Chapter 1356 - A Bunch Of Trash

MGA: Chapter 1356 - A Bunch Of Trash

After Wang Qiang’s smelly fart dispersed, Chu Feng returned to his seat and asked with a smile on his face, “How was it? Did you enjoy your sleep?”

“You’re tru, truly uncul, uncultured. Why didn’t you ca, call me when I fe, fell asleep?” While still half-asleep, Wang Qiang realized that he had made a mistake and actually began to blame Chu Feng for not waking him up.

“Who would’ve expected that you would fart in your sleep? Furthermore, your fart is so extremely stinky,” Chu Feng said with a smile. Wang Qiang was definitely the greatest weirdo that he had ever encountered.

“Wh, what? I, I far, farted?” Wang Qiang’s expression changed. He appeared to be extremely shocked.

“Not only did you fart, your fart was also extremely loud and extremely stinky,” Chu Feng said.

“I, in that case, did my fa, fart ma, manage to as, assail that Zhou Sitian’s nostrils?” Wang Qiang asked worriedly.

“You’ve hit the bull’s eye. He breathed in a lot of your fart,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face. Chu Feng had thought that Wang Qiang would feel even more unease after knowing that; however, he was mistaken. The world that a weirdo lived in was something that he could not comprehend.

That was because after Wang Qiang heard about what Chu Feng said, not only did he not appear to be worried at all, his eyes even began to squint, and a relaxed smile even emerged on his face.

That’s right, he was smiling an eased and relaxed smile. Not only was his smile very vulgar in appearance, it also appeared to be extremely perverted. It was as if he had done some sexual stuff.

“What are you laughing about? You’ve assailed Zhou Sitian’s nostrils with your fart, yet you can still smile? Do you not fear that he will retaliate against you?” Chu Feng asked in confusion.

“Tsk, wh, wha,what do you know? He, he is the gra, grand vice vi, village chief of the Sealing An, Ancient Village. Yet, he at, ate my fart. So wha, what if he is to retaliate against me? It’s all wo, worth it,” Wang Qiang said in a very pleased manner.

As he spoke, he even used his hand to poke around his butt, near the farthole. Then, in a very gratified manner, he said to his farthole, “Ve, very good. You’ve wo, worked hard.”

Chu Feng felt extremely speechless seeing and hearing what Wang Qiang was doing. Black lines covered his entire face.

After the whole Wang Qiang farting incident, the ancestral worship ceremony resumed. It continued all the way through the afternoon before finally ending.

When the ancestral worship ceremony ended, the highlight that Chu Feng and everyone else was waiting for, the spirit power competition, had finally arrived.

Within that ancient pagoda was a spirit formation specialized to test one’s spirit power. It was said that the spirit formation was one with the ancient pagoda.

The rules of the competition were actually very simple. After entering the ancient pagoda’s formation, one could not use spirit formation techniques and could not open one’s eyes. Relying only on one’s spirit power, one was to sense their surroundings and find the exit. In the end, the person with the fastest speed would be the victor in the competition.

Due to the fact that there was limited space within the ancient pagoda, the Sealing Ancient Village had especially set up a projecting formation that projected an image of the ancient pagoda’s formation outside to allow everyone to see what was happening within.

With the projecting formation, the crowd was able to clearly see how the participants entered the formation and how they exited the formation.

At this time, the most exciting moment arrived. The spirit power competition officially began.

Due to the fact that this spirit power competition was a tradition to the Sealing Ancient Village, the youngest from the Sealing Ancient Village ended up being the ones to go through the formation first.

At the beginning, it was the ordinary members of the younger generation that entered the formation. The speed at which they passed through the formation was extremely slow. The slowest person spent over an hour in the spirit formation before finally exiting.

However, there were also those who tried to cheat and ended up using world spirit techniques or opened their eyes.

However, they were too foolish. As people from the Sealing Ancient Village, they actually did not know how powerful this formation was. Thus, all of those who tried to cheat were detected by the formation and banned from the competition by Zhou Sitian. Furthermore, they were also severely punished.

