Chapter 1366 - A Scheming Smile

MGA: Chapter 1366 - A Scheming Smile

“Haha, senior Ma is truly one to keep his promises. There are exactly a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water in this vase,” After accepting the vase, Huang Feng laughed complacently and very loudly.

Following him, Huang Ping, Huang Lang, Huang Jing and even Sun Lei who was standing to the side also started to laugh. Not only were they laughing, their eyes were also blossoming with joy.

A hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water was truly too precious. Even to them, they were something that possessed a boundless amount of enticement, a very valuable treasure.

“You all are were being unfair in the match,” However, right at this time, an angry shout suddenly sounded from the crowd.

Turning toward the source of the voice, it turned out that it was Zhou Long. Not only did he speak those words, his face was also filled with an expression of unacceptance.

Huang Feng was not angered by his words. Instead, he raised his brows and asked with a beaming smile, “What, are you still unwilling to accept your loss?”

“Of course I am unable to accept the loss. If you had not used the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter, how could you have possibly won?”

“If we did not compete with you in medicine concocting techniques, how could you have possibly won?”

“If you were to compete with me in sealing techniques, could you win then?” Zhou Long pointed at Huang Feng and spoke with a loud voice.

“Hey hey hey, what sort of words are those? Firstly, I possess the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter. If I want to use it, then I will use it.”

“Before we even began to compete, you already knew that I had a treasure capable of increasing the power of my world spirit techniques. The fact that you did not consider that I would use the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter means that your intelligence is insufficient.”

“Secondly, before we competed, I asked you what you wanted to compete in. It was you who said that anything is fine.”

“Since you decided to give me the ability to choose, I would naturally choose something that I am more proficient in. How is that a problem?”

“Even if there is a problem, it would be your problem because you were being overly confident.”

“Now that the outcome of the battle has been decided, what importance is there for you to run over here to complain to me about all these things? Are you trying to imply that you are powerful and that I am inferior to you?”

“Let me tell you this. Saying those words to me right now would not make it seem like I won the match through the use of an unfair advantage. Instead, it would only make it seem like you are a sore loser unable to take defeat with grace,” Huang Feng refuted Zhou Long with a very loud voice.

Hearing those words, the crowd all grew silent. However, soon, whispers began to be heard. Many guests had begun to discuss what Huang Feng had said.

After discussing it, they all felt that what Huang Feng said was very reasonable. Before the match, he had indeed asked for Zhou Long to indicate what he wanted to compete in. Furthermore, before that, Zhou Long had also known that Huang Feng possessed the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter.

Yet, Zhou Long had not put forth any conditions. Instead, he had spoken a casual ‘anything is fine’ and started competing right after.

Thus, what Huang Feng said was extremely correct. Even if Zhou Long was defeated, he could only blame himself for his defeat. He had underestimated his opponent too much. He had been too confident in himself... That was why he had lost so utterly.

This was the manifestation of someone who was both ignorant and arrogant.

Even if Zhou Long was to feel depressed for losing this match, it would nevertheless remain that it was his own fault, that it ‘served him right’ for losing.

“Al, although their wo, world spirit tech, techniques are on par with one ano, another, that Zhou Lon, Long’s intelligence is inferior.”

“Re, regardless of how Huang Feng’s ch, character might be, his brains we, were indeed sup,superior to Zho, Zhou Long’s by a la, large margin,” Wang Qiang said to Chu Feng.

“It is not that Huang Feng is smart, it is merely that Zhou Long is stupid. With his temperament, it would instead be strange if he didn’t lose,” Chu Feng said.

“How, however, if th, they could lose ev, even more miserably, it wo, would be even better. They dared to wr, wrongly accuse us, they de, deserve the loss!” Wang Qiang said with undissipated anger.

“I’m afraid that it will be as you desire,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“Wh, what do yo, you mean by that?” Wang Qiang asked.

“I feel that Huang Feng is deliberately provoking that Zhou Long, luring him into a trap. What he has displayed shouldn’t be his true strength.”

“With Zhou Long’s temperament, he will definitely not give up at this point. Trust me, as long as there are no incidents, a new match will soon happen,” Chu Feng said.

