Chapter 1357 - Stunning Everyone

MGA: Chapter 1357 - Stunning Everyone

When Wang Qiang decided to get on the stage, a trace of hope finally emerged in the gloomy expressions of the guests.

That was because they, to a greater or lesser degree, knew about how powerful Wang Qiang was. After all, Wang Qiang was someone who was capable of fighting against Chu Feng.

Although they did not hope for Wang Qiang to be able to surpass Zhou Long, they hoped that Wang Qiang would be able to help them, the guests, retrieve some face.

Just like this, before the numerous focused gazes from the crowd, Wang Qiang entered the ancient pagoda and its formation.

At this time, the people from the Sealing Ancient Plaza appeared to be extremely at ease. They were all looking down on the guests.

However, this was completely different for the guests. Their heartbeats became rapid as their psyches grew more nervous.

They all hoped that Wang Qiang would be able to exit as quickly as possible, that he would be able to leave behind a very good record. Even if his time were to be inferior to Zhou Hu’s, even if it were to be inferior to Zhou Feng’s, they wished that he would be able to obtain a result no greater than ten minutes.

“Woosh.” However, at this time when the guests were praying in their hearts, a figure rushed out from the exit. Wang Qiang had once again reappeared before everyone’s line of sight.

One minute! Wang Qiang used only a single minute to exit from that spirit formation!

“Heavens, am I seeing things? Wang Qiang only used a single minute?”

At this time, the crowd burst into an uproar. All of the guests had expressions of shock on their faces. Unable to contain themselves, they started to cheer excitedly; they were all cheering for Wang Qiang.

However, compared to the incomparable excitement from the guests, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village were all dumbstruck. With stunned expressions, they sat there motionlessly.

Two minutes, that was the best record set by the current village chief, the best record in the entire history of the Sealing Ancient Village.

Yet, this Wang Qiang actually managed to pass through the formation in a single minute. This score surpassed the best record that had ever been set in the Sealing Ancient Village.

However, the person who set this new record was not someone from the Sealing Ancient Village. Instead, it was an outsider. As such, how could the people from the Sealing Ancient Village possibly accept this?

“Impossible, this is definitely impossible! He’s cheating, he most definitely must have cheated!”

“Speak right away, exactly what sort of method did you use to cheat?!” Zhou Long angrily lashed out at Wang Qiang. He was unable to accept, unwilling to accept that someone was faster, so much faster, than him.

“Ch, cheating your fuck, fucking mother!”

“Your, your grand, granddaddy I has us, used genuine ab, ab, ability to acc, accomplish this score. If you ar, are unconvinced, you can try th, the formation again,” Wang Qiang was also not a coward who was afraid of getting into trouble. Seeing that Zhou Long was unwilling to accept the result, he actually publicly refuted him.

“You said it, did you think I’d be afraid of you? Come, let’s go in together. Let’s see exactly who is faster,” Zhou Long said.

“I’m coming too. I’ll keep an eye on you to see exactly what sort of method you used to cheat,” Zhou Hu added.

“Me too. Let’s see how you will be faster than me without cheating,” Zhou Feng also spoke.

“Come, come, come. All, all of yo, you, come at once. Wa, watch as your gr, granddaddy completely suppress all th, three of you li, little bastards,” Wang Qiang was a person with a violent temper. He completely disregarded the identities of Zhou siblings and actually started to insult them.

Right at this time, Zhou Sitian suddenly and angrily shouted, “All of you, shut up!”

After hearing his shout, Wang Qiang and the three Zhou siblings all shut their mouths.

“Leave the pagoda first,” Zhou Sitian said to Wang Qiang.

“Humph.” With a prideful tone, Wang Qiang snorted at the three Zhou siblings. Then, he began to sway his arms and appear like a self-centered show-off as he walked out of the ancient pagoda. His attitude was one of extreme arrogance.

“The competition shall continue,” Zhou Sitian said.

However, after he said those words, not a single person responded even after a very long time. After Wang Qiang’s time, no one else was willing to participate in the competition.

After all, the outcome of the competition had been decided. Even if they were to participate, they would only be bringing about their own disgrace. As such, no one was willing to participate.

Zhou Sitian looked to the crowd of guests and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you all not willing to participate in the competition?” Perhaps it might be because of Wang Qiang’s effect, but his current tone was not very good.

