Chapter 1381 - Coincidental Breakthrough

MGA: Chapter 1381 - Coincidental Breakthrough

“With neither hatred nor grievances? Earlier, in the Sealing Ancient Village, he insulted my younger brother. It is only natural for me to deal with him.”

“Furthermore, I did that so that I can prove to you that you are not as powerful as you imagine yourself to be. You are not unparalleled. At the very least, the opponent that you managed to defeat is also someone that I could easily defeat,” Sun Hao said with a beaming smile.

After hearing what Sun Hao said, the anger in Chu Feng’s heart burned even more intensely. He decided to not bother with superfluous words with Sun Hao. Chu Feng pointed at him and said, “Enough of your bullshit, didn’t you wish to fight with me? Come, let’s fight.”

“Yoh, you wish to receive a beating this urgently? However, I must tell you this beforehand. I am extremely ruthless when fighting others. If I am to accidently take your life, you must not blame me,” Sun Hao said.

“Since you said something like that, then if I am to accidently kill you, will you all not blame me either?” As Chu Feng said those words, he turned his gaze to Sun Feiyang. Chu Feng knew very well that, to him, the greatest danger from the World Spiritist Alliance right now was not Sun Hao. Instead, it was Sun Feiyang.

“Rest assured, I will definitely not interfere in a match between members of the younger generation.”

“The two of you can fight as you wish. Your life and death shall be determined by your own abilities,” After Sun Feiyang said those words, he moved to the side. Following him, Sun Lei, Huang Feng and the others also moved to the side.

Seeing this, Old Village Chief Ma raised his hand to indicate to the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village to step back too. They thus created a large region for Chu Feng and Sun Hao to battle.

“Chu Fen, Feng, you mu, must not be ca, careless. Th, that Sun Hao, he’s no, not simple. He re, really do, does have some skill.”

Right at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly entered Chu Feng’s ears. It was Wang Qiang’s voice.

It turned out that Wang Qiang had not really lost consciousness. Instead, he was still conscious of his surroundings. Merely, his voice was extremely weak. It could be seen that the injuries that he had received were not light in the slightest.

After finding out that Wang Qiang was still conscious, Chu Feng turned to ask Sun Hao, “Do you wish to kill him?” Chu Feng wanted to save Wang Qiang.

After all, he would soon be fighting Sun Hao. However, Wang Qiang was still within their range. In this sort of situation, it would be extremely dangerous for Wang Qiang. As such, he needed to be moved away.

Sun Hao managed to understand the intention behind Chu Feng’s words. Thus, he sneered, “Yoh, logically, the two of you should be enemies, no? Why would you be concerned about his life and death so much?”

“I merely do not wish for our battle to implicate others. Let alone, he is currently a person who is unable to protect himself. Later on, a single energy ripple might even tear apart his body and crush his bones, killing him,” Chu Feng said.

“What you say is reasonable. This stutterer had offended my younger brother. It was natural for me to teach him a lesson. However, his crime was not enough for him to be killed. Very well, I will let him keep his dog life.”

As Sun Hao spoke, he waved his sleeve and created a gale that swept past Wang Qiang. The gale lifted Wang Qiang up and threw him into the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village.

However, the gale that he had created concealed killing intent within it. At the same time that it lifted and brought Wang Qiang away, it also reopened Wang Qiang’s wounds. This caused Wang Qiang to vomit a mouthful of blood and howl miserably.

“Little friend Wang Qiang,” Seeing this, Old Village Chief Ma immediately extended his hand to catch Wang Qiang. Once he caught Wang Qiang, he immediately began to help him heal his injuries.

As for Chu Feng, although he did not say anything, he was firmly clenching his fists within his sleeves. Regardless of whether or not Sun Hao knew that Wang Qiang had regained consciousness, his actions had completely enraged Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I’ve taken care of that trash. Now, are you prepared to receive your beating yet?” As if he had sensed Chu Feng’s hidden anger, Sun Hao actually spoke to provoke him.

“Hah, come. I will let you know who exactly is the one that will receive a beating.”

Even though Chu Feng’s anger was surging in his heart, he still displayed a faint smile on his face. Merely, although this smile appeared to be normal, it was actually filled with killing intent.

Even Sun Feiyang’s eyes shone, and his brows started to frown when he saw this smile on Chu Feng’s face. He realized that the situation was amiss.

“Haha, amusing! Regardless of what sort of special method you possess that allows you to increase your cultivation from a rank five Martial King to a rank seven Martial King, I can tell you explicitly that even if you are to increase your cultivation to that of a rank seven Martial King, you will still not be able to contend against me.”

However, it was clear that Sun Hao did not realize the killing intent concealed within Chu Feng’s smile. Sun Hao angrily shouted and then began to move his hands. As his body surged with violent martial power, Sun Hao took the initiative to attack Chu Feng.


A rank nine Martial King with heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting two levels, Sun Hao’s true battle power was already that of a rank two Half Martial Emperor.

The attack that Sun Hao unleashed was no ordinary attack either. It was a rank nine martial skill that possessed the ability to give rise to violent winds that scattered the clouds with its overflowing battle power. It was a martial skill created by his grandfather. Its name: Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash.

With a rank two Half Martial Emperor’s battle power and a rank nine martial skill, this Sun Hao’s initial attack already possessed world-shaking power.