“Oh?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang immediately became spirited and shifted his gaze back onto Zhou Long and Huang Feng.

“Enough of your rubbish, do you dare to compete with me again? This time, we shall compete with each other one on one and with sealing techniques,” Sure enough, it was exactly as Chu Feng anticipated. Zhou Long was unable to accept his defeat and actually challenged Huang Feng to another match.

“Compete with me? What are you going to use to compete with me? Do you even have a gambling stake worthy of a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water?” Huang Feng said.

“I…” Zhou Long became silent. He had challenged Huang Feng because he wanted to win back the hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water. However, the way it looked now, it was clear that he did not possess any gambling stake comparable to a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water.

“How about this, as long as you are willing to take out a piece of Sealing Glacier of this size, I will continue to compete with you with these hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water. Furthermore, I will compete with you according to your demands. We will compete one on one and with sealing techniques,” Huang Feng held his palm forward and said with a beaming smile.

“What? He actually wants the Sealing Glacier? Furthermore, he wants a piece the size of his palm? This…”

After hearing what Huang Feng said, the crowd burst into an uproar. What was the Sealing Glacier? It was the Sealing Ancient Village’s village protection treasure. A piece the size of a palm, that was something unimaginable. For Huang Feng to demand this sort of thing, it was truly too excessive.

“Very well, I’ll accept your conditions,” However, to everyone’s surprise, Zhou Long actually accepted Huang Feng’s demand.

“Impudent! The Sealing Glacier is our Sealing Ancient Village’s treasure. How is it something that you can casually pledge as a gambling stake? Return immediately!” Old Village Chief Ma angrily lashed out at Zhou Long.

“Lord Village Chief, please give Zhou Long another chance. Please allow Zhou Long an opportunity to win back his dignity, win back our Sealing Glacial Water. If Zhou Long is to lose again, then Zhou Long will have no face to continue living anymore and will kill himself today as an apology,” Zhou Long vowed.

“No!” Old Village Chief Ma flatly refused.

“Lord Village Chief, I beg of you. If you do not allow me to compete with him, I, Zhou Long, shall kill myself right now as an apology for my mistake,” As Zhou Long spoke, he suddenly kneeled down to the ground. He took out a dagger and placed it on his neck. He was actually trying to force Old Village Chief Ma with his own death.

“You…” Seeing this scene, OId Village Chief Ma was speechless.

“Lord Village Chief, please give Lil Long a chance. If it’s a competition of sealing techniques, then, with his talent, I believe he will not disappoint you,” Zhou Sitian also spoke out for Zhou Long.

“That’s right. Lord Village Chief, Zhou Long will definitely be able to win in a match of sealing techniques,” The other villagers also began to spoke out for Zhou Long.

After all, when Zhou Long and Huang Feng had been competing in medicine concocting techniques, they had actually been on par with one another to the point that victory and defeat had been hard to determine. It was only when Huang Feng had used the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter that the Zhou Long had lost.

Thus, to the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village, if Zhou Long and Huang Feng were to compete in sealing techniques without Huang Feng using the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter, Zhou Long would undoubtedly win. They felt this to be predetermined.

The scene from before repeated once again. While Old Village Chief Ma did not want to take the risk, the entire village wanted it.

At this time, Old Village Chief Ma was extremely hesitant. He also wished for Zhou Long to win. This was not only concerning a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water, it also bore upon their Sealing Ancient Village’s honor.

“Very well, Zhou Long, go ahead. Remember, you are only allowed to win in this battle and cannot lose,” After hesitating for a while, Old Village Chief Ma finally nodded his head.

“Lord Village Chief, please rest assured,” Zhou Long hurriedly stood up from the ground. A confident smile appeared on his face. It was as if he had already won.

In fact, at this moment when Old Village Chief Ma accepted to the match between Zhou Long and Huang Feng, the faces of everyone from the Sealing Ancient Village blossomed with glimmering smiles.

They all felt that Huang Feng was too arrogant in actually agreeing to Zhou Long’s conditions of competing in sealing techniques without using the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter. They all felt that he was seeking his own disgrace.

However, none of them noticed that there was actually a faint smile on the corners of Huang Feng’s mouth. It was a scheming smile.