Due to the fact that there were a lot of youngsters in the Sealing Ancient Village and the formation was really hard, this spirit power competition ended up becoming a lot longer than people anticipated it to be.

In the blink of an eye, the sky had darkened. In another blink of an eye, the sky grew bright again. However, not all of the younger generation from the Sealing Ancient Village had passed through the formation yet.

Only when the third day arrived did the majority of the Sealing Ancient Village’s younger generation finish going through the formation. There were three people that had yet to walk into the formation. As for those three people, they were Zhou Sitian’s grandsons and granddaughter, the three Zhou siblings, Zhou Long, Zhou Hu and Zhou Feng.

When the three of them got on stage, many of the Sealing Ancient Village’s villagers began to cheer for them.

As the three of them were the Sealing Ancient Village’s genius world spiritists, many people felt pride for them. However, due to their arrogant and tyrannical temperaments, there were also many villagers who disliked them.

However, regardless of that, it remained that the three Zhou siblings were truly remarkable. All three of them managed to smash the best records of all the previous participants.

As for Zhou Long, he even managed to obtain the best record for this spirit power competition.

Zhou Feng’s score was eight minutes, Zhou Hu’s score was six minutes and Zhou Long’s score was three minutes.

“Amazing! As expected of our Sealing Ancient Village’s genius world spiritists.”

“It has been the fifth consecutive year that Zhou Long has managed to achieve the highest score in the spirit power competition. Furthermore, he is faster every successive year. Last year, he achieved a score of four minutes. Yet, this year, he managed to accomplish it a minute faster, spending only three minutes.”

“This Zhou Long truly possesses exceptional talent. According to the way it’s been going, he will, sooner or later, be able to pass through the formation in two minutes.”

“Two minutes? If Zhou Long is able to pass the formation in two minutes, doesn’t it mean that he would tie with the historical best record set up by our Lord Village Chief?”

“That’s impossible. Lord Village Chief is said to be the most talented world spiritist to have ever appeared in the history of our Sealing Ancient Village. If it weren’t for the fact that he was heavily injured back then, his current achievements would definitely be inestimable. He might even surpass our ancestor. The record set by Lord Village Chief, how could Zhou Long possibly be able to surpass that?”

“You cannot say it like that. As the saying goes, each new generation excels beyond the previous one. While Lord Village Chief is extremely amazing, it is also the truth that Lord Village Chief had received a serious injury back then, which makes it very difficult for him to attain progress in his world spirit techniques. As for Zhou Long, his current talent is truly unequalled. Furthermore, he possesses boundless prospects. The way I see it, he will definitely be able to surpass Lord Village Chief one day and become our Sealing Ancient Village’s number one genius, a super expert who surpasses even our ancestor.”

“Sigh, during our youth, we too experienced that formation. My personal best record was only twenty minutes. Achieve a record of two minutes? Do you know how difficult that would be?”

Zhou Long’s record speed brought about waves upon waves of cheering from the crowd. At the same time, many people also began to discuss him. From the conversations of the Sealing Ancient Village’s crowd, Chu Feng came to know that this Zhou Long was actually the five-time consecutive winner of the spirit power competition.

Furthermore, he was able to surpass his own record every year. Merely in terms of spirit power, this Zhou Long was indeed very powerful. It was no wonder that he acted so arrogantly. After all, to a portion of the villagers, he possessed an exceptional amount of prestige.

After Zhou Long, it was finally time for the guests to enter the ancient pagoda and participate in the spirit power competition.

Unfortunately, before Zhou Long’s record of three minutes, the tens of minutes record that the guests left behind only served to magnify Zhou Long’s talent.

It was as if there was no one capable of contending against Zhou Long. All those who participated in the spirit power competition after Zhou Long seemed to only be seeking self-humiliation.

This sort of scene caused the guests to feel gloomy. However, it also caused the Sealing Ancient Village’s villagers to feel immensely proud.

“A bun, bunch of tr, trash. Wa, watch me, I’ll sh, show you how it’s done,” Finally, Wang Qiang was unable to continue watching this scene. He jumped from his seat and landed before the ancient pagoda’s entrance. He was planning to enter into the formation.