“I’ll go,” Right at this time, a resounding voice suddenly sounded. Following that, a figure flew over the plaza and landed firmly at the ancient pagoda’s entrance.

As for this person, it was naturally Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng, is he that Chu Feng?” When they saw Chu Feng, everyone’s eyes shone. Even the gazes of the people from the Sealing Ancient Village grew more serious.

This was something that Chu Feng might not know himself. However, because he had passed through the Village Entering Pass with such a fast speed, he had become a celebrity in the Sealing Ancient Village.

At this time, everyone was thinking in their hearts that if even Wang Qiang was able to walk out of the formation in a single minute, then what sort of result would Chu Feng, the person who won against Wang Qiang in the competition for the Village Entering Pass, have?

Although the crowd was filled with anticipation for Chu Feng, none of them felt that Chu Feng would be able to surpass Wang Qiang.

After all, the record of a single minute was already practically the limit in terms of speed. It was likely that even the geniuses of the World Spiritists Alliance would not be able to achieve such a record. Thus, practically everyone felt that that one minute would be the best record, that even Chu Feng would find it very hard to beat that score.

After all, Chu Feng had passed through the Village Entering Pass by relying on his world spirit techniques. In the Village Entering Pass, all sorts of world spirit techniques could be used.

However, in the ancient pagoda’s formation, the only thing one was allowed to use was one’s spirit power. Nothing other than one’s spirit power was allowed, not even one’s eyes. Thus, the only thing that it tested was the strength of one’s spirit power.

“Bro, brother Chu, Chu Feng, my apo, apo, apologies. It se, seems that I hav, have won,” When Chu Feng began to approach the ancient pagoda’s formation, Wang Qiang’s voice was suddenly heard.

Turning his head, he saw that Wang Qiang was standing not far from him. Wang Qiang was still bared naked from the waist up. His hands were in a cross as they were inserted into the crotch of his large flowery underwear. He was smiling brightly like a chrysanthemum flower as he looked to Chu Feng.

“That’s not for certain,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he turned around, closed his eyes and entered the formation.

Chu Feng had to admit that Wang Qiang was very powerful. Especially his spirit power, it was much more powerful than Chu Feng had imagined. Passing through the formation in a single minute, this was also an extremely large challenge for Chu Feng.

However, in order to obtain the honor of the first place and, more importantly, in order to obtain Wang Qiang’s treasure so that he could achieve a breakthrough in cultivation, Chu Feng was determined to go all out.

After entering the formation, although Chu Feng’s eyes were tightly closed, his footsteps never stopped. His spirit power was like a third eye. Relying merely on it, he was able to see through everything.

The current Chu Feng had forgotten about the time, forgotten about his speed and forgotten about everything. All he had in his mind was to pass through the formation with an even faster speed.

Finally, Chu Feng walked out of the formation. Finally, Chu Feng opened his eyes. However, at this time, he did not hear any cheers. Instead, his surroundings were dead silent.

“Don’t tell me, I lost?” Chu Feng’s heart began to waver. He did not want to lose. However, the reaction that he was getting from the crowd seemed to be far from good.

However, regardless, Chu Feng had to face the result. He turned around and cast his gaze to the outside of the ancient pagoda.

At this time, he discovered that, regardless of whether it might be the people from the Sealing Ancient Village or the guests, and including even Wang Qiang, everyone was displaying stunned expressions as if they were petrified.

“Heavens, did you see that? His speed, he didn’t even use a single minute.”

“Too fast! Half a minute, he used merely half a minute. This Chu Feng actually managed to pass through the formation in half a minute!”

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. What sort of speed is this? How powerful does his spirit power have to be in order to use only half a minute to pass through the formation? That is simply an impossible thing to accomplish.”

Suddenly, the crowd that had been quiet the entire time burst into an uproar. Everyone was excited beyond belief and began to discuss the matter. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng were now filled with reverence and respect.

That was because what Chu Feng had accomplished earlier was simply something divine, something impossible.

Half a minute. That was Chu Feng’s score. His speed was even faster than Wang Qiang’s score of one minute.

“I’ve won?”

“Half a minute, that’s my score?” At this time, even Chu Feng felt disbelief for his own score.

One must know that although Chu Feng’s spirit power was not weak, he had never spent a lot of time or effort in training it. Although he possessed confidence in his own spirit power, he never expected to be able to pass through the formation that quickly.