Chapter 1398 - That Brat Is Not Simple

MGA: Chapter 1398 - That Brat Is Not Simple

After seeing that Chu Feng and Chen Mu were about to begin their match, Sun Hao turned to Huang Feng and asked, “Huang Feng, what do you think? Of the two of them, who do you think is more likely to win?”

“If it’s comparing their battle power, then it will most definitely be Chu Feng that’s going to win. That is simply undoubtable.”

“However, when competing in world spirit techniques, it’s truly hard to tell. After all, the Chen Family’s ancestor is Elder Chen Sanyuan, Lord Chen of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly.”

“Chen Mu has been taught by their Chen Family’s ancestor. Thus, his world spirit techniques are extremely brilliant,” Huang Feng said.

“In that case, what do you personally think?” Sun Hao continued to ask. He seemed to be very impatient to know the conclusion of this match.

“Actually, I have compared world spirit techniques with Chen Mu before. I was utterly defeated.”

“However, to tell the truth, although Chen Mu is powerful, the defeat I received from him was nowhere as intense as the one I received from Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques are extremely different. They could be described as being unfathomable. If you want my personal opinion, then I think Chu Feng will be a cut above Chen Mu,” Huang Feng said.

“If that’s the case, then even if we were defeated by Chu Feng, it would not be a disgrace,” After hearing what Huang Feng said, Sun Hao sighed in relief.

“That’s true. He is truly powerful,” Huang Feng said.

“Quickly, look, it has begun,” Right at this time, Huang Jiang spoke.

At this time, everyone present stopped their idle chatter and turned all of their focus onto either Chu Feng or Chen Mu.

Chu Feng and Chen Mu had begun to set up their spirit formations. There was no need to speak about Chen Mu. As the person ranked sixth existence on the World Spiritist Succession List, Chen Mu’s world spirit techniques were extremely valiant.

As for the defensive formation that he was setting up, it was no small matter either. He was setting up a very powerful formation. Not only was it an impregnable barrier, if one were to approach it, it would even unleash countless mechanisms to attack upon being triggered.

However, although this spirit formation was very powerful, it was extremely time-consuming to set up. Even for Chen Mu, it would require at least an hour to set this defensive formation up perfectly. This was also the reason why he had decided to set the one hour time limit.

“This spirit formation, isn’t it the defensive formation created by the Chen Family’s ancestor, Lord Sanyuan, the Adamantine Barrier Formation?”

“Is it really the Adamantine Barrier Formation? Legend has it that Lord Sanyuan was training outside and actually manage to comprehend the opportunity for a breakthrough in his enemy’s territory. With no other option, he could only enter closed-door training in his enemy’s territory.”

“For the sake of preventing mishaps from happening, he set up the Adamantine Barrier Formation at the place where he was undergoing closed-doors training.”

“Later on, his enemies really came knocking on his door. Furthermore, they gathered nearly a hundred Half Martial Emperor-level experts to break apart the Adamantine Barrier Formation so that they could force Lord Sanyuan to fail in his crucial breakthrough, catch on fire and become possessed by devils.”

“However, they had all underestimated the Adamantine Barrier Formation. Even with the combined forces of those close to one hundred Half Martial Emperor-level experts, even after they used all sorts of methods to break apart the barrier, they were unable to do anything to the Adamantine Barrier Formation, even after attacking it for ten entire days and nights.”

“In the end, Lord Sanyuan managed to successfully break through. After he walked out of the Adamantine Barrier Formation, he obliterated all of those Half Martial Emperors and created a legend.”

“That’s right. Although Lord Sanyuan from back then had yet to enter the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, he already possessed the cultivation of Half Martial Emperor and was also a royal-cloak world spiritist. That was why he was able to create such a powerful defensive formation.”

“As for this Chen Mu, although he is Lord Sanyuan’s descendant and has been taught by Lord Sanyuan since he was a child, it remains that he is only a gold-cloak world spiritist. Will he truly be able to set up the Adamantine Barrier Formation?”

