Chapter 1395 - Overestimating One’s Capabilities

MGA: Chapter 1395 - Overestimating One’s Capabilities

After hearing the rumors that Dai Shu had spread, many people began to take note of Chu Feng and Sima Ying’s each and every action. They discovered that Sima Ying was indeed particularly close to Chu Feng. Thus, they began to feel more convinced that what Dai Shu was saying was the truth.

After more and more people began to believe that Sima Ying liked Chu Feng, Dai Shu began to incite the experts in the World Spiritist Alliance and find those geniuses who were already secretly in love with Sima Ying or had previously pursued her publicly. He urged them to come and deal with Chu Feng together.

It could be said that the current situation was a scheme brought about by Dai Shu. Merely, he did not imagine that Liu Yang, Wang Chao and Zhang He would be this bold and audacious to command everyone to come to the Dragon Garden to suppress Chu Feng.

What sort of place was this Dragon Garden? This was the publicly-renowned forbidden area in the World Spiritist Alliance, the residence of Miao Renlong.

One of Dai Shu’s eyes was lost precisely in this Dragon Garden. Thus, Dai Shu possessed a very strong lingering fear for the Dragon Garden.

“Dai Shu, don’t be afraid. I know what you are worried about. Rest assured, I have already scouted this place beforehand. Elder Miao is not in the World Spiritist Alliance today. Thus, he will naturally not be in the Dragon Garden either.”

“Let alone, we have not come here with ill intentions toward Sima Ying. Nor have we come here to disturb Elder Miao. We are merely here to suppress Chu Feng. Furthermore, we are outside of the Dragon Garden and have not set foot into the Dragon Garden. Even if Elder Miao were to find out about it, he would not do anything to us.”

“After all, Elder Miao is not someone who will punish disciples for no reason or cause,” Seemingly able to see the fear that Dai Shu had in his eyes, Liu Yang said all of this with a smile on his face.

“So that’s the case. It is senior brother Liu Yang who is wise. Please forgive this Dai Shu’s stupidity,” After hearing what Liu Yang said, Dai Shu felt that what he said was very reasonable. Right away, the fear that he had disappeared completely and was replaced with courage. Dai Shu actually pointed to the Dragon Garden and shouted, “Trash from the Cyanwood Mountain, get your filthy self away from Sima Ying. Get the hell out of our World Spiritist Alliance!”

“Trash from the Cyanwood Mountain, get your filthy self away from Sima Ying. Get the hell out of our World Spiritist Alliance!!!” Following Dai Shu, Zhang He, Liu Yang and Wang Chao also began to shout what Dai Shu had shouted.

“Trash from the Cyanwood Mountain!”

“Get your filthy self away from Sima Ying!!!”

“Get the hell out of our World Spiritist Alliance!!!”

Following the lead of these three demon-level geniuses, the crowd that had come together to suppress Chu Feng also began to loudly shout in unison. In fact, even those bystanders began to shout together with them.

In an instant, their voices were like thunder as they resounded throughout the region. Their voices were so powerful that even the sky and the earth began to tremble.

Their shouts attracted the attention of more and more people. Even the elders of the World Spiritist Alliance came to enjoy the show.

However, even after the elders came, not a single person stopped the people shouting. As people from the World Spiritist Alliance, when their disciples disapproved of Chu Feng and Sima Ying being together, they, as elders, naturally also disapproved of Chu Feng and Sima Ying being together.

None of them wanted their World Spiritist Alliance’s girl, who was blessed by the heavens, to be snatched away by an outsider. Thus, from the bottoms of their hearts, they actually supported these disciples coming to suppress Chu Feng.

Suddenly, someone saw four familiar figures from the crowd. They were the four Huang siblings, the people who had come into conflict with Chu Feng in the Sealing Ancient Village and indirectly led to Chu Feng winning an innumerable amount of treasures.

“Quickly, look, isn’t that Huang Xiuji, and Elder Huang’s four grandchildren, Huang Feng, Huang Ping, Huang Lang and Huang Jing?”

“The four of them are also geniuses not only in name but in strength too. Although they have not managed to get on the World Spiritist Succession List, they possess undoubtedly powerful world spirit techniques. Have even the four of them come to suppress that trash from the Cyanwood Mountain?”

“Hey, something’s amiss. Why are their complexions so pale? It seems as if they have been seriously injured,” However, some of the more attentive people discovered that the complexions that the four Huang siblings had seemed to be rather strange.

The reason for their complexions being so pale was actually related to Chu Feng too. The four Huang siblings had exhausted a great amount of effort to borrow the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter from their grandfather. They had done so with the purpose of going to the Sealing Ancient Village and obtaining the Sealing Glacial Water for their grandfather, resulting in winning his favor.

