Chapter 1422 - - Better A Bad Life Than A Good Death

MGA: Chapter 1422 - - Better A Bad Life Than A Good Death

This sort of sensation was truly strange. Even Chu Feng was unable to make any sense of the matter.

This was clearly the first time that he was seeing this person. Thus, how could he have this sort of feeling of familiarity? Furthermore, the familiar feeling this time around was very different from the time when he had seen Su Mei with her appearance hidden by the black cloak. Chu Feng was unable to explain the sensation that he was feeling and did not know the reason behind it. It was truly an unfathomable mystery.

“Who summoned me?”

Suddenly, that man spoke. His tone was icily arrogant, aloof and remote. It was as if he was a god from high above questioning a group of ordinary mortals who he felt to be beneath himself.

“Reporting to senior, this junior here is a descendant of the Sealing Ancient Village. The reason I have summoned senior today is because our Village’s Guardian Treasure, the Sealing Glacier, has been stolen.”

“Therefore, junior hopes that senior will be willing to unleash his extraordinary power to activate the formation and help junior discover the whereabouts of the thief who stole our Sealing Glacier. Junior hopes to be able to retrieve it as soon as possible and prevent calamities from happening,” Old Village Chief Ma said in a very respectful and humble manner.

“The Sealing Glacier has been stolen? In that case, you’ve already created a calamity,” That man sneered in disdain. Then, he said, “Truly the successive generations of the Sealing Glacial Village are inferior to the previous generations. The items that you all have lost in the past were one thing. Yet now, even your Sealing Glacier had been stolen. You are truly trash.”

“Scram, I will not help you,” The man waved his hand in a very cold and ruthless manner.

Hearing those words, Miao Renlong and the others were stunned. They were both surprised and confused. Especially Sima Ying, she was completely stupefied.

What sort of formation was this? It actually insulted its master in such a manner. Regardless of how powerful he might be, it was only a strand of his aura that was left to activate the formation. As such, how could he be this arrogant?

Thinking of that, Sima Ying grew angry. She pointed to that man and shouted, “Watch your words! We have not come here to beg from you!”

“Where did this damned girl came from? You actually dare to speak to me in such a manner?” Sure enough, although this person was merely a strand of aura, he was not something to be trifled with. His gaze suddenly turned cold and the temperature in the room dropped in a flash. In an instant, the season turned from spring to winter.

Most importantly, a boundless and ferocious killing intent was sweeping toward Sima Ying with a frightening speed.

“Senior, please calm down,” Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Miao Renlong immediately pulled Sima Ying behind him. Furthermore, with a single thought, he created a golden-bright and dazzling defensive barrier in front of him and stopped the incoming killing intent.

“A mere peak Half Martial Emperor dares to act this arrogant before me? Not to mention my master, even if it was the me from back then, I would also be able to completely suppress you with a single hand,” Seeing that his killing intent had been blocked, the man displayed an extremely displeased expression.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng and the others discovered that although this man possessed an extremely frightening aura, his actual strength was not that powerful. At the very most, he would only be on par with Miao Renlong.

However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng did not dare to underestimate him. After all, he was merely a strand of aura that was left behind to activate that formation.

Every time the formation was activated, his strength would weaken. According to Old Village Chief Ma, this formation had previously been activated several times. In other words, this strand of aura had been weakened several times now.

Otherwise, it might really be as he had said; he would be capable of suppressing Miao Renlong with a single hand. The strength that he possessed from back then was most definitely as frightening as his current imposing aura.

However, compared to this strand of aura, Chu Feng was more interested in its master. How powerful would his master have been back then?

Furthermore, what sort of strength did that so-called Emperor Gong possess? What sort of strength did Qing Xuantian possess? Exactly how powerful were those overlords who had ruled an era?

“Senior, this junior most definitely did not intend to offend you. Merely, not only did Han Helai steal the Sealing Ancient Village’s treasure, he is also a murderer, an unforgivable criminal.”

“He has simply killed too many people to be counted. Furthermore, many of those who he killed were people that trusted him, people who treated him as a friend.”

“This girl here is called Sima Ying. Her parents, her grandfather, her closest relatives, were all killed by that Han Helai.”

“Right now, that Han Helai is still out and uncaught. As for you, you are the only person capable of discovering the whereabouts of that Han Helai.”

