Chapter 1397 - More Trash Than Trash

MGA: Chapter 1397 - More Trash Than Trash

“Who else?” Chu Feng patted his palm while smiling. After that, he turned his narrowed gaze toward the World Spiritist Alliance’s army that had come to suppress him.

“This…” After seeing Chu Feng’s gaze, the expressions of all those people changed greatly. Right away, they either shifted their gazes away from Chu Feng’s gaze or lowered their heads in silence.

Simply no one dared to look Chu Feng inin the face. Even Wang Chao and Liu Yang, who had led the army together with Zhang He, did not dare to look Chu Feng in the face.

When even Zhang He, the person holding the seventh rank on the World Spiritist Succession List, was defeated by Chu Feng with a single strike, how could they, who were ranked eighth and ninth on the World Spiritist Succession List, be a match for Chu Feng?

At this time, they were regretting, deeply regretting that they had decided to come here, that they had decided to suppress Chu Feng with force. If they had knownon that Chu Feng was such a powerful character, then even if they were given a hundred guts, they would not dare to come and provoke him.

After all, at this time, the situation for them was truly humiliating.

“Hahaha…” At this time, Chu Feng laughed. His laughter was one filled with disdain. He laughed for a very long time before turning to Wang Chao and the others. He said, “Do you now know why I called you all people who are inferior to even trash?”

Silence. As before, the crowd remained silent. At this moment, the crowd filled with numerous members of the younger generation from the World Spiritist Alliance was unable to do anything other than keep their silence.

Trash, this was what they had declared Chu Feng to be. Yet, at this time, not a single one of them was a match for Chu Feng. In fact, not a single one of them even dared to fight against Chu Feng.

They had gathered over a thousand people to come here. After they had arrived, they had shouted the catchphrase of the Cyanwood Mountain’s trash repeatedly. Yet, at this time, none of them dared to fight against Chu Feng. In this case, were they not people inferior to even trash? If they were not that, what else could they be?

“What a great ‘people inferior to even trash.’ In that case, if I am to defeat you, wouldn’t that mean that you would not even be qualified to be a human, and would be inferior to even pigs and dogs?”

Right at the moment when the crowd was dead silent, a voice suddenly sounded from them. Following that, a figure slowly walked out from the crowd.

This was a very handsome man. He had long flowing hair and gave off an air of elegance. He was most definitely a standard elegant and pretty boy. Furthermore, he definitely had no makeup or other aftereffects, it was all his natural beauty.

Although his age was close to forty, he was still the sort of man who could bewitch many women with only his outer appearance.

“It’s senior brother Chen Mu. This is great! Senior brother Chen Mu has come!”

After seeing this man, some of the women were unable to contain themselves and started screaming. Even the men in the crowd started to shout his name in cheer.

Their dispiritedness and listlessness had all turned into an incomparable amount of joy and excitement. Regardless of who this man was, he had brought the younger generation of the World Spiritist Alliance confidence upon his arrival. It was as if their savior had come.

Right at this time, Sima Ying informed Chu Feng via voice transmission, “Chu Feng, he is called Chen Mu. He’s ranked sixth on our World Spiritist Succession List.”

“However, his cultivation before he entered the Royal Metamorphosis Formation was the same as my current cultivation, rank seven Martial King. He only managed to break through to rank eight Martial King after coming out of the Royal Metamorphosis Formation.”

“In terms of his battle power, he is on par with Zhang He, Wang Chao and Liu Yang. You are most definitely capable of defeating him with a single strike.”

“However, if you were to compare world spirit techniques, it would be very different. His mastery in world spirit techniques is very high. If my world spirit techniques can be said to be greatly inferior to those of Zhang He, Wang Chao and Liu Yang, then even if the three of them were added together, their world spirit techniques would still be inferior to this Chen Mu’s.”

“This, if he wants to compete with you in battle power, then you will be able to defeat him easily. However, if he wants you to compete with him in world spirit techniques, you must not accept the challenge.”

“Yoh, Lil Sis Ying’er, it seems you are not confident in my world spirit techniques,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“I am not joking around with you. This Chen Mu’s ancestor is an elder in the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. Since his youth, he has been nurtured by his ancestor. As such, his world spirit techniques are extremely brilliant. He is most definitely an opponent that you have never encountered before,” Sima Ying said nervously.

“Don’t worry, I have my own ideas of what to do,” Chu Feng replied with an easy-going smile.

Right at this time, that Chen Mu spoke. “Trash, didn’t you consider yourself to be extraordinary, to be superior to others? In that case, do you dare to accept my challenge?”

“Why would I not?” Chu Feng replied with a smile on his face.

“Very well. In that case, let’s compete in world spirit techniques. I shall see if you can defeat me in that,” Sure enough, it was as Sima Ying guessed. This Chen Mu did not choose to compete with Chu Feng through battle power. Instead, he chose to compete with him via world spirit techniques.