At this moment, everyone was unable to help themselves from being stunned. They were all astonished by the attack that Sun Hao had unleashed.

That was because Sun Hao’s attack was no small matter at all. Even though Chu Feng possessed the cultivation of a rank seven Martial King and a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels, it would still be impossible for him to contend against Sun Hao.

At this time, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village that knew about how powerful Chu Feng was started to frown deeply. They simply did not know if Chu Feng could withstand Sun Hao’s attack.

However, as Chu Feng saw the Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash that was coming towards him, the Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash that was about to reach him, his expression remained unchanged. At this time, lightning began to flicker in his eyes.

Two enormous wings formed of lightning extended from his back. As the enormous Thunder Wings appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation instantly surged forth. From rank seven Martial King, his cultivation became that of a rank eight Martial King.

After his cultivation increased, Chu Feng did not use any martial skill. He clenched his palm, and a large, pitch-black colored sword appeared in his hand. It was the Royal Armament, the Demon Sealing Sword. Chu Feng held the Demon Sealing Sword high up and then hacked it down.

“Boom!” As the Demon Sealing Sword was hacked downward, a frightening pitch-black blade ray appeared. The blade ray turned into a crescent and, carrying along with it a malicious sound like the howling of wolves and the crying of ghosts, and a might capable of slicing apart heaven and earth, it collided with Sun Hao’s Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash.


The collision between the two caused heaven and earth to violently tremble. However, the crescent-shaped slash that Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword had unleashed was unstoppable.

Even though the rank nine Martial Skill Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash was ferociously powerful, it was akin to water, akin to wind, before Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword’s crescent slash. It was sliced apart, unable to withstand Chu Feng’s attack at all.

Following that, the energy ripples from the Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash began to wreak havoc through the surrounding area. As for the Wind-rolling Cloud-destroying Slash itself, it had been shattered into fragments by Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword’s slashing attack.


In the end, the strike released by Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword arrived at Sun Hao without losing any of its power, striking at him.


Seeing the pitch-black crescent slash, even Sun Hao began to frown. As he was a world spiritist too, he was able to clearly sense what sort of power Chu Feng’s slash contained.

Thus, he did not dare to be careless at all. He flipped his palm and also took out his own Royal Armament blade. Like Chu Feng, he hacked his Royal Armament blade down and sent out a ferocious blade strike towards Chu Feng’s sword strike. Only then did he manage to block Chu Feng’s sword strike, creating numerous energy ripples in the process.

All of this actually happened in an instant. Other than the Half Martial Emperor-level experts, the others were unable to even determine what had happened when the first collision of Chu Feng and Sun Hao’s attacks had ended.

However, from the ferocious energy ripples, as well as the power that caused the world to tremble, they were able to tell how fierce and frightening the battle between Chu Feng and Sun Hao was. It was most definitely not a battle that any of them could involve themselves in.

This was especially true of the three Zhou siblings who had provoked Chu Feng in the past. At this moment, their frames of mind were extremely complicated. As people of the younger generation, they were seen as geniuses. Yet, just then, they realized how enormous of a gap in battle power they had when compared with Chu Feng and Sun Hao.

That sort of gap made it appear as if they were people from two separate worlds. The battle power that Chu Feng and Sun Hao possessed left them riding in the dust, feeling a great sort of inferiority.

As he looked to had Chu Feng who donned the Thunder Armor, had a pair of Thunder Wings on his back and held the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand standing in the near horizon, Sun Hao asked furiously, “Bastard, you actually concealed your cultivation?”

According to his intelligence, Chu Feng’s true cultivation was that of a rank five Martial King. However, he possessed a special method that allowed him to increase his cultivation to that of a rank seven Martial King. In his eyes, a rank seven Martial King was akin to trash. Even if that rank seven Martial King possessed a battle power capable of surmounting three levels, he would still not put them in his eyes and would be able to easily massacre that rank seven Martial King.

However, the strength that Chu Feng now revealed was different from what he knew about. Chu Feng was no rank seven Martial King at all. Instead, he was a rank eight Martial King.

Although it was only the gap of a single level of cultivation, that single level of cultivation created an enormous pressure, a great amount of problems for him.

At the very least, at this very moment, Chu Feng’s true battle power was already the same as his own; they were both comparable to a rank two Half Martial Emperor. After all, Chu Feng’s heaven-defying battle power was more powerful than his own. He was only able to surmount two levels of cultivation. Yet, Chu Feng was able to surmount three levels of cultivation.

Chu Feng did not try to dissemble and not answer Sun Hao’s question. Instead, in a calm and indifferent manner, he said, “No, I did not try to conceal my cultivation. Merely, I had just coincidentally made a breakthrough.” It was as if he had just said a very insignificant and trivial thing.

“What? Chu Feng, he actually managed to break through in such a short period of time?”

However, Chu Feng’s words came like a boulder being dropped into a lake. In an instant, the boulder created giant waves. Not a single person present didn't have an expression of shock at what they had just heard.

After all, it had only been such a short period of time since Chu Feng had fought against Sun Lei and the Huang siblings. Yet Chu Feng actually managed to achieve a breakthrough in such a short period of time? How could they not be shocked?

A breakthrough speed that fast was truly too frightening.