Chapter 1383 - You Trash

MGA: Chapter 1383 - You Trash

“What’s going on? This Sun Hao actually managed to unleash Emperor-level martial power?”

The change in the battle situation soon caught the attention of the crowd. Sensing the Emperor-level martial power that Sun Hao had unleashed, all of the older generation’s experts present were all shocked.

“Ha, you bunch are truly making a fuss about nothing. What my grandson has trained is a type of Forbidden Mysterious Technique. Once he activates the mysterious technique, he will be able to obtain a very high quality martial power. As such, his battle power will increase, surpassing that of his foes.”

“If one is able to master this Forbidden Mysterious Technique and have the cultivation of rank nine Martial King, one would be able to obtain the Emperor-level martial power that only Half Martial Emperor-level experts can grasp,” At the moment when the crowd were all shocked, Sun Hao’s grandfather Sun Feiyang suddenly spoke to explain.

“A mysterious technique like that, could it be that it’s that legendary Forbidden Mysterious Technique that is extremely difficult to master yet would allow one to gain Emperor-level martial power at rank nine Martial King if mastered, the Emperor Power Mysterious Technique?”

After hearing what Sun Feiyang said, some people thought of a very famous Forbidden Mysterious Technique. If one were able to master that Forbidden Mysterious Technique, the effects would be the same as what Sun Hao was currently exhibiting.

“That’s right. What my grandson trained in is indeed the Emperor Power Mysterious Technique,” Sun Fei Yang nodded. Furthermore, at this time, an expression of complacence filled his face.

After he verified this matter, the crowd all displayed expressions of greater shock.

That was because the Emperor Power Mysterious Technique was a mysterious technique that was extremely difficult to learn. Yet, Sun Hao had managed to learn and master such a mysterious technique. As such, how could they not be shocked?

“Everyone knew that Sun Feiyang’s grandson Sun Hao possessed valiant battle power. However, who would’ve thought that he would be this powerful. It would seem that the situation will be disastrous for Chu Feng this time around.”

“However, to be defeated by someone like Sun Hao would not be a disgrace for Chu Feng. I believe that he will be able to surpass Sun Hao and wash away today’s shame within three years’ time.

At this time, Old Village Chief Ma’s attention was also fixed upon the battle between Chu Feng and Sun Hao. His gaze was flickering with a bit of unease.

The way he saw it, although Chu Feng was very powerful, based on the current situation, it would be extremely difficult for Chu Feng to turn the battle around. He would likely lose to Sun Hao.

However, he also knew that Chu Feng possessed unbounded potential. Even if he were to lose, it would only be a temporary matter. In the future, Chu Feng would definitely be able to surpass Sun Hao and cast him far behind.

At this time, it was not only a few people who had the same thought as Old Village Chief Ma. The majority of the crowd felt that Chu Feng would undoubtedly lose.

In fact, the battle situation right now was indeed this way. Sun Hao was using both the Emperor Power Mysterious Technique and the Taboo Blade Martial Skill simultaneously. His continuous attacks toward Chu Feng were without any flaws and appeared to be completely invulnerable.

He forced Chu Feng to retreat repeatedly. Chu Feng was already dripping with sweat. He had refused to give Chu Feng any opportunity to unleash any martial skills as he pressed down on Chu Feng again, again and again, suppressing him to a weaker and weaker state.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you counterattacking? Why aren’t you fighting back? Stop retreating nonstop! Stop running away nonstop!”

“Aren’t you very ferocious? Didn’t you say that you would keep me company at any time? In that case, why are you acting like a turtle? Are you just trash?”

After obtaining superiority in battle, Sun Hao grew even more ferocious. As he frantically attacked Chu Feng, he began to rain insults upon Chu Feng as well.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng was unable to do anything other than clench his teeth and resist with all his might. He did not even have the leeway to talk back. In fact, Chu Feng didn’t know how to refute Sun Hao’s words. After all, it was the truth that he was powerless to fight back against Sun Hao.

As matters stood, regardless of whether Chu Feng was willing or not, he had no choice but to admit that this Sun Hao was very powerful. Other than Qin Lingyun, this Sun Hao was the strongest person that Chu Feng had encountered within his same generation.

