Chapter 1396 - The Trash Acted

MGA: Chapter 1396 - The Trash Acted

Sima Ying’s words contained extraordinary might. Right after she said those words, no one dared to speak anymore. There were even many people who cowered and took several steps back.

In an instant, this sea of people who were so noisy before, who were thunderously shouting before, all grew quiet.

They did not act like this because they feared Sima Ying. No, it was because they were afraid of the Dragon Garden’s master, Miao Renlong.

“Junior sister Sima, we have not come here to offend Elder Miao, nor have we come here to trouble you.”

“We have come here for that trash from the Cyanwood Mountain,” Wang Chao spoke with a smile on his face and a very courteous tone.

“Trash? Who are you calling a trash?” However, Sima Ying responded with coldness and arrogance. She could even be said to be ruthless toward him.

At this time, Chu Feng finally realized why Sima Ying’s temperament had been so displeasing the first time he had met her.

It turned out that her personality was the same in the World Spiritist Alliance. When Sima Ying was so arrogant even when facing these geniuses of the World Spiritist Alliance, it was no wonder that she would be so arrogant when facing Chu Feng and the others that had been with him for the first time.

“This…” After hearing what Sima Ying said, Wang Chao actually did not dare to say anything back and lowered his head in silence. It was not that he did not know what to say. Instead, it was that he did not dare to contradict Sima Ying.

“Trash from the Cyanwood Mountain, do you only know how to stand behind a woman? Do you have the courage to fight against me, Zhang He?”

Right at this moment, that Zhang He pointed to Chu Feng beside Sima Ying and coldly shouted, “Everyone says that the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain possess exceptional battle power. But today, I have finally come to know that they are actually only of this quality. To call you trash is an insult to trash itself.” Due to the fact that he did not dare to contradict Sima Ying, he decided to turn his spearhead directly at Chu Feng.

“All of you, you’ve truly grown tired of living…” Hearing Zhang He and the others calling Chu Feng trash, the anger in Sima Ying’s face became more and more pronounced. She began to release her martial power and actually planned to attack Zhang He and the others.

“Lil Sis Ying’er, allow me to take care of something like this,” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng stopped Sima Ying.

Seeing that, Sima Ying was startled. However, in the end, she nodded. Having known Chu Feng for so long, she was quite familiar with Chu Feng’s personality.

She knew very well that Chu Feng would be much more experienced in taking care of people like Zhang He and the others. Thus, she decided to allow Chu Feng to handle them.

“People who possess spirit power generally have a sense of superiority. After they become world spiritists, their feeling of superiority will only increase. However, feeling superior is not the same as being conceited. At the very least, I think that being able to become world spiritists, being able to take part in such a grand profession, one should at the very least possess some inner quality.”

“Thus, I had thought the entire time that the World Spiritist Alliance was a place where people with very high inner quality gathered. Not only should the people here possess excellent world spirit techniques, their inner quality should also be very good.”

“However, I am saddeneded to discover today that I was mistaken.”

“Although I do not understand why you all would have such enormous hostility toward me, it seems that you all do not know me very well. Since you do not even know what sort of person I am, but insist on calling me trash over and over again, it is a sign of a lack of manners, a sign of having no inner quality.”

“I must say, I am very disappointed in all of you. Sigh, I am thoroughly disappointed,” Chu Feng walked in front of Sima Ying and began to speak as he shook his head and sighed nonstop. He displayed an expression of utter disappointment.

“Disappointed? Is there even a need for us to care about your disappointment? Who do you think you are? Do you truly think that you’re so amazing just because you’re from the Cyanwood Mountain?”

“Let me tell you, the reason why I’m calling you trash is because, in our eyes, you are nothing more than trash,” Zhang He pointed at Chu Feng and berated him.

Chu Feng was not angered by Zhang He’s insult. Instead, with a smile on his face, he asked, “Oh, so that’s the case. So I’m actually trash in your eyes? Although I do not know what sort of criterion you use to determine what is trash, I wish to ask, what do you consider people that are even more trash than trash to be?”

“People who are even more trash than trash?” Zhang He and the others did not expect Chu Feng to ask such a question. Caught by surprise, they did not know how to answer him.

After all, trash was trash. They were worthless and useless existences. In that case, something more trash than trash should not exist.

“Actually, I also do not know what is more trash than trash. However, I can tell you all this. If I am trash in your eyes, then you all are people more trash than trash in my eyes. Do you all wish to know why I say that?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Bastard! After all this time, so you were insulting us! I see that you’ve grown tired of living,” At this moment, Zhang He suddenly realized that Chu Feng was insulting them. In anger, he snarled. After that, his body moved, and he released his martial power. In merely an instant, he arrived before Chu Feng and struck a fist strike toward Chu Feng’s face.

This fist strike was no small matter. It contained so much power that it caused numerous ripples to form in the air as it streaked through it. Not only was it powerful, its speed was also extremely fast.

However, at the moment when Zhang He thought that his fist strike was sufficient to cause Chu Feng great suffering, sufficient to make Sima Ying realize how useless Chu Feng was...

Chu Feng stood there without moving. However, his eyes flickered, and then the Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared on him. In an instant, Chu Feng’s cultivation went from rank six Martial King to rank eight Martial King. After that, he slightly moved his left shoulder and then explosively shot out a palml

Chu Feng’s palm strike was several times faster and stronger than Zhang He’s fist strike. Ruthlessly, his palm strike landed on Zhang He’s chest.


Once the palm strike struck his chest, Zhang He instantly uttered a miserable scream of pain. Like a meteor, he was shot into the crowd.

Seeing Zhang He being shot toward them, many people unleashed their spirit power to try to stop Zhang He’s fall so that he would not be further injured.

To their surprise, Chu Feng’s palm strike was too powerful, and their spirit power was simply unable to stop the force of the palm strike at all. Like an unstoppable weapon, Zhang He shot through the crowd and left behind a trail of blood.



By the time Zhang He stopped, the path that he had made through the crowd was a complete mess and covered in blood. Many people had been seriously injured and were screaming in pain nonstop. They had all been badly battered by Chu Feng’s palm strike.

“Heavens, this…” When they saw this scene, many people were stunned. Everything had happened too quickly for them to react.

However, as they saw the crowd lying on the floor screaming in pain, and Zhang He, whose ribs were shattered, covered in blood with a deathly pale complexion on his face, everyone realized that this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple seemed to not be someone who was easy to trifle with.

“Who exactly is that guy? He was clearly a rank six Martial King, how did his cultivation suddenly increased to rank eight Martial King?”

“That lightning armor and those wings seem to be extremely special. It doesn’t seem like he was hiding his cultivation. Instead, it seems that he used that lightning armor and those lightning wings to increase his cultivation. What sort of method is that? He was actually able to increase his cultivation by two whole levels? That is simply something that I have never seen or heard of before. Could it be that this guy is a special sort of monstrous beast that possesses a special Bloodline?!!!!”

Shock, unprecedented shock. After these elites from the World Spiritist Alliance carefully inspected the current Chu Feng, the shock in their hearts doubled.

They, who had considered Chu Feng to be trash before now had no choice but to re-examine him, this disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain. That was because the strength and methods that Chu Feng possessed was simply not something that trash could possess. Instead, he was a genius, a demon-level genius, a genius many times more powerful than Zhang He.

Else, even if Chu Feng’s cultivation were increased to that of a rank eight Martial King, it would have been impossible for him to beat Zhang He up so badly that he could not stand back up. After all, Zhang He was also a rank eight Martial King.