Chapter 1358 - Smearing One’s Own Name

MGA: Chapter 1358 - Smearing One’s Own Name

“Idiot! You’ve accomplished it. This is your score.”

“The Heaven’s Eyes is an extremely powerful technique. Its requirements in spirit power are extremely high.”

“Although you did not especially take the time to train your spirit power, you have been training in the Heaven’s Eyes the entire time. As your control over the Heaven’s Eyes became more and more powerful, your spirit power naturally strengthened,” Eggy explained.

“In that case, I’ve really won? I’ve won with my own strength and not because of luck?” Chu Feng asked in a joyous manner.

“That’s right, this is your true strength,” Eggy spoke with certainty. At this time, a beautiful joyous smile was on her sweet little face.

“Haha.” After hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng became incomparably excited. Even he did not expect that, unknowingly, his spirit power would actually increase to such a powerful degree.

However, when he thought about it, it was also rather reasonable for this to be the case. Spirit power was the foundation of one’s sensitivity. No matter how powerful his Heaven’s Eyes might be, he still needed the support of his spirit power in order to use it.

Although Chu Feng had yet to completely master the Heaven’s Eyes, he could be considered to be rather skillful. If his spirit power was not strong, how could it possibly support him, allowing him to use his powerful Heaven’s Eyes?

However, none of this was important. The important thing was that… he had won.

Right at this time, Zhou Sitian spoke and asked, “Is there anyone who still wishes to participate?”

Chu Feng’s result naturally made it so that no one else dared to participate...

If the scores of the three Zhou siblings were already something that was extremely difficult to surpass, then Wang Qiang’s score would be a display of exceptional talent. As for Chu Feng’s score, it was equivalent to a magnificent and godly feat.

With a godly feat before them, who would dare to overestimate themselves by challenging it?

“Since no one wishes to continue to participate, then this spirit power competition shall conclude.”

After he finished speaking those words, Zhou Sitian walked into the formation. After he walked out, he seemed to be holding something in his hand.

Then, he said, “I shall declare the results of the spirit power competition.”

“First place, from the Sealing Ancient Village, Zhou Long.”

“Second place, from the Sealing Ancient Village, Zhou Hu.”

“Third place, from the Sealing Ancient Village, Zhou Feng.”


Once he spoke those words, the entire plaza burst into an uproar. Not only were the guests like Chu Feng shocked, even the people from the Sealing Ancient Village were shocked.

At this time, everyone was stunned. They did not understand what was happening.

Shouldn’t the first place go to Chu Feng?

Shouldn’t the second place go to Wang Qiang?

Zhou Long, at the very most, should be in the third place. Yet, why did he become first place? Furthermore, the second and third place were even Zhou Hu and Zhou Feng.

Did he consider the people present to be blind? Even if he was planning to use his official authority for private interests, this was simply a bit too obvious.

“Lord Vice Village Chief, what are you doing?” Suddenly, Grandpa Song spoke out against it.

Although he was a person from the Sealing Ancient Village, he was also unable to tolerate a grand Vice Village Chief from being so partial.

After all, there were a lot of people present. What he was doing was the equivalent of disgracing the entire Sealing Ancient Village.

“Shut your mouth, since when did I require you to interrupt my speech? Since when did you think that you were qualified to get involved in my business? What sort of status do you think you possess? You actually dared to criticize me?” However, before Grandpa Song could finish speaking what he wanted to say, Zhou Sitian angrily shouted at him.

Zhou Sitian’s angry shout shocked Grandpa Song. Although he was very unwilling, he did not dare to say anything about it.

Not only was Zhou Sitian stronger than him, his status was also above his own. Practically everyone knew that Zhou Sitian was about to become the next village chief. At that time, he would be the person with the greatest authority in the Sealing Ancient Village.

Thus, Grandpa Song did not dare to go against him before all these people. The only thing he could do was shut his mouth and lower his head.

“Humph.” After Grandpa Song grew silent, Zhou Sitian snorted coldly and complacently.

Then, he said, “I know that everyone must be thinking why, when it is obvious that the first and second place belong to two young men called Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, I did not declare them to be the first and second place.”

“There are definitely a lot of people who believe that I am using my position for private interests, discriminating against them in favor of my own grandchildren.”

“However, I can tell you all that you all are mistaken. I, Zhou Sitian, have always been a fair and impartial person. However, at the same time, I am a person who is intolerant against a single speck of sand in my eye.”

“This formation is something that my Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestor created. It is truly a regret that he did not test out the formation itself. However, through the history of our Sealing Ancient Village, countless seniors have gone through this formation.”