Many people present recognized the spirit formation that Chen Mu was setting up and were shocked by it. That was because this Adamantine Barrier Formation truly possessed quite a grand origin. Furthermore, it should be a spirit formation that only royal-cloak world spiritists were capable of setting up.

If Chen Mu was able to set up the Adamantine Barrier Formation with only the strength of a gold-cloak world spiritist, it would truly be a grand and shocking event that would greatly increase Chen Mu’s fame.

“What is that Chu Feng doing? Why did he seal himself up in his spirit formation?”

At this moment, some people were shocked to discover that Chu Feng had surrounded himself with his world spirit technique. Furthermore, the density of the spirit formation that covered him was growing thicker and thicker. In the end, it sealed him completely within it. The others were no longer able to see his figure anymore.

“Haha, that guy is truly amazing. It’s like he’s trying to use world spirit techniques to form a turtle shell to hide himself in. Even if he is afraid of senior brother Chen Mu, there shouldn’t be a need for this, no?”

The crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance were all confused by Chu Feng’s actions. Then, upon closer inspection of Chu Feng’s spirit formation, and upon discovering that it was only an ordinary concealing formation, they felt that Chu Feng’s ability was limited, and that he had given up on competing with Chen Mu.

Thus, many of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance began to mock and ridicule Chu Feng.

Even though Chu Feng’s battle power had astonished them and even made them fear him, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had allowed them to recover their lost dignity.

“Big brother, what is that Chu Feng doing?”

Sun Lei turned to Sun Hao and asked in a very confused manner. He knew that Chu Feng was someone with true strength, and that he was very proficient in world spirit techniques in addition to his martial cultivation.

Yet, at this moment, Sun Lei was unable to understand exactly what Chu Feng was doing. Therefore, he could only ask his older brother for guidance.

“Chu Feng will definitely not concede easily. Since he dared to accept the challenge, it means that he possesses certainty in defeating Chen Mu. Let alone, he really does possess the strength to fight against Chen Mu.”

“In my opinion, Chu Feng is trying to conceal his strength, and deliberately sealed himself in with that concealing formation. As for exactly what sort of formation he is setting up, I presume that it will be revealed in an hour’s time,” Sun Hao explained.

“But… he has sealed himself in such a small formation with limited space. Even if he is extremely powerful, what sort of formation would he possibly be able to set up?”

As Sun Lei asked that question, he took a glance at the spirit formation that Chen Mu was setting up. He discovered that not only was the formation that Chen Mu was setting up very complicated, it was also over ten times larger than Chu Feng’s.

Logically, the larger the formation, the more complicated the internal workings of the formation would be, and thus the more powerful the formation would be. Especially for the defensive formations, this held true even more.

Judging them from this, no matter how one looked at it, the spirit formation that Chu Feng was setting up did not appear to be capable of obtaining any superiority against Chen Mu’s formation. Instead, it seemed to be completely inferior.

Right at this time, Huang Feng spoke. “You cannot use conventional reasoning for everything. Especially this Chu Feng, his understanding of world spirit techniques is rather unique. At the very least, I still feel that Chu Feng will win against Chen Mu.”

After hearing what Huang Feng said, Sun Lei decided to remain silent. Compared to his older brother, Huang Feng’s world spirit techniques were even more profound, and he also possessed a greater understanding of world spirit techniques. Thus, he had a bit more faith in Huang Feng’s words.

Time slowly passed. Chen Mu’s defensive formation grew more and more complete, more and more spectacular. It began to look like a real impregnable fort as it emitted extraordinary golden light all over. From a single glance at it, one’s heart would be shocked.

Yet, the formation that Chu Feng was setting up remained the same as before.

Even though many intelligent people had managed to guess that Chu Feng was deliberately hiding his methods so that he could shock all of them, they still did not think that Chu Feng would be able to win.

It was as Sun Lei had said, with how small Chu Feng had made the extent of his formation, his space would be limited. In such a limited space, the defensive formation that he would be able to set up was destined to be weak.

“That brat from the Cyanwood Mountain seems to not be simple,” However, at the moment when the majority of the crowd was thinking lowly of Chu Feng, an aged voice sounded from a distance several miles away from the crowd.