Chapter 1368 - Cyanwood Mountain’s Disciple, Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 1368 - Cyanwood Mountain’s Disciple, Chu Feng

After a very long time, Old Village Chief Ma opened his eyes and said, “Forget about it, victory or defeat are commonplace in war and battle. Zhou Long does not have to die.”

“Thank you Lord Village Chief, thank you Lord Village Chief,” Hearing those words, Zhou Long’s complexion immediately improved. He hurriedly started to express his thanks to the Old Village Chief Ma by kowtowing.

At this time, his face was covered with the joy of having managed to preserve his life. There was no humiliation or self-blame at all for having lost those treasures.

When they saw Zhou Long acting like this, many guests began to look at him with eyes of contempt. From the beginning of the matches till now, they had managed to see through Zhou Long’s character.

Before the matches, he was filled with confidence. After losing the matches, he used all kinds of excuses and acted like a sore loser who was unable to take defeat with grace.

Furthermore, his heroic words before the match, when he mentioned killing himself to apologize for his mistake, were all without any substance to them. In truth, he feared death to the extreme.

So what if such a person might be a genius world spiritist? Someone like him, even if he managed to achieve accomplishments in the future, would only become a scourge to society, a vile character hated by all.

When even the guests were able to see through Zhou Long’s character, how would the villagers from the Sealing Ancient Village not be able to?

At this time, not a single person from the Sealing Ancient Village was willing to look Zhou Long in the eye. They all felt that they had misjudged him in the past.

“Senior Ma, the junior that you’ve chosen is simply too much of a disappointment. He is simply incapable of contending against me.”

“However, this cannot be blamed on you. After all, in the current Sealing Ancient Village, no matter who you were to choose, you would not be able to find a single person from the younger generation capable of contending against me.”

“Regardless of whether or not you’re willing to admit it, it remains that your Sealing Ancient Village is on the decline. That is the truth,” Huang Feng said with a beaming smile. However, his words were filled with mockery.

Old Village Chief Ma only smiled at Huang Feng’s words and did not say anything. That was because there was nothing he could say. It was true; their current Sealing Ancient Village was no longer the same as it had been in the past.

“All of you, remember this. In the Holy Land of Martialism, our World Spiritist Alliance is the number one existence in terms of world spirit techniques.”

“Not only were we number one in the past, and not only are we number one now; we will also be number one in the future. All of you are also world spiritists, thus, it would be best for you to remember this.”

“The reason why you must remember this is because you need to know exactly who the boss is in the world of world spiritists,” Seeing that Old Village Chief Ma did not refute him, Huang Feng became even more arrogant. He actually began to speak to the entire crowd.

His intentions were extremely clear. He was establishing their might. He was making these world spiritists present know that although there were many ancient world spiritist powers other than the World Spiritist Alliance in the Holy Land of Martialism, not a single one of them was comparable with the World Spiritist Alliance.

However, the insulting matter was the person who was currently establishing his might. If it was a management world spiritist of the World Spirit Alliance, it would be fine. However, it was actually a member of the younger generation with the cultivation of a Martial King.

However, the irony was that not a single world spiritist person dared to refute what Huang Feng had just said.

However, this could not be blamed on them. After all, Huang Feng had crushed Zhou Long in sealing formation techniques. This meant that his world spirit techniques were extremely powerful. Even many of the older generation’s Half Martial Emperor-level gold-cloak world spiritists were inferior to him.

Furthermore, they knew that Huang Feng was not the strongest genius world spiritist in the World Spiritist Alliance. That was because he was not even extremely famous.

However… a member of the younger generation who was not even very famous was actually able to defeat the number one genius of the Sealing Ancient Village who specialized in sealing formation techniques. Thus, the crowd had no choice but to believe that the World Spiritist Alliance’s world spirit techniques were unparalleled in the entire world.

“Although I do not know whether the World Spiritist Alliance might be the boss or not, I do know that you are definitely not the boss among the younger generation of world spiritists,” Right at this time, a voice suddenly sounded from the crowd.

That voice was like a boulder being dropped into a serene lake. In an instant, it created an uproar.

Everyone turned to cast their gazes towards the person who had spoken those words. When they saw the person who had spoken, not a single person’s expression remained unchanged; they were all shocked.

That was because the person who had spoken was none other than Chu Feng.

“Who are you? You dare to say those words to me?” Huang Feng looked to Chu Feng. His eyes were filled with ill-intent.

“Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied loudly.

“Cyanwood Mountain? Chu Feng is a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain?”

“No wonder, no wonder his strength is this powerful. So he’s actually a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. That Cyanwood Mountain is the overlord of the Cyanwood Domain, one of the Nine Powers like the World Spiritist Alliance.”

Once Chu Feng said those words, the crowd was shocked. Everyone began to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng came to know that the Cyanwood Mountain was actually quite famous in the Holy Land of Martialism. From the change in the expressions of the crowd, Chu Feng was able to tell that the Cyanwood Mountain possessed a certain level of deterrence.

However, compared to the guests, the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village started to frown deeply.

If the World Spiritist Alliance was an existence that they could not afford to offend, then the Cyanwood Mountain was also an existence that they could not afford to offend.

At the beginning, they had thought that Chu Feng might be a hidden genius from a certain power of the Alliance Domain. However, they were all mistaken. It turned out that Chu Feng’s origins were even more amazing than they thought.

Earlier, the way they had treated Chu Feng meant that they had completely offended him. With Chu Feng’s talent, he was most definitely also an influential genius within the Cyanwood Mountain.

Thus, they now felt that not only had they offended Chu Feng, they had also offended the Cyanwood Mountain. As such, how could they not feel uneasy?

“So you’re a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain? No wonder you’re so arrogant. However, this is not the Cyanwood Domain. Furthermore, what we are discussing isn’t battle power. Instead, it’s world spirit techniques.”

“Did you feel that you, as a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, are qualified to butt into a conversation regarding world spirit techniques?” Huang Feng asked in a ridiculing manner.

“Are you implying that our Cyanwood Mountain’s world spirit techniques are inferior to your World Spiritist Alliance’s?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“That is simply the unquestionable truth,” Huang Feng said.

“Oh? In that case, do you dare to compete with me in world spirit techniques?” Chu Feng asked.

“What? Am I mishearing things? You, a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, actually want to compete with me in world spirit techniques? Haha! Ridiculous! This is simply too ridiculous!” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Huang Feng started to loudly and mockingly laugh.

Following him, Sun Lei, Huang Ping, Huang Lang and Huang Jiang also began to mockingly laugh.

Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged. With the same smile on his face, he asked, “What’s the meaning behind the laughter? Might it be that you do not dare? Or might it be that you’re afraid?”

“Don’t dare? I only fear that I’ll crush you too miserably,” Being provoked by Chu Feng, Huang Feng’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“Since you dare, then let’s compete. I’ll gamble with you for the hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water as well as that piece of Sealing Glacier that you’ve just won,” Chu Feng said.

“Quite big words there. Do you know how valuable my hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water and that piece of Sealing Glacier are? What do you plan to use to gamble with me?” Huang Feng asked.

“I’ll use this. What do you think?” As Chu Feng spoke, he flipped his palm. After that, an exquisite wooden box appeared in his palm.

“Heavens, that is…” When that wooden box opened, the expressions of everyone present turned to ones of great shock.

That was because there were thirty-six red pearls in that wooden box. These thirty-six pearls were emitting a faint red glimmer, as well as an extraordinary aura.

All the world spiritists present were able to tell that these thirty-six red pearls were extremely valuable treasures capable of increasing the strength of one’s spirit formations.