Chapter 1365 - Serious Injury To One’s Strength

MGA: Chapter 1365 - Serious Injury To One’s Strength

“Hel, hel, hello. My na, na, name is Wang Qiang,” When he saw Sun Lei, Wang Qiang extended his hand with a smile on his face and greeted Sun Lei. This fellow was clearly trying to get close to Sun Lei.

However, to his surprise, Sun Lei cast a side glance at Wang Qiang before turning around and ignoring him. At the moment when he turned around, he even said, “A country bumpkin.”

Hearing what Sun Lei said, Wang Qiang was immediately enraged. Feeling insulted, he stood forward and asked, “Aiyoh way fuck, wh, who ar, are you calling a co, country bumpkin?”

“I’m calling you a country bumpkin. What, do you have any objection, country bumpkin?” Sun Lei was extremely arrogant. He completely did not place Wang Qiang in his eyes. He pointed to Wang Qiang’s face and spoke unyieldingly.

“Ju, ju, just you wait. Af, after I finish wa, watching this show, I’ll ta, take care of you,” Wang Qiang said.

“Humph. Rest assured, I’ll have my eyes on you too,” Sun Lei replied.

“Ey, eyes on me? Wh, why would you ha, have your eyes on me? Co, co, could it be that yo, you’ve fall, fallen for me? I’m so, sorry, I am no, not interested in men,” Wang Qiang spoke in a very wretched manner.

“I’m having my eyes on you because I fear that you will try to run away. That’s because after this match is over, I’ll make sure to properly teach you, country bumpkin, a proper lesson, so that you will know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is,” Sun Lei said.

“Teach me a lesson? Ig, ignorant fo, fool, you th, think you can?” Wang Qiang replied angrily.

“Go ahead, say what you want before your death. Take advantage of the fact that your granddaddy, I, have yet to beat you up to say as much as you like, because you will not be able to say anything later on,” Sun Lei said fiercely.

“Ve, very well, we sh, shal, shall wait and see ex, exactly who will be teaching who a le, lesson, and see exactly who wi, will not be able to sp, speak later,” Wang Qiang curled his lips. He was not at all afraid of Sun Lei.

The noisy argument between the two of them caught the attention of many people. Upon thinking that Wang Qiang actually dared to argue with Sun Lei, the crowd began to have a whole new level of respect for his status and background.

However, no matter what, the main focus of the crowd was still the four Huang siblings and the three Zhou siblings.

Their match was very intense. Everyone present was a world spiritist. Thus, they were able to tell how powerful their spirit formations were, as well as the condition of their medicine concocting. On a whole, the two parties were equally matched, and the outcome of the battle was difficult to determine.

However, this sort of situation caused the crowd to feel even more on edge.

That was because the majority of them wanted the Sealing Ancient Village to win. After all, the World Spiritist Alliance had demanded a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water right away. As such, they were simply bullying.

Finally, time shuttled by, and an hour passed in a flash. This contest had reached the moment when victory and defeat would be determined.

At this time when everyone was on edge and hoping that the three Zhou siblings would be able to win, that Huang Feng once again took out the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter. Furthermore, he pointed that Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter toward their formation.

Instantly, gales began to surge forth and sweep through their surroundings. At the same time, a cyan light visible to the naked eye exploded forth. In the end, the light entered the spirit formation.

When the cyan light entered the spirit formation, the spirit formation began to shine brightly and dazzlingly. In fact, it even began to emit a rich and fragrant odor. In an instant,the nature of the formation had leveled up.

“Damn it, he actually used the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter,” Seeing this scene, the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village was deeply enraged.

“Time’s up, it’s time to open the formations.” Huang Feng completely ignored the gazes from the crowd. With a smile on his face, he waved his sleeve and opened the formation.

After that formation was opened, a single medicinal pellet that emitted three different colors of light and a very fragrant aroma appeared before everyone’s line of sight.

While that medicinal pellet might be very pretty, and was emitting a very delightful aroma, it was no ordinary medicinal pellet. It was a pellet of forbidden medicine, a very fierce forbidden medicine.

“That, that’s a forbidden medicine, the Three Colored Blood Thirsty Pellet?”

When they saw this medicinal pellet, the eyes of many of the experienced world spiritists present shone with shock. That was because the Three Colored Blood Thirsty Pellet was a very powerful medicinal pellet. Not only was it very effective for Martial Kings, even Half Martial Emperors would be able to achieve quite an effect from taking it.

