Chapter 1367 - A Crushing Defeat

MGA: Chapter 1367 - A Crushing Defeat

“Since you are this confident, I am willing to help you accomplish your desire,” Huang Feng said.

“Enough of your rubbish, do you wish to go first or do you want me to go first?” Zhou Long said impatiently.

“The guest shall allow the master to go first. You should go first,” Huang Feng said.

“Very well,” Zhou Long accepted it and immediately began to form hand seals with one hand. He was setting up a sealing formation. Not only was he doing that with a very fast speed, he was also extremely adept with the utilization of his spirit power. Furthermore, his ability in setting up the formation was also very marvelous.

With his numerous abilities, he managed to successfully display his genius to everyone. In nearly an instant, a sealing formation glimmering with light was completed before everyone’s eyes.

All the people present were world spiritists. Using merely their eyes, without using their spirit power to perceive, they were able to tell that what Zhou Long had set up was a very high level sealing formation.

“Well done! As expected from the number one genius of the Sealing Ancient Village. This sort of sealing formation is definitely a superior masterpiece.”

After Zhou Long finished setting up his sealing formation, many people present began to nod and praise it. What Zhou Long had set up was indeed a very powerful sealing formation. It was something that many of the Half Martial Emperors present were unable to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Hearing the praises from the crowd, Zhou Long became even more complacent. With a disdainful tone, he said to Huang Feng, “Your turn now.”

“Sure,” However, to his surprise, not only was Huang Feng not fearful of his provocation, he instead smiled and calmly accepted his turn. After that, he waved his sleeve and his hand began to rapidly change. He had begun setting up his sealing formation.

His speed was even faster than Zhou Long’s. It was so fast that many world spiritists present were dazzled by it and unable to see the hand seals he was forming with his hand.


When Huang Feng finished setting up his sealing formation, the expressions of everyone present changed to those of shock.

This was especially true of the people from the Sealing Ancient Village. Their complexions had all turned ashen. They were simply unable to believe what they were seeing. In fact, they were so deeply shocked that they began to waver. In the end, their legs grew weak and with a ‘putt,’ they fell to the ground on their bottoms.

They were all world spiritists. Thus, they were able to tell with a single glance that Huang Feng was setting up his sealing formation even faster than Zhou Long. Furthermore, the quality of his sealing formation was even higher than Zhou Long’s.

“Impossible! Impossible! This is definitely impossible!” Suddenly, Zhou Long began to shout. He was unwilling to believe the scene before his eyes.

That was because even he was able to tell that Huang Feng’s sealing formation was of a higher quality than his own.

However, who was he? He was the number one genius of the Sealing Ancient Village who was most proficient with sealing formations.

Earlier, when he had been competing in the medicine concocting technique that he was not proficient in, he had managed to be on par with Huang Feng. Yet now, when competing in his most proficient sealing techniques, how could he possibly be losing?

“What’s wrong? You are becoming a sore loser who’s unable to accept defeat with grace again? Trash,” Huang Feng sneered.

“Who are you calling trash?” Zhou Long asked

“You are the trash. The truth is before your eyes, why are you refusing to acknowledge it?”

At this time, Sun Lei who had been standing to the side and watching the show suddenly moved. He arrived before Zhou Long and released his rank eight Martial King’s might, stopping all path of retreat for Zhou Long. Then, he pointed at Zhou Long and loudly cursed, “You trash, did you really think that my junior brother Huang Feng’s world spirit techniques were inferior to yours? You really are stupid.”

“My junior brother Huang Feng, his world spirit techniques are nearly unequalled among our World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation.”

“As for his medicine concocting techniques, they are also of the first-rate. Earlier, when he was competing with you in medicine concocting technique, he deliberately lowered his abilities to be on par with yours so that you would think that you were able to defeat him in terms of sealing formations.”

“However, the truth is before your eyes. When you competed with my junior brother Huang Feng again just now, he completely crushed you in your most proficient sealing formations.”

“Let me tell you, you are not only a piece of trash, you are also a fool. You are arrogant, conceited and ignorant. You are simply nothing more than a fool without any actual ability at all.”

“You…” After being cursed out by Sun Lei, Zhou Long’s complexion turned pale as paper. He was so scared that he began to fall back repeatedly. He took a misstep and fell to the ground. As he fell, he actually opened his mouth and vomited out a mouthful of blood.

As matters stood, he finally realized what had happened. It turned out that this had been a trap all along. Huang Feng had deliberately pretended to be weak so that he would take the bait. Then, using his real strength, he left him with a crushing defeat.

“Holy fuck! Brother Chu Feng, yo, you’ve act, actually managed to co, correctly guess eve, everything. Ho, how did you no, notice all this?” At this time, Wang Qiang looked to Chu Feng with a gaze of admiration.

“Continue watching. The show’s not over yet,” Chu Feng crossed his arms and had a smile on his face. Compared to the other people who were all shocked, Chu Feng was very calm. That was because he had anticipated all of this.

“You actually vomited blood? Not only is your ability inferior and your intelligence weak, even your tolerance is so feeble. Is this the Sealing Ancient Village’s so-called genius? Hah… if trash like him could be considered to be a genius, then, as I see it, the day of the Sealing Ancient Village’s doom will not be distant,” Sun Lei said.

“Oh, that’s right. Didn’t you mention earlier that if you were to lose you’d kill yourself as an apology for your mistake? Now’s the time for you to kill yourself to apologize,” Huang Feng said with a beaming smile.

“This…” Hearing those words, Zhou Long was once again struck dumb. He had only said those words earlier without any intention to do so. How could he possibly be willing to part with his life?

Thus, upon thinking that he had lost and thus should honor his promise by killing himself on the spot, he was scared witless. In a panic, he looked to his grandfather and sought help from him.

“Lord Village Chief, please spare him. Please give Lil Long a chance,” Seeing this, Zhou Sitian immediately spoke to plead for his grandson.

“Lord Village Chief, please give our big brother a chance,” Zhou Hu and Zhou Long also spoke to plead for their older brother.

However, at this time, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village were silent. It was not that they did not wish to plead for Zhou Long, it was just that they did not have the face to turn to Old Village Chief Ma and plead.

Originally, Old Village Chief Ma had not supported either of the two matches. Had it not been for the repeated pressure from the villagers, they would not have received two crushing defeats.

As matters stood, it was no longer important whether Zhou Long lived or died. The important aspect was that not only did their Sealing Ancient Village lose a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water, they would also lose a piece of Sealing Glacier.

This was truly a disastrous price that they had to pay. As for this crushing defeat, it was not caused only by Zhou Long. It was also created by all the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village.

At this time, Old Village Chief Ma closed his eyes. Helplessness filled his aged face. It was as if he had grown older by several decades in an instant.