Chapter 1382 - An Inevitable Crushing Defeat

MGA: Chapter 1382 - An Inevitable Crushing Defeat

“This child’s talent is too powerful. Regardless of whether this battle will end in victory or defeat, Sun Hao will not be able to stand up again after this.” [1.As in his reputation/talent will have been surpassed by Chu Feng’s.]

“For the Cyanwood Mountain to have such a genius, it is truly a matter of envy. After this child matures, the Cyanwood Mountain’s status among the Nine Powers will definitely increase.” At this moment, some of the older generation’s experts began to exclaim in succession. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng became filled with admiration and appreciation.

“Why is that?” Hearing those words, many of the members of the younger generation like Chu Feng expressed their confusion.

Hearing this question, the experts from the older generation all gave an identical answer, “Although Sun Hao is powerful, he is over forty years old. However, Chu Feng is only in his early twenties.”

“Although, in terms of age, the both of them belong to the younger generation, Sun Hao is actually twice Chu Feng’s age, over twenty years older than Chu Feng.”

“However, at this time, Sun Hao’s battle power is only on par with Chu Feng’s. What does this mean? No, it does not mean that Sun Hao is weak. Instead, it means that Chu Feng is too powerful. The potential that child possesses is immeasurable.”

“Furthermore, based on his age, Chu Feng has only, at the very most, begun martial cultivation for a dozen or so years. Yet, this Sun Hao began martial cultivation over thirty years ago. A person that has only cultivated for a dozen or so years being able to obtain a battle power on par with another who has cultivated for over thirty years. This sort of talent is truly frightening.”

“Exactly what is the origin of this Chu Feng? Could it be that he really is an otherworldly genius? A legendary demon-level character?”

After hearing the words that the experts from the older generation said, the younger generation began to have a whole new level of respect and adoration for Chu Feng. Even the three Zhou siblings who had looked down on Chu Feng in the past began to admire him from the bottoms of their hearts.

“I don’t care if you have broken through or not, I will remain the victor in this battle.”

As if he’d heard the surrounding crowd’s praise for Chu Feng and belittling of his own worth, Sun Hao was deeply enraged, and he decided to direct all of his rage onto Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”

In anger, Sun Hao attacked. Holding his Royal Armament blade, he began to move about with profound footsteps. In an instant, he arrived before Chu Feng. With great might, he ruthlessly hacked his Royal Armament blade towards one of Chu Feng’s lethal spots. [1.Bee, why wouldn’t you specify where he was hacking his blade at? There are a lot of lethal places in someone’s body…]


Facing Sun Hao’s close-range attack, Chu Feng snorted coldly. Holding the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, he swung it forward to face the incoming attack.

The two of them began to fight at close range. Both of them held a Royal Armament in their hands. Neither of them used any sort of special martial skill. Relying only on their Royal Armaments and their powerful battle power, they began to fight viciously against one another in the sky.

“Clank, clank, clank, clank.” As the Royal Armaments collided with one another, explosions sprang forth. Soon the blade and sword gave rise to silhouettes in the sky, and frantic energy ripples soon engulfed this region of space.

However, the experts present were still able to use their sharp eyes to see through the ripples and see the figures of the two fighters.

The eyes of all of those that managed to see Chu Feng and Sun Hao’s battle shone with brightness. They were all deeply admiring Chu Feng and Sun Hao’s strength.

The battle between Chu Feng and Sun Hao was not only very valiant, it was also one that none of them could find fault with. Regardless of whether it might Chu Feng’s Royal Armament, the Demon Sealing Sword, or Sun Hao’s Royal Armament blade, both were having their might brilliantly unleashed by the two fighters.

Both Chu Feng and Sun Hao managed to live up to the name of being possessors of top quality Royal Armaments.

However, no matter how powerful the two of them might be, the difference in strength would inevitably be shown. Logically, Sun Hao’s cultivation was a level above Chu Feng’s cultivation. Thus, he should have been the one that occupied superiority in the intense confrontation.

However, the truth was contrary to what everyone expected. After a bout of blade and sword collisions where the two fighters were equally matched, the gap in strength between the two fighters gradually revealed itself. However, the person who ended up being superior was not Sun Hao. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”


At this moment, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chu Feng’s hand did not appear like a weapon at all. Instead, it appeared more like a vicious beast.

Its bellows shook the heavens as it emitted sword rays in succession.

Being controlled by Chu Feng, the Demon Sealing Sword was capable of simply sweeping everything before its path; it was completely unparalleled.

Even though the two Royal Armaments were colliding into one another, crossing blades head-on, the Demon Sealing Sword still ended up being in the stronger position. Every single time it collided with the Royal Armament blade in Sun Hao’s hand, it would give forth a series of sparkles and a fierce and frantic energy ripple. After that, both Sun Hao’s Royal Armament blade and Sun Hao himself would be knocked back by it.

