Chapter 1359 - Old Village Chief

MGA: Chapter 1359 - Old Village Chief

“What’s going on with this guy? Has he gone stupid? Is he trying to use this sort of method to swindle grandfather’s Interference Stones?” In fact, not to mention the other people, even the three Zhou siblings were puzzled by Chu Feng’s behavior.

After all, the three of them knew about their grandfather’s character. Thus, they knew that those Interference Stones were actually their grandfather’s. They also knew very well that their grandfather was wrongly accusing Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

If others only suspected that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang might not have cheated, then the three of them firmly believed that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang did not cheat and were truly being wrongly accused.

Thus, this was the reason why they were so puzzled by Chu Feng. They felt that Chu Feng knew that he was going to be driven out of the Sealing Ancient Village and thus, for the sake of not losing out, decided to feign stupidity by admitting that he had cheated so as to obtain their grandfather’s Interference Stones as compensation before leaving. After all, those Interference Stones were rather valuable items.

“Humph, I am disinclined to take your dirty little things. Have them back,” Zhou Sitian directly threw the two Interference Stones in his hand to Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

As Zhou Sitian was a very experienced and scheming person, he knew very well that it would be very difficult for him to make the crowd believe his words. Many people would suspect him and even feel that he was framing Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

However, Chu Feng actually admitted to it. This was equivalent to Chu Feng helping him achieve his goal. He was telling everyone that Zhou Sitian did not wrongly accuse Chu Feng. Thus, Zhou Sitian would naturally not miss out on this opportunity.

“Wh, who would wan, want your damn, damned thing. Do, don’t you try fram, framing me,” Wang Qiang waved his hand and slapped the Interference Stone to the side. He did not wish to be framed.

However, Chu Feng actually extended his hand and caught the Interference Stone that was thrown to him. After that, his body moved, and he did an astonishing thing. Catching people off guard, he rushed into the ancient pagoda’s formation.

“Everyone, look carefully. I am currently holding an Interference Stone in my hand. According to what Vice Village Chief Zhou said, even if I am to open my eyes or use world spirit techniques, the formation would not be able to detect anything because of the interference from the Interference Stone.”

“In that case, I will use my actions to prove to everyone whether his so-called Interference Stone is actually as miraculous as he says,” After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

“Buzz.” The moment Chu Feng opened his eyes, the formation started to shine with light and emit buzzing sounds. It was actually setting off an alarm. It was the alarm that signaled the detection of cheating.

“Heavens, the so-called Interference Stone is simply useless.”

“What’s going on? Could it be that Vice Village Chief Zhou is really wrongly accusing Chu Feng and Wang Qiang?” When they saw the scene before them, everyone came to a realization.

“Brilliant.” At this time, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin also realized that Chu Feng was not stupid enough to admit that he was cheating.

Instead, Chu Feng decided to beat Zhou Sitian at his own game. He was planning to expose Zhou Sitian’s crime before all these people. His method was truly ruthless.

“Scoundrel! Who said you could enter the formation without permission?! Come out here immediately!” Only at this time did Zhou Sitian realize that he had been played by Chu Feng. He was so enraged that he started to gnash his teeth in anger.

“I would come out without you needing to tell me,” Right at this time, Chu Feng walked out from the formation. He was still holding the Interference Stone in his hand.

He turned to the crowd and loudly said, “I believe that everyone has seen it. Vice Village Chief Zhou’s so-called Interference Stones are simply incapable of interfering with this formation at all. His claim that Wang Qiang and I have relied on these Interference Stones to cheat is simply rubbish. He is framing us because he is unable to accept defeat.”

“Vice Village Chief Zhou, if you do not wish to have the first place and second place of the spirit power competition lost to outsiders, you can totally prohibit outsiders from participating in this competition. Why go through all the trouble of framing us after allowing us to participate?”

“As a grand vice village chief, are you not a bit too shameless? Is this how you wish to set an example for your villagers?”

“How do you wish to have your villagers see you? How do you wish to have the people of this world see you? Are you still qualified to be the chief of a village?”

“You…” At this time, Zhou Sitian’s complexion had turned ashen. However, he did not know how to respond. As matters had reached this point, he seemed to have lost control over the situation.

“It turned out that it was Vice Village Chief Zhou wrongly accusing Chu Feng and Wang Qiang after all. This behavior is simply too shameless.”

“As a grand vice chief of a village, to actually do such a thing, this is simply too disgraceful.”

“Is the Sealing Ancient Village really going to be handed to such a person to manage? It would seem that the Sealing Ancient Village will soon be entering a decline.”

Chu Feng’s words caused the crowd to burst into an uproar. The guests began to unrestrainedly criticize Zhou Sitian’s shameless behavior.

That was because Zhou Sitian’s crime had been exposed. Thus, they possessed the right to criticize him. Most importantly, they were also speaking out for Chu Feng, as they wanted to safeguard the dignity of the guests.

“Clap, clap, clap…” Right at this time, a resounding series of claps sounded from the crowd. The clapping sound was simply too loud, it actually managed to surpass the sound of everyone’s discussion.

Turning their gazes toward the source of the sound, everyone’s expression turned respectful. Even Zhou Sitian’s expression instantly turned pale as fear filled his eyes.

The person that had come was a white-haired old man. He wore simple and unadorned plain cotton clothing. His snow-like white hair created a clear-cut contrast against his plain cotton clothes.

An unfathomable cultivation, a definite exceptional expert. That was the first impression that people felt from this old man.

“Lord Village Chief,” Suddenly, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village shouted. It turned out that this person was the Sealing Ancient Village’s village chief.

“Little friend Chu Feng, your ability is truly amazing,” The Sealing Ancient Village’s village chief said to Chu Feng with a smile on his face.

“Senior, what do you mean by that?”

Chu Feng started to frown. Although this Lord Village Chief did not appear to be a bad person when compared to Zhou Sitian, in fact, he appeared to be a very fair and just person, the sharp and keen Chu Feng was able to hear that there were hidden meanings behind his words.

It didn’t seem like he had come to help Chu Feng. Instead, it seemed like he had come to deal with Chu Feng.

“To be able to turn black to white, false to truth, is that not an amazing ability?” The Lord Village Chief’s eyes squinted. Then, he suddenly extended his hand, and a very powerful attractive force burst forth from it. The attractive force sucked the Interference Stone in Chu Feng’s hand into his hand.

“This Interference Stone of yours can only be used once. It had already lost its previous strength. Thus, it’s natural that you would not be able to interfere with the formation when you entered it again,” Sure enough, this so-called Lord Village Chief had come to provide assistance for Zhou Sitian.

“This…” Hearing those words, everyone was stunned. They never expected that even the Old Village Chief of the Sealing Ancient Village would say something like that.

However, the Sealing Ancient Village’s Old Village Chief was completely different from Zhou Sitian. He was someone who had always handled matters fairly. As the village chief, he had done many good deeds. Even in the entire Alliance Domain, he was a very famous person.

Regardless of whether it might be the villagers or the guests, they all trusted him immensely. His prestige in the Alliance Domain was extremely high.

Thus, if everyone’s first reaction to Zhou Sitian saying these words would be that he was planning to frame Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, then everyone’s first reaction when the Old Village Chief said these words would be to trust him. Could it be that Chu Feng had really cheated?