Chapter 1394 - Arrival Of The Army

MGA: Chapter 1394 - Arrival Of The Army

In the past two days, for the sake of finding items that contained Han Helai’s aura, Chu Feng and Sima Ying had appeared in multiple locations throughout the World Spiritist Alliance. This led to many people seeing the two of them together.

Although those people did not know about the purpose behind Chu Feng and Sima Ying strolling around the World Spiritist Alliance, the intimate actions that Chu Feng had with Sima Ying brought forth the jealousy of countless men, as well as peculiar gazes from many women.

They did not understand why Sima Ying, the girl blessed by the heavens, would be together with an outsider like Chu Feng.

In fact, even some of the females who were previously jealous of Sima Ying felt that Chu Feng was a toad trying to consume the flesh of a swan, unbefitting of Sima Ying.

After all, not only did Sima Ying possess the protection of Miao Renlong, she was also the youngest genius in the World Spiritist Alliance.

Many people felt that once Sima Ying reached Lin Yezhou’s age, her accomplishments would greatly surpass those of Lin Yezhou, and that she would, sooner or later, become the strongest genius in the World Spiritist Alliance; they believed that she would become their number one disciple.

Sima Ying possessed both powerful backing and extraordinary talent. On top of that, she was also outstandingly beautiful. As such, she was publicly renowned to be the girl blessed by the heavens in the World Spiritist Alliance.

However, it was precisely such a girl blessed by the heavens that ended up being so close to an outsider who possessed only the cultivation of a rank six Martial King. This led to many people thinking that Sima Ying had very bad taste in men.

That was because they did not understand why she would be with Chu Feng.

In the World Spiritist Alliance, there were countless excellent men who liked Sima Ying. The number of men who would either publicly chase after her or were secretly in love with her was simply too many to count.

In fact, even the number one genius of the World Spiritist Alliance, Lin Yezhou, was deeply concerned for Sima Ying. He would do everything to take good care of her. Yet, Sima Ying was never once tempted by him, and would always keep a certain distance from him.

From this, it could be seen how difficult it was to woo Sima Ying, how otherworldly, noble and inviolable she was.

While Sima Ying might possess a very tyrannical personality that was not very charming at times, and in fact, many people even feared her or were envious of her, she was still like a holy maiden when it came to relationships between men and women. Not a single man was able to enter her eyes. Not a single man was able to enter her heart.

Yet, at this very moment, Sima Ying and Chu Feng were so close to one another. In fact, she would display intimate actions toward Chu Feng that she had never displayed to anyone else in public. If this was not her eyesight having problems, then what would it be?

Could it be that Chu Feng really possessed a special charisma, a special charm? Or could it be that he was an expert with hidden strength? Could that be why Sima Ying was attracted to him?

No, that was impossible! Absolutely impossible!!!

At the very least, at this moment, in the entire World Spiritist Alliance, no one other than Sima Ying and Miao Renlong would believe that Chu Feng possessed hidden strength.

To the others, Chu Feng was nothing more than a toad that was trying to consume the meat of a swan.

In their eyes, Chu Feng was nothing more than trash, trash from the Cyanwood Mountain.

The only reason why Sima Ying was so intimate with him was because her eyesight was bad.

As for them, the younger generation of the World Spiritist Alliance, what they wanted to do the most right now was rescue their holy maiden. They must let Sima Ying realize how useless Chu Feng really was.

Only by doing that could they make Sima Ying keep her distance from Chu Feng.

As matters stood, the young generation of the World Spiritist Alliance had all united. They were planning to unleash an all-out suppression expedition against this outsider from the Cyanwood Mountain.

Furthermore, at this moment, they had arrived at the outside of the Dragon Garden.

The people who had come to suppress Chu Feng numbered over a thousand. All of them were males. As for their cultivations, they were all above rank five Martial King. Even some of the weakest among them were rank six Martial Kings. The majority of them were rank seven Martial King. As for the strongest among them, they were three rank eight Martial Kings.

