Chapter 1384 - What Could You Possibly Do?

MGA: Chapter 1384 - What Could You Possibly Do?

Up in the sky, Chu Feng and Sun Hao were standing in the air at very close proximity.

Chu Feng had already pulled out Sun Hao’s Royal Armament blade from within his chest. Furthermore, miraculously, his injured body had completely recovered. However, the blood that had flowed from his wounds was still present on his clothes. If it weren’t for the fact that his body was covered by the Thunder Armor, then his appearance would still be dreadfully shocking.

However, regardless of that, although Chu Feng’s complexion was rather pale, his aura remained normal, seemingly as if his health was still good. As for the reason why he was so healthy, it was because of the miraculous ability of the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique. Not to mention a small injury like the one Chu Feng had received, even if his dantian were to be damaged or if his limbs were to be ripped apart, the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique would still be able to completely recover those injuries in a split second.

However, Sun Hao’s situation was completely different. Not only had he lost both his left shoulder and left arm, he had also suffered damage to his internal organs, including even his dantian. Even though he was still standing in the sky, he was already on the verge of collapse. His aura was extremely weak, and he seemed as if he might lose consciousness and drop from the sky at any moment.

The outcome of the battle had been determined. However, the conclusion had surpassed everyone’s expectations. It was clearly Sun Hao who had been violently trampling on Chu Feng. It had been Chu Feng who had been powerless to resist. Yet, in a sudden instant, such a dramatic change occurred.

“Unbelievable! Such a dramatic change actually happened?! How did Chu Feng manage to explode with such a strong and powerful strength all of a sudden? Even Sun Hao, who had grasped both the Emperor Power Mysterious Technique and the Taboo Blade Martial Skill was seriously injured by Chu Feng!” After their stunned state passed, the crowd began to spiritedly discuss what had happened. They all began to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

As for the truth of what had happened, only Chu Feng himself knew.

In the situation earlier, Chu Feng had simply had no chance to use any martial skills. In that situation, the only things he could use had been his secret skills.

Secret skills were different from martial skills. They were things that could be used with a single thought, at one’s will. However, due to the fact that the secret skills that Chu Feng grasped had been created by Qing Xuantian, Chu Feng did not dare to use them.

He feared that upon using the secret skills, they would be recognized by others to be Qing Xuantian’s techniques. He feared that others would think that he was the successor of Qing Xuantian and that that would, in turn, attract people with ill-intent, which would in turn bring danger to his life.

Thus, ever since he had entered the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng had very rarely ever used the four secret skills. Even though the secret skills possessed incomparable might, he still did not dare to use them.

However, in this previous situation, if he wished to win, if he wished to escape, he had no choice but to use his secret skills. However, he had to use them without revealing them, without letting others know that they were secret skills. As such, he had been forced to use his secret skills in just a split second.

Therefore, Chu Feng deliberately created that show earlier. He had deliberately allowed Sun Hao to approach him, and even allowed Sun Hao to injure him.

Then, when Sun Hao’s Royal Armament blade was pierced into his body, Chu Feng used the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique’s miraculous ability to restore his body and temporarily locked Sun Hao’s Royal Armament blade within his body.

Then, taking advantage of Sun Hao’s shock, Chu Feng placed his palm onto Sun Hao’s body and released the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

In merely an instant, Chu Feng unleashed two secret skills. However, as everything had occurred too quickly, and Chu Feng had been deliberately concealing them, even experts like Sun Feiyang were only able to tell that Chu Feng had used two powerful techniques. Yet, they did not dare to ascertain whether what Chu Feng had used were secret skills or not.

Even if they were to know that what Chu Feng had used were two secret skills, due to the fact that Chu Feng had not revealed the appearances of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique as he had used them, no one would know that they were the two secret skills created by Qing Xuantian.

Thus, although Chu Feng was injured in the process, this plan of his could be said to be perfect.


Right at this time, Sun Hao’s legs suddenly grew weak and his eyes closed. He began to fall from the sky. Sun Hao had lost consciousness.

“Big brother!” Seeing that, Sun Lei hurriedly flew into the sky to catch his big brother.

At this moment, the match between Chu Feng and Sun Hao could be said to have finally concluded. In the end, the victor of the battle was Chu Feng.

“Haha, amazing, truly amazing. Never would I have expected that, in the end, I had still underestimated little friend Chu Feng’s abilities.”

“That surprise attack was even more brilliant and ferocious than Sun Hao’s surprise attack. There was simply no means for Sun Hao to escape at all.”