“Ying’er has unintentionally offended you because she was anxious to avenge her relatives. I hope that you will not take her offense to heart,” Miao Renlong lowered his tone and spoke in a tone of speaking to a senior.

“That Miao Renlong is smart. He knows that you cannot use force with this sort of person. After all, he has came here to request help from that man,” Eggy praised Miao Renlong’s action.

“Senior Miao is indeed extraordinary. He knows when to bow and submit and when to stand tall. He is not someone who is unable to lower himself because of the status that he possesses. His mentality is deserving of emulation,” Chu Feng also praised Miao Renlong’s action.

“Senior, this matter is truly extremely important. That is why this junior ended up disturbing you. I hope that senior will be willing to help junior. Else, our Sealing Ancient Village might end up in ruins from this point on.”

“Senior, this junior begs of you,” Right at this moment, Old Village Chief Ma knelt onto the ground with a ‘putt,’ and started to kowtow to beg with sincerity.

Compared to Miao Renlong and Sima Ying, he was even more hopeful of receiving help from the formation. After all, this matter concerned the future of their Sealing Ancient Village.

“Haha…” At this moment, that strand of aura suddenly started laughing. His laughter was one of disdain and there was even mockery contained within it.


This sort of laughter caused Chu Feng and the others to frown. They were dumbfounded. They all felt that it seemed to be impossible for them to have this strand of aura help them out.

“To be honest, I truly pity you all. However, I wish to ask you all a question,” Suddenly, that man said those words.

“Senior, please ask away,” Old Village Chief Ma, Miao Renlong and Chu Feng said in unison. They all hoped for this strand of aura to be able to help them, even if the hope that they had was extremely uncertain.

“If there are four strangers who appeared before you, explained their miserable experience to you and then asked for your help, would you all help those people?” That man asked.

“If what they say is the truth and it is something that I can help with, then I would definitely help,” Miao Renlong said.

“I am the same,” Old Village Chief Ma nodded in agreement.

“Something that you can help with? Hah… what if the help that they requested would take away your lives?” That man asked with laughter.

“What? Our lives?...” Hearing those words, both Miao Renlong and Old Village Chief Ma were stunned. Although they did not display their surprise too clearly, Chu Feng was able to tell that this question had baffled them.

It was difficult for anyone to be alive. Very few people would give up their lives, even for their loved ones. As for giving up their lives for strangers, that was simply impossible.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Senior, could it be that you cannot activate the formation again? That if you are to use it again, you’ll… die?”

“Could that be the reason why you refuse to help us?”

“This…” Hearing those words, the eyes of Miao Renlong, Old Village Chief Ma and Sima Ying all shone as they came to a sudden realization.

Originally, they had all thought that this man had asked that question to deliberately make things difficult for them. However, after Chu Feng asked those questions, they all came to a sudden realization.

For formations, some could exist for eternity, whereas others could only be used several times. This formation was activated by a strand of aura. Upon each activation, the aura would become weaker. There would inevitably be a day when the aura was completely used up. At that time, the formation would also disappear.

The way things seemed now, this formation was most definitely the sort that could only be used several times. Otherwise, it would not be giving all sorts of excuses to refuse to help them. After all, this matter related to its life.

“Haha, the two old men who have lived for so long are actually not as bright as a little brat.”

“Boy, what you said is correct. Back then, my master had me stay here to help the people of the Sealing Ancient Village. However, the power that he gave me was limited.”

“Many years ago, for the sake of helping this bunch of trash from the Sealing Ancient Village, I exhausted a lot of my power.”

“Right now, only a small amount of the power that my master had given me remains. If I am to activate the formation again, I will die. At that time, I will no longer be in this world.”

“Although I am only a strand of aura, although I have stayed here for over ten thousand years, although it was extremely lonely and depressing, although my life is a living hell…”

“...But, upon thinking that I am truly going to die, I truly am reluctant to do so. Might as well tell you this. I have heard of a famous remark: better a bad life than a good death. Right now, I can be said to have completely understood the meaning behind that remark.”

“Even though my life is very bitter, even though living is very miserable, it is better to be alive than to die.”

“To die a good death is truly inferior to living a bad life,” That man said with bitter laughter.