At this very moment, Sun Hao was at an absolute disadvantage. He was simply unable to contend against Chu Feng at all.

“Clank, clank, clank.”

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng grew braver the more he fought, fiercer the more he attacked. He was planning to force Sun Hao into the corner and badly batter him so that he would lose completely and thoroughly.

“Heh…” However, at this moment when everyone felt, at this moment when even Chu Feng himself felt that his victory was within his grasp, Sun Hao suddenly displayed a strange smile on his face.

At the moment that smile appeared, the Royal Armament blade in Sun Hao’s hand started to slightly tremble. After that, a burst of strange yet powerful aura started to emit from Sun Hao’s body and enter his Royal Armament.

“This aura, damn it…” Sensing the aura emitted by Sun Hao, Chu Feng started to frown deeply. Subconsciously, he unleashed a movement martial skill to retreat. As for the reason why Chu Feng did so, it was because he was able to detect that the aura that Sun Hao had emitted was no ordinary King-level martial power at all; it was Emperor-level martial power.

That’s right, at this very moment, Sun Hao had unleashed Emperor-level martial power.

No matter how powerful a Martial King might be, there was a large gap between them and Half Martial Emperors. As for this gap, it was the gap in martial power.

Logically, as Sun Hao was a Martial King, it should be impossible for him to possess Emperor-level martial power. However, regardless of how he managed to accomplish it, he had accomplished it.

He had unleashed Emperor-level martial power. The gap between the martial powers also represented a difference in battle power.

Sure enough, at the moment when Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad, Sun Hao suddenly shouted, “Chu Feng, your life is mine!” He swung the Royal Armament blade in his hand and unleashed an attack against Chu Feng.

Sun Hao’s speed was too fast. Furthermore, his explosiveness was abundant. Chu Feng was simply unable to escape in time before Sun Hao had already managed to catch up to him and unleash exceptionally fierce attacks against him.

After he changed his martial power, Sun Hao’s battle power greatly increased. In the blink of an eye, the battle between him and Chu Feng had a complete turnover.

Chu Feng’s previously-unparalleled Demon Sealing Sword was no longer able to withstand Sun Hao’s Royal Armament blade.

As for Chu Feng himself, he who was previously unleashing fierce and aggressive attacks at Sun Hao nonstop could only commit himself to defending now. He simply had no strength to counterattack at all. It was so much so that even defending Sun Hao’s attacks became extremely strenuous.

“Damn it, I’ve underestimated him. Not only is he capable of using Emperor-level martial power, he had also deliberately concealed his strength earlier. He actually possessed such a profound Taboo Blade Martial Skill.”

At this moment, Chu Feng finally realized that the situation was bad. That was because, at this very moment, what Sun Hao had increased was not only his battle power. He had also increased his control over his Royal Armament blade.

If it was to be said that Sun Hao has had brilliant control over his Royal Armament blade earlier, then his current control over his Royal Armament blade could be said to have been brought to the point of perfection. In fact, it even surpassed perfection.

At this time, Sun Hao was using a special sort of blade skill. It was a Taboo Martial Skill. However, it was no ordinary Taboo Martial Skill. Instead, it was a special sort of Blade Martial Skill. Furthermore, it was an extremely ferocious, extremely profound, extremely powerful and extremely extraordinary martial skill. A martial skill like that was called a Taboo Blade Martial Skill.

A Taboo Blade Martial Skill was a sort of weaponry technique meant for controlling blades. It could only be used on blades.

As for the reason why it was named as a Taboo Blade Martial Skill, that was because it was extremely difficult to learn. However, once one successfully learned it, one’s control over Royal Armament blades would be increased comprehensively. At that point, one would be able to unleash extraordinary might with one’s Royal Armament blade that others could not.

A Taboo Blade Martial Skill like the one that Sun Hao was using was extremely rare. Even Chu Feng had never managed to get his hands on one. In fact, he had never even seen one. Yet, Sun Hao had managed to learn one such technique.

Furthermore, not only had Sun Hao learned it, he had also completely mastered it. Yet, he had deliberately not used such a powerful technique.

Instead, he had concealed it. He had deliberately let Chu Feng feel as if he was winning. Then, at the time when Chu Feng was feeling the most complacent, he suddenly unleashed his Emperor-level martial power as well as that profound Taboo Blade Martial Skill.

To use both of them simultaneously greatly increased his battle power in an instant. Such an enormous change was something that even Chu Feng found very difficult to contend against.

As for the matter that made Chu Feng feel the most helpless, it was how fierce Sun Hao’s attacks were. At this time, he was wholeheartedly warding off the incoming attacks. He could not allow himself to be distracted in the slightest. As such, he did not have any chance to unleash a martial skill at all. He had entered a completely passive state. If this were to continue, only a single end would await him -- an inevitable, crushing defeat.