Chapter 1421 - The Successor of Emperor Gong

MGA: Chapter 1421 - The Successor of Emperor Gong

Being enveloped by the ancient aura, a green gaseous substance began to appear from the center of the stone platform formation.

At the beginning, this gaseous substance appeared like mist. However, it soon created a fuzzy outline. In the end, it took the shape of a person.

The person was created by gaseous flames. Thus, that person’s appearance was indistinct and not real. Furthermore, that person was still being condensed. Although the speed was a bit slow, Chu Feng and the others were able to tell that it was a man.

Although this man was not real and was only an image, he still caused all of them to tremble with fear. This man was too powerful. It turned out that the aura from the Ancient Era was actually being emitted by that man.

When she saw the image of that man, Sima Ying was deeply frightened. She immediately turned her gaze to Miao Renlong and asked him, “Grandpa Miao, who is that man? Could he be an expert from the Ancient Era?”

“Impossible. The Ancient Era was many tens of thousands of years ago. It’s impossible for people from there to be able to continue living till today. As for this man, he is only a remaining strand of aura. It is not the actual person.”

“However, even though this is the case, his aura is still very extraordinary. I am able to feel the might of a Martial Emperor from him,” Miao Renlong explained.

“What? This formation was actually created by a Martial Emperor-level expert? Could it be that the ancestor of the Sealing Ancient Village was a Martial Emperor?” Sima Ying turned her gaze to Old Village Chief Ma.

“As far as I know, although the founder of the Sealing Ancient Village was very powerful, he was not a Martial Emperor,” Miao Renlong also looked to Old Village Chief Ma.

He was able to tell that this formation was very powerful. The fact that it was able to contain such a powerful aura was sufficient to display how powerful it was. This formation was likely not something that the people from the Sealing Ancient Village had created themselves. Thus, he also wanted to know exactly who it was that had created this formation.

“What Lord Miao says is correct. Our Sealing Ancient Village’s founder was not a Martial Emperor. As for this formation, it is also not something that our ancestor created.”

“This formation is something that our ancestor received from a grand person. Back then, our ancestor managed to meet that grand person by chance. That person took a liking to our ancestor and decided to set up this formation to give to our ancestor as a gift, a present for his establishment of our Sealing Ancient Village,” Old Village Chief Ma said.

“Grand person? May I know who that grand person might be?” Miao Renlong asked. That was because this aura was truly too powerful. Not only was it the aura of a Martial Emperor, it was the aura of a very powerful Martial Emperor. He wanted to know exactly who this powerful person was.

“I believe Lord Miao has most definitely heard of Emperor Gong, Gong Wuming,” Old Village Chief Ma said with a smile on his face.

“What? Emperor Gong, Gong Wuming?” Hearing those words, both Miao Renlong and Sima Ying were stunned. Expressions of astonishment filled their faces.

“Who might this Emperor Gong be?” Chu Feng, who was ignorant as to who Emperor Gong was, asked curiously.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you actually don’t know about Emperor Gong?” Hearing those words, Miao Renlong was shocked.

“This junior is slow-witted and does not know about Emperor Gong,” Chu Feng said in an embarrassed manner.

“There’s no harm to it. The era of Emperor Gong is from the long past. It is also reasonable for you to not have heard of him,” Miao Renlong laughed lightly.

Then, he said, “Although there were not many Martial Emperors who appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism after the Ancient Era, there will always be Martial Emperors in every successive era.”

“After the Ancient Era, there were five extremely powerful Martial Emperors that appeared in our Holy Land of Martialism.”

“These five Martial Emperors are, respectively, Emperor Chi, Chi Huangnian the Beast Emperor, the Black Dragon King, Emperor Huang, Huangfu Shou Emperor Gong, Gong Wumin, and Emperor Qing, Qiang Xuantian.”

“These five Martial Emperors could be said to have ruled their respective eras. At their era, they were unparalleled existences. They were capable of commanding the entire world, with no one who dared to go against their wishes.”

“Thus, the five of them were known as the Five Emperors, the true experts who ruled an era.”

“The most recent among them was Emperor Qing, Qing Xuantian who saved the Holy Land of Martialism ten thousand years ago.”

“Emperor Qing possessed invincible and remarkable abilities. According to legend, he was also accompanied by four mythological beasts. Furthermore, each and every one of the four mythological beasts possessed power capable of destroying the world. They were truly frightening.”

