Chapter 1364 - Looking Down Upon One Another

MGA: Chapter 1364 - Looking Down Upon One Another

“There’s no need. Men, go and present two hundred drops of Sealing Glacial Water to each of these five little friends here. Show our guests to the exit.”

However, to everyone’s surprise, Old Village Chief Ma actually decided to refuse the challenge from the four Huang siblings, this rare opportunity.

“Hah, senior Ma, I’ve heard that in the past, you were an all-powerful individual capable of shaking the entire Alliance Domain. There were even people who declared you to be an undefeated God of War that had never lost when competing in world spirit techniques.”

“However, I later heard that ever since you’ve been defeated by our grandfather, you lost all your vitality. In every world spirit technique competition, you would end up suffering crushing defeats. The current you are already no longer the same undefeated God of War from back then. You have now turned into a coward who fears competing with others in world spirit techniques.”

“Originally, we four siblings did not believe this sort of rumor to be the truth. However, after we have come here and seen it with our own eyes, we now know that the rumors were all true.” Seeing Old Village Chief Ma refusing their challenge, Huang Feng smiled and began to shake his head in a fake disappointed manner. He had actually begun to publicly humiliate Old Village Chief Ma.

“You bastard, watch your mouth! As a person of the younger generation, you actually dare to speak to Old Village Chief Ma in such a manner? How have your parents taught you?” At this time, the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village was unable to tolerate any more humiliation and actually began to berate Huang Feng.

In fact, even the guests present were unable to continue watching anymore. After all, Old Village Chief Ma possessed an extremely good reputation inside the Alliance Domain. Compared to certain management world spiritists from the World Spirit Alliance, Old Village Chief Ma was someone who was even more respected and revered by the people.

“The words of a child carry no harm. I am not going to argue with you all. Leave,” However, compared to the others, Old Village Chief Ma was still calm and collected. He did not get angry. Merely, he did not plan to gift Huang Feng and the others any Sealing Glacial Water anymore, and directly demanded that they leave.

“What’s this? Are you all trying to bully us because our grandfather is not present?”

“If you cannot continue to listen to what we say, then try attacking us. I shall see who among you all would dare to do such a thing. Are you all fucking tired of living? You actually dare to meddle in our business? Why don’t you check your own status first?!”

At this time, Sun Lei, that person with the strongest battle power, actually shouted explosively. As his words left his mouth, heaven and earth began to tremble. Immediately, many people started to shut their mouths.

They had grown afraid. They were not afraid because of Sun Lei. No matter how powerful Sun Lei might be, he was merely a rank eight Martial King. There were a lot of people present who possessed the ability to suppress him and even violently beat him up.

However, Sun Lei’s grandfather, Sun Feiyang, was more powerful than any of the people present. At this time, Sun Lei had brought forth the name of his notorious grandfather. Thus, who among them would dare to say anything anymore?

They were very worried. They were worried that Sun Feiyang might have already arrived and was hiding somewhere.

If they dared to continue to say anything, then, with Sun Feiyang’s temperament, it was not impossible for him to kill them on the spot. Thus, they did not dare to say anything anymore.

Right at this time when everyone was afraid, Zhou Long suddenly turned to Huang Feng and said, “Humph, you all wish to compete by using the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter as the gambling stake, and demand that we take out a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water as our gambling stake, is that right?”

Huang Feng looked at Zhou Long with a disdainful gaze. Then, he mockingly said, “That’s right. Why did you ask? Did you wish to compete with us? You by yourself would not do, go and find three more people.”

“Humph, there’s no need for four. We three siblings will be more than sufficient to win against you four,” The three Zhou siblings, Zhou Long, Zhou Hu and Zhou Feng, stood forth together.

“Step down!” However, at this time, Old Village Chief Ma started to frown and angrily shouted at the Zhou siblings. He did not wish for the three Zhou siblings to compete with the four Huang siblings.

“Lord Village Chief, in the past, you managed to protect our Sealing Ancient Village’s dignity.”

“Now, it is time for us juniors to help you protect your dignity. We believe that not only will we be able to seize back the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter for you, we will also be able to seize back your lost dignity, seize back our Sealing Ancient Village’s lost dignity,” Zhou Long vowed in a righteous manner.

“Lord Village Chief, please allow my unfilial grandson a chance,” Seeing the situation, Zhou Sitian also began to urge the Old Village Chief Ma.

“Lord Village Chief, please give them a chance. We beg of you.”

“Our Sealing Ancient Village has been timid for way too long now. It is time for us to strike back.”