Logically, only royal-cloak world spiritists were capable of concocting a Three Colored Blood Thirst Pellet.

Yet, the four Huang siblings had managed to concoct one such Three Colored Blood Thirst Pellet. Furthermore, they had only used an hour to concoct it. This was a very unimaginable accomplishment, something that many of the experienced world spiritists present could not accomplish.

“Time’s up, it’s time for the three of you to open your formation too,” Huang Feng said to Zhou Long complacently.

After that, Zhou Long also opened his spirit formation. It turned out that the Zhou siblings had also concocted a pellet of forbidden medicine. Merely, its quality was completely inferior to the Huang sibling’s Three Colored Blood Thirst Pellet.

“It seems that we have won,” Huang Feng said with a beaming smile.

“No, that cannot count. You all have cheated. If you did not use the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter, how could you have concocted a medicinal pellet of a higher quality than ours?” Zhou Long said with furious rage.

“Cheat? You truly know how to joke. I possess the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter, what’s wrong with me using it?”

“If you possess a treasure that can increase the strength of your formation and the quality of the medicinal pellet, why don’t you take it out and use it too? No one is stopping you from doing that,” Huang Feng said in a very mocking manner.

“Big brother, forget about it. Look at his wretched and poor appearance, does he look like someone with treasure?” Huang Ping added mockingly.

“You…” Hearing those words, Zhou Long was deeply enraged. That was because what Huang Ping said was true; he did not possess a powerful treasure comparable to the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter.

“Shut up!” Right at this time, Old Village Chief Ma spoke. Then, he turned to Zhou Sitian and said, “Go and get a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water.”

“Lord Village Chief,” Hearing those words, Zhou Sitian was unwilling to do so.

“I’m telling you to go, why are you still standing here? While we have lost, we cannot be sore losers that cannot take a defeat with grace,” Old Village Chief Ma said furiously.

At this time, Zhou Sitian grew silent. He said no more and turned to leave.

At the same time, the rest of the people from the Sealing Ancient Village had also grown silent. They were all regretting and blaming themselves.

They all felt that they were partially responsible for this crushing defeat. If they had not urged Old Village Chief Ma to accept the challenge and instead listened to him, they would not have lost.

“Haha, gr, great, truly great. Loo, look at how yo, you’ve lost. You all on, only dare to ac, act arrogant to, toward us, bu, bully us. But be, before the World Spiritist Alliance, yo, you’ve all become terrified, no?”

“Se, serves you right! Yo, you deserve this cr, crushing defeat,” Right at this time when the majority of the people were feeling unwell from the defeat, Wang Qiang was instead overjoyed.

Merely, Wang Qiang was no fool. He did not say these words out loud. However, he also did not contain them to his heart. Instead, he said those words to Chu Feng via voice transmission. He was letting Chu Feng share the joy that he was experiencing at this moment.

Chu Feng felt very helpless toward Wang Qiang’s behavior. However, he actually also felt very good about what had happened.

That was because Zhou Long had been overly arrogant. Especially after he had been pampered and praised by the people of the Sealing Ancient Village, he had even started to consider himself to be unparalleled in the world.

Not only did he provoke Chu Feng earlier, their grandfather even wrongly accused Chu Feng after they lost to him in the spirit power competition.

Thus, to Chu Feng, the three Zhou siblings were the same as their grandfather, and were vile characters fully deserving of their fate. People like them were unworthy of pity.

Soon, Zhou Sitian returned. He was holding a delicate jade vase in his hand. However, everyone present could tell that within that jade vase was a very considerable treasure, a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water.

When they saw the jade vase, many people present involuntarily gulped down a mouthful of saliva. They had come to the Sealing Ancient Village all for the sake of the Sealing Glacial Water. They would already be feeling extremely fortunate if they were able to obtain several drops.

However, within that jade vase was a total of a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water. It would not even be excessive to call that a priceless treasure.

If news of this jade vase was spread out, it was very possible for a bloody battle for the jade vase to occur among the world spiritists.

However, at this same moment, the people from the Sealing Ancient Village had lost greatly. As people of the Sealing Ancient Village, they knew very well what sort of effect losing these hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water meant for their village -- it would be a serious injury to their strength.

Likely, they would not be able to recover from this loss for a very, very long time.