will not be completely smooth.”

“My advice to you all is that it is better to not proceed toward him, even if you insist on taking his life.”

“Thank you senior for your warning. Junior will definitely be on guard,” Old Village Chief Ma said in a very grateful manner.

However, the implication behind Old Village Chief Ma’s words was that they had to find Han Helai regardless of how dangerous this journey might be. After all, it was related to the very existence of their Sealing Ancient Village.

“I was born for this formation and shall die for this formation.”

“Master, I have not failed to live up to your expectations. I have accomplished the mission that you’ve given me. Master, I will be coming for you now.”

That man suddenly turned to the sky and said those words. He had a smile and an expression of relief on his face. At the same time, his frail body finally disappeared completely.


Following his disappearance, the stone platform also burst apart. The runes on it had completely disappeared. These stones were now like ordinary stones without any trace of spiritual nature at all. They had lost all of their previous value.