“Ten thousand years ago, Emperor Qing was truly the overlord of the Holy Land of Martialism. Even the mysterious power from the Ancient Era, the Ancient Era’s Elves, feared him.”

“However, before the time of Emperor Qing, it was the era of another overlord. As for that overlord, he was Emperor Gong, Gong Wuming.”

“Compared to the others, Emperor Gong was the most mysterious. Everything regarding him was a mystery. However, his strength was an absolute truth, something that no one could look down upon.”

“So that’s the case. This junior thanks senior for the explanation,” After hearing Miao Renlong’s explanation, Chu Feng turned to the figure that was being condensed by the formation once again.

Although Chu Feng was unfamiliar with this so-called Emperor Gong and it was his first time hearing of this Emperor Gong, Chu Feng felt a deep veneration for him just upon thinking that he was an expert equally as famous as Qing Xuantian.

After all, that meant that he was an existence who had stood at the peak of the Holy Land of Martialism at one point. He was an existence that not only the Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Powers would have feared, even the Ancient Era’s Elves would have feared him.

“Although the Sealing Ancient Village is very old, but as far as I know, your Sealing Ancient Village’s founder shouldn’t have been born in Emperor Gong’s era, and should instead have been born in Emperor Qing’s era, no?”

“If you are to say that this formation was created by Emperor Qing, it would be reasonable. However, how could it have been created by Emperor Gong?” Miao Renlong asked in a very puzzled manner.

“What Lord Miao says is correct. Our village’s ancestor was indeed alive in the era of Emperor Qing. At that time, Emperor Gong had been long dead.”

“However, that grand person our ancestor met had declared himself to be Emperor Gong’s successor.”

“Furthermore, according to the records written by our ancestor himself, this grand person did indeed possess a very powerful might.”

“Furthermore, in his records, our ancestor even intentionally left these words: The grand person’s ability is incomparable. It is likely that in the Holy Land of Martialism, this grand person is the strongest person beside Lord Emperor Qing,” Old Village Chief Ma said.

“What? Emperor Gong’s successor? Emperor Gong actually had a successor? Why have I never heard of such a person in the records of history?” Hearing what Old Village Chief Ma said, Miao Renlong started to ponder.

Although the Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestor was only a nobody when compared to Emperor Qing, he had been, after all, alive in the same era as Emperor Qing. Thus, he should have seen Emperor Qing’s true strength.

Furthermore, there had also been a lot of powerful individuals and outstandings geniuses in that era. Merely, they were all overshadowed by Emperor Qing’s absolute strength.

The fact that the Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestor was able to evaluate that so-called Emperor Gong’s successor as being second only to Emperor Qing, it meant that that person had truly been extraordinary.

However, such a person had actually slipped through the history of the Holy Land of Martialism. In fact, it could be said that ever since Emperor Gong had died, nothing regarding him having successors had ever been listed in the records of history.

“That grand person once told our ancestor not to inform anyone of his identity. Thus, this matter is something that only very few people in our Sealing Ancient Village know. As for outsiders, practically no one knows about it.”

“As matters stand, no one can be certain about the true identity of that grand character. However, we were able to ascertain one thing. That is, that that grand person possessed heavenly abilities. Else, it would have been impossible for him to have created such a powerful formation,” Old Village Chief Ma’s smiling gaze was cast toward that formation.

“This…” In response, Chu Feng, Miao Renlong and Sima Ying also turned their gazes to that formation.

At this moment, the eyes of the three of them shone with brightness. In fact, they were even trembling with fear. That was because a figure had been formed on top of that formation.

It was a youngster. He had delicate features and an imposing appearance. Even though he was only an image formed of aura, the aura that he was emitting was exceptionally powerful. His aura was the most frightening aura that Chu Feng had ever felt.

Most importantly, at this moment, that figure was casting its gaze toward Chu Feng and the others. The oppressiveness that he displayed was simply sufficient to suffocate them. Even someone like Miao Renlong started to turn pale.

That was because this person was too powerful. It was as if he would be able to eliminate Chu Feng and the others with a single thought.

“This sort of feeling, there’s actually a trace of familiarity.”

However, when compared to Miao Renlong and Sima Ying, who were only purely afraid of that person, Chu Feng was more astonished than scared. That was because he felt a trace of familiarity from this unfamiliar man’s image.