Chapter 1399 - Golden Rhinoceros

MGA: Chapter 1399 - Golden Rhinoceros

It turned out that there were two old people hidden within the sky several miles away from the Dragon Garden.

Both of them were very old and had lived for countless years, experienced countless changes. Yet, they had white hair and rosy, child-like cheeks. Although their hair had already turned white, there was not the slightest trace of wrinkles on their faces. Instead, they were soft and rosy like that of a child.

However, the two of them possessed exceptionally powerful cultivations. Although they were Half Martial Emperors, they were most definitely not ordinary Half Martial Emperors. Their auras were actually on par with Miao Renlong’s. In fact, their auras were even a bit stronger than Miao Renlong’s.

Furthermore, both of them were wearing royal world spiritist cloaks. However, those were no ordinary royal world spiritist cloaks. Instead, those were Snake Marked royal world spiritist cloaks.

Numerous snakes were wandering and spiraling through the royal cloaks as if they were alive. It presented a very scary yet divine appearance, giving off the sense of both shock and fear when one laid eyes on them.

World spiritist cloaks like these were extremely powerful. It was difficult for ordinary world spiritists to master control over this sort of world spiritist cloak. If one wanted to control these world spiritist cloaks, one had to at least be a Snake Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

That’s right. These two old men were like Hong Qiang, they were powerful Snake Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists. As for their identities, they were extremely extraordinary too.

Even the Alliance Master of the World Spiritist Alliance would have to be extremely respectful toward the two of them. That was because the two of them were both elders from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly.

Among them, one was called Zhao Qinghen, and the other was called Chen Sanyuan. This Chen Sanyuan was precisely that Chen Mu’s ancestor.

“Oh Sanyuan, it seems that your family’s Chen Mu has met his rival this time around.”

“Although that brat there is a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, his world spirit techniques are no small matter. That thing that he is setting up right now, it seems to be pretty difficult to deal with,” Zhan Qinghen said with a beaming smile. There were traces of mockery contained within his words.

“Brother Zhao, I admit that brat from the Cyanwood Mountain possesses some abilities. For him to be able to achieve such a thing, I am truly surprised.”

“However, you should have noticed exactly what sort of spirit formation my family’s Chen Mu is setting up. That is the Adamantine Barrier Formation created by me and personally taught to him. No matter how skillful that boy, the little friend from the Cyanwood Mountain, might be, it would still be impossible for him to defeat Chen Mu,” Chen Sanyuan said confidently.

“Chen Mu’s Adamantine Barrier Formation is indeed being set up vividly, and seems to hold true to the legend. However, I believe you also know that he has yet to grasp the essence of the Adamantine Barrier Formation,” Zhao Qinghen said.

“I truly cannot hide anything from you. However, even if that is the case, it remains that he has set up the Adamantine Barrier Formation. Since he managed to set it up, there is no way that he’ll lose to that boy from the Cyanwood Mountain,” Chen Sanyuan said with the same amount of confidence.

“Is that so? In that case, let’s wait and see who’s correct,” Zhao Qinghen did not try to argue with Chen Sanyuan. Instead, he smiled lightly and gently stroked his long beard before continuing to watch the match between Chu Feng and Chen Mu several miles away from them.

“He succeeded! Quickly, look! Chen Mu has succeeded!”

“Sure enough, he has set up the Adamantine Barrier Formation!”

“Heavens! This is unbelievable! Chen Mu is only a gold-cloak world spiritist. Yet, he was actually able to set up this formation that only royal-cloak world spiritists are able to set up. Doesn’t this mean that he will soon become a royal-cloak world spiritist?”

At this moment, the one hour time limit had arrived. As the crowd looked at the dazzling, impregnable and palace-like Adamantine Barrier Formation, they began to gasp in nonstop shock and amazement.

Even Sima Ying, Huang Feng, Sun Hao and the others who had been extremely confident in Chu Feng before started to frown deeply. After all, the Adamantine Barrier Formation was extremely famous for its magnificent might.

“Trash from the Cyanwood Mountain, the time limit of one hour has arrived. You can reveal your damned shell now and come out to kowtow and admit your defeat.”