“Chu Feng simply did not give Sun Hao any opportunity to turn the situation around. Such beautiful execution, the victory is brilliantly won!!!” Unable to contain himself, Old Village Chief Ma began to praise Chu Feng. Chu Feng’s performance had truly surpassed his expectations.

Right at this moment, with grief and anger, Sun Lei shouted, “Grandpa, quickly, come over. Big brother’s dantian is injured. That Chu Feng was actually that ruthless! He nearly crippled big brother’s cultivation!”

“Bastard! This is merely a sparring match! Yet, you attacked this ruthlessly, your heart is truly that of a devil! Today, this old man shall teach you a lesson!”

After hearing what Sun Lei said, Sun Feiyang was enraged. He waved his sleeve, and the sky and earth began to violently tremble. His ferocious Emperor-level martial power surged forth toward Chu Feng with an oppressive might capable of toppling the mountains and overturning the seas.

“Damn it.”

Seeing that the situation was bad, Chu Feng immediately unleashed his Mortal Taboo: Illusionary Light Technique and began to escape toward the direction of Old Village Chief Ma. He knew that the gap in strength between him and Sun Feiyang was too enormous, it was simply impossible for him to contend against Sun Feiyang. At this time, there was only a single person who could save him -- Old Village Chief Ma.

“Little friend Chu Feng, fear not, with this old man here, no one will be able to harm you.”

Sure enough, as Chu Feng escaped toward Old Village Chief Ma, Old VIllage Chief Ma’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears through a voice transmission. Old Village Chief Ma had acted. He swung his hand and also called upon an oppressive might capable of calling the wind and summoning the rain. With no difficulty, he blocked Sun Feiyang’s attack.

“Damned shameless old fart! Didn’t you vow earlier that you would definitely not interfere in a match between members of the younger generation, and that our lives and deaths depended on our own abilities?”

“Yet now, I have merely injured your grandson once. Yet, you already unleashed an attack at me. You people from the World Spiritist Alliance, how much more shameless can you be?”

After escaping behind Old Village Chief Ma, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself and shouted curses at Sun Feiyang. That was because this Sun Feiyang had truly failed to live up to the demeanor of an expert. He was truly too despicable, truly too shameless.

What he had just done was completely against what he had vowed earlier. It was akin to him giving himself a slap in the face. However, he was not ashamed at all. Instead, he was extremely strong-willed.

“Damned brat, not only did you injure my grandson, you even dare to insult me?! I see that you have truly grown tired of living!” To be publicly insulted by Chu Feng, Sun Feiyang was so enraged that his complexion turned blue. He raised his hand and unleashed an even more ferocious attack at Chu Feng.

“Boom!” However, after a loud explosion, Sun Feiyang’s second attack was once again neutralized before it could even reach Chu Feng. As for the person who had neutralized his attack, it was naturally Old Village Chief Ma again.

Seeing that Old Village Chief Ma was neutralizing his attacks continuously, Sun Feiyang pointed at him and angrily shouted, “Old Ma, what is your intention by doing this? Can it be that you’re planning to stand in my way?”

“Although little friend Chu Feng’s words might be drastic, they are not without reason. Not to mention that you had declared that you would not interfere earlier, it remains that the sparring would inevitably create injuries. Although little friend Chu Feng injured Sun Hao, the injury is not enormous. As long as Sun Hao rests for a day, he will be able to completely recover.”

“I believe that everyone present is able to tell that if little friend Chu Feng had the intention to kill Sun Hao earlier, he would have totally been capable of taking his life. It would be impossible for Sun Hao to remain lying there.”

“Little friend Chu Feng is extremely generous and kind-hearted in his leniency. He has already spared Sun Hao’s life, so why are you still insisting on making things difficult for the younger generation and ruining your own reputation in the process?” Old Village Chief Ma spoke with a beaming smile. Even though he appeared to be trying to appease Sun Feiyang, he was actually secretly mocking Sun Feiyang. Old Village Chief Ma had been speaking out for Chu Feng completely.

“Enough of your bullshit! I will only ask you this, are you planning to stand in my path?!” Sun Feiyang asked with a loud voice. He was extremely arrogant.

“Heh…” At this moment, Old Village Chief Ma smiled lightly. After that, he waved his sleeve and placed his hand behind his back. At this moment, domineering sharpness emerged in his eyes.

He then said, “Since you’ve said it like this, then if I, Ma, am to insist on standing in your path, what are you going to do?”