As for the bystanders, they numbered nearly ten thousand. Furthermore, at this moment, this number was still increasing nonstop. As far as the eye could see, in both the sky and on the ground, figures of people completely packed the place. It was simply impossible to see the end. This was truly a magnificent sight.

“Quickly, look. Isn’t that Zhang He, Liu Yang and Wang Chao?”

“The three of them are the seventh, eighth and ninth rank existences on our World Spiritist Succession List!”

“The three of them actually came to suppress that Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple together?”

“That’s true, of course. After all, the three of them are all the top pursers of Sima Ying.”

“Especially after the three of them came out of the Royal Metamorphosis Formation. Their strength had greatly increased. All of them had broken through from rank seven Martial King to rank eight Martial King. As for their world spirit techniques, they have became so powerful that they’re beyond measure. Reportedly, they are not far from becoming royal-cloak world spiritists.”

“Haha, in that case, doesn’t this mean that that Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple is going to receive an enormous misfortune today?”

“After all, when compared to the three geniuses, that Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple is nothing more than trash.”

“Humph, how could trash like that be qualified for Zhang He, Liu Yang and Wang Chao to act? Any random disciple from our World Spiritist Alliance would be able to beat him up so badly that he’d have to search for his teeth all over the floor.”

“Yes, he must be taught a proper lesson. A mere toad from the Cyanwood Mountain actually dares to try to consume the meat of a swan? Today, he must be taught a proper lesson so that he will know how tall the sky is and how deep the earth is.”

After the surrounding crowd saw the three men who led the group in the suppression expedition against Chu Feng, their confidence increased many times over. That was because, in the World Spiritist Alliance, those three men were existences capable of calling upon the wind and summoning the rain.

All those who were capable of being on the World Spiritist Succession List were geniuses with extraordinary world spirit techniques. Even the current Sima Ying was unable to reach the World Spiritist Succession List. Thus, in terms of world spirit techniques, these three men all possessed world spirit techniques superior to the ones that Sima Ying possessed. In terms of their battle power, they were also on par with Sima Ying. [1. But doesn’t Sima Ying have a relatively slightly superior but still pretty normal battle power? So… their battle power’s not that powerful then. Maybe 1 level heaven-defying battle power?]

“Senior brothers, this place is the Dragon Garden, Elder Miao’s residence. Are the three of you really planning to do this?” At this moment, there was a figure standing behind Zhang He, Liu Yang and Wang Chao. It was Dai Shu, the person who had entered into a conflict against Chu Feng and even tried to kill him upon his first arrival in the World Spiritist Alliance.

Merely, when compared to before, this Dai Shu was somewhat different. He… was missing an eye. Furthermore, he no longer had that proud and aloof expression of confidence on his face anymore. Instead, there was an increase in malevolence and coldness.

“What’s wrong? Dai Shu, the person who urged us to deal with Chu Feng was you. Yet, the person who is now afraid is you again. You, how much of a failure are you going to be?”

“Have you forgotten why that eye of yours was personally dug out by your grandfather? Isn’t that because of that Chu Feng?” Zhang He looked to Dai Shu and began to speak with mockery, ridicule and contempt.

It turned out that after Dai Shu’s crime of trying to frame Chu Feng was discovered by Elder Miao, his grandfather, for the sake of apologizing to Elder Miao, personally dug out one of Dai Shu’s eyes in front of Elder Miao.

Furthermore, he warned Dai Shu that he was forever not allowed to restore that eye. For the rest of his life, he had to live with only one eye. That would be his punishment.

Even though Dai Shu appeared to have accepted this punishment, he actually possessed immense hatred for Chu Feng in his heart. The way he saw it, it was all because of Chu Feng that he ended up suffering so miserably.

Thus, after Chu Feng returned to the World Spiritist Alliance, he began to think up every possible method to deal with Chu Feng. However, he was no match for Chu Feng. As such, he began to spread false information that Sima Ying was in love with Chu Feng that spread like wildfire throughout the World Spiritist Alliance.