Furthermore, he challenged Chu Feng first and declared what they would be competing in afterwards. This was truly despicable and shameless behavior.

“What? Compete in world spirit techniques? As expected of senior Chen Mu, he is truly brilliant.”

“That Chu Feng is a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. He possesses extraordinary battle power. There are truly very few disciples within our World Spiritist Alliance capable of contending with him.”

“However, if they were to compete in world spirit techniques, it would be a completely different story. After all, world spirit techniques are what our World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples are most proficient in.”

“That’s to be expected. In terms of world spirit techniques, if our World Spiritist Alliance were to declare ourselves to be second-best, then no one in the entire Holy Land of Martialism would dare to say that they were the best.”

“That’s right. Senior brother Chen Mu is truly brilliant. He decided to not meet that Chu Feng head-on with force and instead decided to have that Chu Feng compete with him in world spirit techniques. This time around, I shall see how that Chu Feng will be defeated.”

“Humph, I only fear that he will not dare to accept the challenge. Else, he will definitely be defeated,” Once Chen Mu said those words, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance began to praise him nonstop. They all felt that Chu Feng was talented in both courage and wisdom, and that he had managed to latch onto Chu Feng’s weak spot right away.

“Truly shameless. You’re using what you’re proficient in to compete with what Chu Feng’s not proficient in. Chen Mu, how much more shameless can you be?” Sima Ying said mockingly.

“Shameless? Ha… since when did fostering one’s strengths and avoiding one’s weaknesses became an act of shamelessness?”

“That said, junior sister Sima, as someone from the World Spiritist Alliance, is it truly proper for you to speak for an outsider like this?” Chen Mu was not someone who liked Sima Ying. On top of that, his Chen Family’s ancestor possessed an otherworldly status. Thus, he was not someone who would restrain himself when speaking against Sima Ying, as he did not fear her in the slightest.

“You…” Being spoken to by Chen Mu in such a manner, Sima Ying was deeply enraged. However, she did not know how to refute him.

Even though she had been someone who disregarded the consequences of her actions all the time, her weak spot had been struck by Chen Mu this time around. As she had grown up in the World Spiritist Alliance, regardless of what sort of reason she might have, she was in the wrong to help Chu Feng instead of the World Spiritist Alliance.

“As a grown man, why are you lowering yourself to argue with a little girl? Isn’t it just that you wish to foster your strengths and avoid your weaknesses by using what you are proficient in to compete with me in what I am not proficient in?”

“I shall agree to your demand. How do you wish to compete? Go ahead and speak,” Right at this time, Chu Feng actually agreed to the challenge and asked for how they were going to compete.

“What is the strongest among world spirit techniques? That is most naturally one’s defensive formations. The two of us will start at the same time. With a time limit of one hour, we will set up defensive formations. We shall then see whose defensive formation is stronger. What do you think about that?” Chen Mu said.

“Very well, we shall do as you suggest,” Chu Feng accepted Chen Mu’s conditions, and even did so in a very frank and straightforward manner.

“Heavens! He actually really accepted the challenge. He even calmly accepted the challenge of world spirit techniques. This Chu Feng is actually this daring. Is he truly that confident in himself, or is he only acting recklessly?”

“Is there even a need to question that? He is most definitely acting recklessly out of arrogance and conceit. I have heard lots of things about the Cyanwood Mountain. Although they do possess quite a few geniuses with strong battle power, they practically do not have any geniuses who are proficient in world spirit techniques.”

“I’ve heard that even the two strongest geniuses of the Cyanwood Mountain, Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun, only possessed average world spirit techniques. Not a single person among them would be able to match the people on our World Spiritist Succession List.”

“As for this Chu Feng, I have never once heard of him. He could even be said to be a nameless individual. As such, how could he possibly be proficient in world spirit techniques?”

“There is absolutely no way that this Chu Feng would be even more powerful that Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun.”

“In that case, this Chu Feng is truly arrogant and conceited. Haha, this is great. I truly want to see this trash being utterly defeated.”

Seeing Chu Feng calmly accepting the challenge, not only Sima Ying, everyone in the World Spiritist Alliance was shocked. None of them expected Chu Feng to be this confident.

Yet, at the same time, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance was secretly delighted. After all, they all wished to see Chu Feng’s disgrace. After all, none of them wished for the honor of their World Spiritist Alliance to be trampled upon by a disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain. All of them wished for there to be someone capable of defeating Chu Feng. Even if the method of defeating him would be world spirit techniques, they were fine with it.

And now, Chen Mu had become the person that they had placed all of their hopes in. Furthermore, they all felt that Chen Mu would be able to defeat Chu Feng using world spirit techniques.