As Chen Mu enjoyed the exclaims of admiration that surrounded him, his confidence became peerless, and he began to publicly humiliate Chu Feng. It was as if he had already won this match.

“Chen Mu, the speed at which you set up your formation is truly slow. I have been waiting for you for a long time now. If you had been any slower, I would’ve fallen asleep.”

Unexpectedly, at the time when Chen Mu was filled with confidence, Chu Feng’s lazy voice sounded from within his spirit formation.

“Humph, you’re still trying to talk your way out of this? Do you truly think that your crappy spirit formation is capable of contending against my Adamantine Barrier Formation?” Chen Mu said.

“That’s right, there’s no need to compare! Merely by using our eyes we can already tell that senior brother Chen Mu has undoubtedly won!” Following what Chen Mu said, the crowd also began to shout in agreement.

“Hah, for some things, you never know what the results will be unless you try it out,” Chu Feng laughed mischievously. Then, a loud ‘bang’ was heard. The spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up actually exploded. With a rapid rotation, it soared into the sky like a small mountain. Then, it smashed down toward where Chen Mu was standing.

“That boy, could it be that he had sealed himself within his spirit formation so that he could use his defensive formation to unleash an attack against Chen Mu? He actually thought of the method to determine victory and defeat since the beginning?”

When they saw this scene, the eyes of many people started to shine. Regardless of how much they looked down on Chu Feng’s spirit formation, regardless of how much they despised Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques, they all felt a sensation of grandeur at the moment when Chu Feng soared into the sky and charged to attack Chen Mu.

It was an unstoppable grandeur that feared nothing in the world.

Many of the people present were frightened by this unparalleled might.

“Quite imposing indeed. However, unfortunately for you, to use your trash formation to meet my Adamantine Barrier Formation head on is simply equivalent to striking a stone with an egg. You will not be able to withstand a single blow.”

In fact, even Chen Mu was frightened by Chu Feng’s grandeur. However, even though this was the case, he was still filled with confidence and believed that he would undoubtedly win.


Right at this time, a loud collision resonated through the heavens. Chu Feng’s defensive formation had collided with Chen Mu’s Adamantine Barrier Formation.

This collision immediately brought forth countless energy ripples. However, before the ripples could spread to their surroundings, Chen Mu’s Adamantine Barrier Formation shone with light and actually engulfed the energy ripples.

At this time, the crowd was able to clearly see that the Adamantine Barrier Formation was not damaged in the slightest, but Chu Feng’s spirit formation was filled with cracks.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.” Following that, a universally shocking scene occurred. Chen Mu’s Adamantine Barrier Formation actually began to change. Countless golden spikes appeared on the golden-colored wall and started to shoot toward Chu Feng’s defensive formation like spears.

“Putt, putt, putt, putt.”

The golden spears were unstoppable. They swept through everything before them and all pierced into Chu Feng’s defensive formation, leaving it covered with holes.

Seeing the result before his eyes, Chen Mu said “Chu Feng, you’ve lost,” with a beaming smile.

“Oh? Are you certain?” To Chen Mu’s surprise, Chu Feng’s voice sounded once again. After that, a loud ‘boom’ was heard. Chu Feng’s defensive formation actually shattered to pieces.

However, when faced with this sort of scene, not a single person from the World Spiritist Alliance was able to laugh. Instead, each and every one of them displayed lifeless expressions. They were all stunned.

That was because Chu Feng’s silhouette had appeared before everyone again. Merely, a layer of golden spirit power had covered his body. Furthermore, that extraordinary-looking golden spirit power was filled with runes and symbols and actually formed a golden-colored rhinoceros.

This rhinoceros was flickering with golden radiance. Other than the fact that it was three times larger than an ordinary rhinoceros, and its horn was ten times larger than an ordinary rhinoceros’s horn, there was nothing special about this rhinoceros.

Yet, for some unknown reason, not a single person dared to be careless upon seeing this rhinoceros. Not a single person dared to look at it with contempt. As they were all world spiritists, they were able to sense that this rhinoceros was actually a very powerful spirit formation.