At this time, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village also started pleading with Old Village Chief Ma. There were even people who were so emotional that they went as far as to actually kneel on the ground.

“This…” At this moment, Old Village Chief Ma started to hesitate. He was afraid, he was afraid that Zhou Long and his siblings would lose. After all, a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water were no small amount. If they were to lose, this would also be an extremely bitter loss to the Sealing Ancient Village.

However, he also did not wish to go against the will of the villagers. After all, Zhou Long and his two siblings were now the hope of their Sealing Ancient Village, the hope of all the villagers.

“Very well. You three, go and compete with them,” Finally, Old Village Chief Ma nodded his head.

“Wooahhh~~~~~” Once Old Village Chief Ma said those words, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village began to cheer in joy. It was as if they had already won.

“Yoh, heh, quite confident I see. Since this is the case, if I do not accept your desire, then I would be the one in the wrong.”

“Very well, you three against us four. How do you wish to compete? You all can decide,” Huang Feng said with a beaming smile on his face.

“Anything’s fine,” Zhou Long spoke in an indifferent manner. While Huang Feng was looking down on him, he too was looking down on Huang Feng.

“Since that’s the case, I guess I’ll decide then. Let’s compete in medicine concocting techniques. We four shall work together to set up a formation, whereas you three will do the same.”

“We shall begin at the same time. The time limit will be one hour. We shall see who will be able to concoct a higher quality medicinal pellet in this one-hour limit. What do you think about this?” Huang Feng said.

“We can do that,” Zhou Long calmly accepted.

“In that case, allow us to begin,” As Huang Feng said those words, he indicated with his eyes to Huang Ping, Huang Lang and Huang Jing.

Immediately afterward, with but a thought, their golden cloaks began to flutter, and golden spirit power surged forth from their bodies. After that, the four of them began to form hand seals and began to control their golden spirit power. In an instant, a spirit formation was formed.

At the moment that spirit formation was formed, the four Huang siblings began to take out medicine concocting materials. In picturesque disorder, the materials were thrown into the spirit formation.

The materials that the four of them had taken out were all different from one another. Furthermore, they were throwing them into the formation in a special predetermined order. Most importantly, the four of them were doing everything extremely smoothly without the slightest hesitation. The tacitit understanding between them as was so deep that it caused the onlookers to feel speechless.

In response, the three Zhou siblings were not hesitant either. They too had beguun to set up their spirit formation.

Even though the world spiritists of the Sealing Ancient Village were said to specialize in sealing spirit formations, and that the young people would generally focus more on the training of their spirit power, the three Zhou siblings completely toppled the stereotypes that people had.

That was because the coordination between the three of them was not only on par with that of the four Huang siblings, they might even be said to be a bit superior to them.

Everyone felt that the Zhou siblings were only at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. If they also had four people, they would definitely be able to completely suppress the four Huang siblings.

“Haha, good…” Seeing this scene, the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village all began to loudly cheer for the three Zhou siblings.

Hearing the deafening cheers from the crowd, the morale of the three Zhou siblings were increased and proud smiles began to appear on their faces. At the same time, the gazes with withwhich they were looking at the four Huang siblings became even more filled with contempt.

At this time, both Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were also carefully paying attention to the two competing parties. As the two of them were also world spiritists, they were also very curious as to which group of siblings would be superior.

“Wh, wh, what do you think? Wh, who do you think will win?” Wang Qiang turned to Chu Feng and asked.

“Hard to say. After all, this sort of medicine concocting technique payss close attention to the coordination between them. It is not only a test of how brilliant one’s world spirit technique might be. Instead, it more a test of the tacit understanding between them.”

“The way I see it now, their world spirit techniques are on par with one another. The only thing that can determine who will be superior is the they have control over the particularities of medicine concocting, as well as their coordination with their siblings,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, th, th, th, that’s wh, what I th, thought too,” Wang Qiang expressed his agreement.

“A bunch of ignorant fools. Sure, be happy for now. However, you’ll end up crying later.” Right at this time, a mocking voice sounded from not far from Wang Qiaing and Chu Feng. Even though that voice was very soft and sounded like someone muttering, it was still heard by Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

Turning their gazes toward the source of the voice, they discovered that it was actually Sun Lei who had said those words. He was not not participating in this world spirit competition. Thus, he ended up joining the crowd, and stood beside Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

After hearing the people from the Sealing Ancient Village cheering for the three Zhou siblings, Sun Lei felt a great amount of displeasure and muttered those words.