However, they never would’ve expected that while they managed to defeat Zhou Long from the Sealing Ancient Village, they ended up being completely and utterly defeated by Chu Feng and even lost their grandfather’s precious treasure, the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter, to him.

Due to the fact that their parents had died from a calamity, their grandfather was extremely cherishing of them, loving them.

However, after finding out that they had lost the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter, he had been so angered that he had vomited out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Overcome by anger, he had seriously beat up the four siblings and left them all with internal injuries.

In fact, the fact that they were still able to stand even after having lost the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter meant one thing -- that their grandfather truly loved them. Else, they would already have been killed without even bones left as remains.

However, this was something that only the people who had been present that day knew about. As for these people in the World Spiritist Alliance, none of them knew about this matter.

“It’s not only the four of them. Quickly, look, isn’t that Sun Feiyang, Elder Sun’s two grandsons, Sun Hao and Sun Lei?” Right at this time, someone shouted again. It turned out that Sun Hao and Sun Lei had also come.

“Who would’ve thought that they would come too. Those two brothers have inherited Elder Sun’s extraordinary battle power. Although their world spirit techniques are not very powerful, their battle power is very strong.”

“Especially that Sun Hao, his battle power is truly frightening. Fortunately the World Spiritist Succession List only takes into consideration one’s world spirit techniques. It is only because of that that the two of them are not on the World Spiritist Succession List.”

“If the criteria were battle power, then with Sun Hao’s battle power, he would be completely adequate to be ranked among the top three on the World Spiritist Succession List. Even for Sun Lei, he would be able to be ranked among the top five.”

Sun Hao and Sun Lei were very famous for their strength, and this was not only limited to outside the World Spiritist Alliance. Even within the World Spiritist Alliance, they were equally famous. After the two of them appeared, many of the bystanders were unable to contain themselves from loudly shouting their names.

The way they saw it, if Sun Hao and Sun Lei were to join the suppression army against Chu Feng, then Chu Feng would definitely be left in a truly miserable state.

Merely, to the crowd’s surprise, neither Sun Hao nor Sun Lei joined the suppression army. Instead, they walked over to the four Huang siblings.

Not only did Sun Hao and Sun Lei not have the intention to suppress Chu Feng, even the four Huang siblings did not have the intention to do so. They had actually begun chatting with one another.

“Hey, look at that. So strange. Why are they not joining the suppression army against that Cyanwood Mountain’s trash?”

“That’s true, it’s so strange. This doesn’t seem like their style at all. With their temperaments, how could they be able to watch as that trash from the Cyanwood Mountain tries to seduce our World Spiritist Alliance’s blessed holy maiden?” When they saw this scene, many people began to express their confusion.

After all, the two Sun brothers and the four Huang siblings were famed for their tyrannical dispositions. Logically, after learning of the matter regarding Chu Feng, the six of them should have been among the first to try to suppress him. Yet, at this moment, the six of them were standing there as bystanders. This was truly too abnormal.

“Who would’ve expected that this Chu Feng’s relationship with junior sister Sima is that good. It’s no wonder that Elder Miao would protect him,” Sun Lei said.

“Sun Lei, haven’t you been fond of junior sister Sima the entire time? Right now, junior sister Sima is about to be snatched away by that Chu Feng. Can it be that you are going to just sit by and watch?” Huang Feng mocked Sun Lei.

“Humph, even if junior sister Sima isn’t snatched away by him, it would still be impossible for her to like me. There is no reason for me to try to deal with Chu Feng because of her.”

“That said, what about the four of you? You lost the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter to Chu Feng. You must have been taught a heavy lesson by your grandfather, right? Could it be that the four of you do not want revenge?” Sun Lei said.

“Sigh, after our grandfather found out that Chu Feng has Elder Miao’s protection, he has ordered us to not try to create trouble for Chu Feng. Let alone, even you brothers failed to defeat Chu Feng. If we tried, what could we possibly accomplish?”Huang Feng sighed.

“That’s true. When even we are no match for Chu Feng, exactly what can this mob here accomplish? Even people like them want to suppress Chu Feng? Humph, they are merely asking for trouble,” Sun Hao said.

After hearing what Sun Hao said, Sun Lei and the four Huang siblings nodded their heads in agreement. Although they all detested Chu Feng, they all recognized his strength as well.

Thus, the way they saw it, regardless of what rank Zhang He, Wang Chao and Liu Yang might have on the World Spiritist Succession List, they would only be overestimating their abilities if they tried to suppress Chu Feng.

“To dare to behave this atrociously in the Dragon Garden, do you all have a deathwish?” Right at this moment, a sweet-sounding yet angry voice sounded from within the Dragon Garden.

Following the voice, two figures, a man and a woman, walked out from the Dragon Garden. As for these two people, they were naturally Chu Feng and Sima Ying.