“Heeaaahhh, die!~”

Suddenly, Sun Hao furiously shouted. He had managed to obtain a gap in Chu Feng’s defense and seized it right away to unleash a surprise attack. He was planning to hack Chu Feng to death.

“Damn it,” Seeing the incoming sword, Chu Feng was unable to defend in time. Thus, Chu Feng put forth all of his power to retreat.

However, it was too late, a tiny bit too late. Sun Hao’s blade hacked down toward him. However, he had only managed to dodge half of the blade. Not only did the blade head of Sun Hao’s Royal Armament Blade slice through Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor, it even tore apart Chu Feng’s flesh and bit into his body, leaving a deep and astonishingly dreadful wound on the left side of his chest.

“Eeahhh~~~” As the tip of the blade penetrated into Chu Feng’s body, as Chu Feng was drenched with blood, an unendurable pain caused Chu Feng to scream miserably.

This blade strike that seemed to be ordinary was nothing simple at all. Sun Hao had added special energy to his blade. As long as one was struck by that energy, the person wounded by the blade would feel a pain as if having their body devoured by ten thousand bugs. It was a pain that anyone would find unbearable.

“Trash, you’re unable to even withstand such a small wound? How are you going to endure my incoming attacks then?”

After Chu Feng uttered that miserable scream, the complacent smile on Sun Hao’s face grew even wider. At the same time, the ruthlessness in his face also grew even stronger.

After that, he waved his wrist and swung his arm forward. “Puchi,” In a casual manner, Sun Hao thrust his Royal Armament blade into Chu Feng’s chest.

“Wuuuwaaa~~~” After thrusting his Royal Armament blade into Chu Feng’s chest, Sun Hao began to twist it around nonstop, spinning that Royal Armament blade within Chu Feng’s chest. Facing that sort of pain, even Chu Feng started to scream nonstop.

At this time, Chu Feng no longer had the ability to resist. Like a fish on the chopping block, he had no choice but to allow himself to be slaughtered by Sun Hao.

“Haha. Trash, what’s wrong? Do you not know anything else other than screaming?”

“WIth merely your bit of strength, you actually want to fight against me?”

“Didn’t you possess a special method that could increase your cultivation to that of a rank eight Martial King?”

“Didn’t you possess heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation?”

“Pah! What use is it? In the end, aren’t you screaming and howling before me like a grandson? You are simply unable to do anything other than be tortured by me.”

“Fight against me? Did you really think that you could contend against me?”

At this time, with victory in his hands, Sun Hao was extremely complacent. As he tormented Chu Feng with the Royal Armament in his hand, he started to shout words of insult towards Chu Feng.

“Are you certain of that?” However, at this time when Sun Hao was feeling boundlessly proud of himself, Chu Feng suddenly raised his head and looked at him.

“You…” When he saw the current Chu Feng, Sun Hao’s body shivered and his palm trembled. He was shocked to discover that the current Chu Feng was completely different from before.

Even though Chu Feng’s complexion was still pale, even though his face was still covered with sweat, his gaze and his demeanor were completely different from before.

The current Chu Feng no longer had the slightest trace of pain on his face. Instead, on his face was a slight smile, a viciously sinister smile.

“Damn it,” sensing that the situation was amiss, Sun Hao firmly clenched his Royal Armament blade. He wanted to unleash a fatal attack against Chu Feng.

However, at this time, he was shocked to discover that he was unable to budge the Royal Armament blade in his hand at all. It was as if the Royal Armament blade had stuck into Chu Feng’s body.

“You’ve finally realized your situation? Unfortunately… it’s too late.” As Chu Feng spoke, he abruptly raised his hand and placed it on Sun Hao’s left shoulder.

After he finished saying those words to Sun Hao, Chu Feng shouted in his heart, “White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.” After that, a white light blossomed on Chu Feng’s palm. Immediately afterward, ‘Aooouuuuuu~~~” a strange sound was heard, and that dazzling white light completely covered this region like daylight itself.

After that sound stopped, at the time when the white light dissipated, not a single person present was not shocked. At this moment, Sun Hao’s entire left arm, including his left shoulder, had disappeared. At this moment, Sun Hao was completely covered in blood.