“After over ten thousand years, the best score was merely two minutes. This amazing score was set by the greatest world spiritist in our Sealing Ancient Village’s history, our current Lord Village Chief.”

“Two minutes, this is the limit of this formation. To surpass two minutes is abnormal behavior. Thus, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang are cheating,” Zhou Sitian said as he pointed to Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

“What? Cheating?!!!”

Those words shocked everyone present. That was because they had clearly seen with their own eyes how Chu Feng and Wang Qiang had passed through the formation.

Furthermore, that formation was extremely profound and possessed the ability to detect cheating. Earlier, a lot of people who had tried to cheat had all been detected by the formation and banned from participating because of that.

If Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were really cheating, it would be impossible for that formation to not catch them; it would be impossible for it to not point out that they were cheating.

“Vice Village Chief Zhou, while you can eat whatever you want, you cannot speak whatever you want. Even if you plan to wrongly accuse others, you should not wrongly accuse others so obviously.”

“The eyes of the crowd present were all sharp. They all saw with their eyes how Wang Qiang and I passed through the formation. As such, how can we be said to have been cheating?”

At this time, Chu Feng spoke out against it. Even though he appeared to be rather calm, he was actually enraged.

He had passed through the formation relying on his own abilities. He was the person who knew best whether or not he had cheated. Thus, he knew very well that this Zhou Sitian was only wrongly accusing him and Wang Qiang because he was a sore loser.

“Humph, with clear evidence, you two actually still refuse to admit it?” That Zhou Sitian coldly snorted. Then, he opened his palm and two exotic gems appeared in his palm.

“What are those?” Seeing those gems, the eyes of the crowd shone. That was because those were no ordinary gems. They were emitting extraordinary power, a power of interference. While it appeared to be very mystical, it also appeared to be very weird.

“This is called the Interference Stone. They are capable of interfering with the power of a formation.”

“Chu Feng and Wang Qiang have used these Interference Stones. They threw them into the formation, which interfered with the detection power of the formation. That is the reason why they managed to pass through it with such speed.”

“If that is not cheating, then what is?”

“Unfortunately for you two, while you can conceal this from others, you cannot hide it from me. Even though you’ve used concealing methods to conceal these Interference Stones, I still managed to find them.”

Zhou Sitian held the two Interference Stones and loudly said, “Look carefully at them, were these two Interference Stones not cast into the formation by the two of you? There’s even your fingerprints on them. Don’t you think about refusing to admit to them.”

“You, you, you’re bull, bullshitting! You ac, actually thought of such a cl, clumsy fram, framing method? Who di, did you think you could ac, actually deceive?” Wang Qiang cursed in anger.

“Humph, the evidence is present, yet the two of you still refuse to admit your wrongdoing? Men, come and expel these two shameless men out from our Sealing Ancient Village. They are simply unworthy of being our Sealing Ancient Village’s guests.”

Zhou Sitian waved his sleeve. He did not want to bother talking with Chu Feng and Wang Qiang and directly ordered their expulsion.

After he said those words, many Half Martial Emperor-level elders of the Sealing Ancient Village leapt forth and arrived before Chu Feng and Wang Qiang. They planned to drive them out of the village.

“Wait a moment!” Right at this time, Chu Feng loudly shouted. After that, he extended his palm toward Zhou Sitian and said, “Since you said that those Interference Stones are mine, then please return them to me.”

“Chu Feng, ar, are you stupid? Wh, what use do you have for th, that thing? It’s simply no, not yours, why would you admit to the sto, stone being yours?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang cursed out at him. He was deeply angered.

At the same time, the following crowd were also discussing what Chu Feng said spiritedly. They also began to feel that Chu Feng might have really used those Interference Stones. Otherwise, why would he admit to it and ask for them back?

“What is Chu Feng trying to do?” At this time, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin were filled with confusion. The two of them believed Chu Feng. They knew that Chu Feng most definitely had not used those Interference Stones.

However, the two of them also did not understand why Chu Feng would admit that the Interference Stones were his.

As long as he refused to admit to it, even if Zhou Sitian expelled him and Wang Qiang from the Sealing Ancient Village, many people would still feel that Zhou Sitian was deliberately wrongly accusing Chu Feng and Wang Qiang because he was unable to accept defeat and was being a sore loser.

In that case, Zhou Sitian’s reputation would definitely suffer. As for Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, the only thing that they would lose out on would merely be the prizes.

Yet, Chu Feng actually admitted that the Interference Stones were his. This was simply equivalent to telling everyone that he had cheated, smearing his own name.