Chapter 1355 - Wang Qiang Displaying His Might

MGA: Chapter 1355 - Wang Qiang Displaying His Might

The ancestral worship ceremony started rather early. Thus, more and more villagers and guests began to gather in the plaza outside of the ancient pagoda.

Soon, the relatively spacious and empty plaza was no longer empty and, was instead packed with people.

“Everyone, I’ve made you all wait.” After an hour, an old man finally appeared on the stage while being escorted by several tens of elders.

This old man was not extremely old. Judging from his appearance, he should only be around a hundred years old. In a place like the Holy Land of Martialism, being a hundred years old could still be considered to be young.

However, this old man possessed quite a powerful cultivation. Due to the fact that he had not tried to hide his cultivation, Chu Feng was able to sense that this old man possessed an extremely powerful cultivation that greatly surpassed Grandpa Song and Granny Lin. He was a rank four Half Martial Emperor.

Originally, Chu Feng had thought that this old man would be the Sealing Ancient Village’s village chief. It was only when he heard the quiet discussions of the people around him did he come to know that this old man was not the Sealing Ancient Village’s village chief; instead, he was the vice village chief, the person who those three Zhou scoundrel siblings relied upon, their grandfather, Zhou Sitian.

Furthermore, Chu Feng also came to know from the discussions of the crowd surrounding him that the Sealing Ancient Village’s village chief Shou Lingyi was already a thousand years old. Due to the fact that he wanted to wholeheartedly cultivate, he had already handed all the matters regarding the Sealing Ancient Village to this Zhou Sitian to manage.

In this year’s ancestral worship ceremony, the old village chief didn’t even bother to show his face; he had decided to hand all matters regarding it to Zhou Sitian. Furthermore, in a couple of days following the ancestral worship ceremony’s conclusion, he was even preparing to pass the position of the village chief to Zhou Sitian.

“Th, th, that old fart. I can te, tel, tell right aw, away that he is not a goo, good person. To ha, have him man, manage the Sealing Ancient Vi, Village, he will ev, eventually lead it to doom.”

Like Chu Feng, Wang Qiang was also listening to the discussions of the crowd. When he heard something that displeased him, he began to use a voice transmission to complain to Chu Feng.

“There’s no harm. The old village chief is only a thousand years old. In the Holy Land of Martialism, this cannot be considered to be extremely old. As long as he maintains his health, there shouldn’t be a problem for him to live another thousand years.”

“Even if he is to hand the position of the village chief to Zhou Sitian, it only means that he will be placing himself behind the scenes. The person who possesses the true authority will still be him,” Chu Feng replied with a voice transmission.

“Si, sigh. Thi, this is some, something that you don’t understand. It doe, doesn’t matter whether that old vi, village chief is wi, wise or not in ot, other things. How, however, pas, passing such an impor, important position as the village chief to Zhou Sitian is de, definitely not a wi, wise decision,” Wang Qiang said.

After hearing what Wang Qiang said, Chu Feng nodded his head. What Wang Qiang said was not unreasonable.

However, to Chu Feng, this was something that he was indifferent to. That was because he had already made his decision to steal the Sealing Glacier. Thus, regardless of who might be the village chief, they would not be able to stop him from obtaining the thing that he wanted. Sooner or later, he would obtain the Sealing Glacier.

After that, with Zhou Sitian presiding over the ancestral worship ceremony, the Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestral worship ceremony officially began.

The ancestral worship ceremony was extremely slow-moving. To those of the younger generation like Chu Feng, the content regarding the ancestral worship ceremony was boring to the extreme.

Chu Feng managed to conduct himself relatively well. Even though he did not find the content to be interesting in the slightest, he was still able to keep himself composed as he watched from his seat.

However, Wang Qiang was completely different. He simply did not take the situation into consideration at all; he had actually fallen asleep in his distinguished guest seat in front of all these people.

It was one thing for him to sleep. If he were to sleep sneakily, no one would care about him. However… he actually started snoring.

It would be one thing if he snored quietly. However, his snoring was just too extremely loud. This led to everyone turning their attention to him.

At the beginning, the people from the Sealing Ancient Village were able to endure Wang Qiang’s snoring. However, later on, Wang Qiang’s snoring grew louder and louder. They simply sounded like thunderclaps. Furthermore, he even began to grind his teeth and talk in his sleep.

“Ho, ho, hot chick, st, stop. Al, allow your gr, granddaddy to to, touch your butt.”

“Ai, ai, aiyah. So, so, so tasty. I tr, truly lov, love stinky tofu.”[1.pelicav: stinky tofu does taste really good though. YWL:never had it before]

His sleep talking voice completely covered Zhou Sitian’s voice and managed to attract the attention of everyone present.

At this time, practically everyone present had their gazes focused on Wang Qiang. Many people began to chuckle due to Wang Qiang’s behavior. In a short while, no one was focusing on the ancestral worship ceremony at all anymore.

Faced with this scene, even though Zhou Sitian managed to endure and not say anything about it, Chu Feng was able to sense that he was extremely angry.

Chu Feng was able to tell that Zhou Sitian was hesitating. He was hesitating as to whether he should speak out against this or not.

Although sleeping during the ancestral worship ceremony was extremely rude behavior, it remained that there were no rules prohibiting guests from sleeping in the ancestral worship ceremony.

In order to allow the ancestral worship ceremony to continue, after continuously hesitating, Zhou Sitian decided to speak out against it.

However, it remained that they were in a ceremony with a lot of people. In order to keep his image as the master of the ceremony, it would be unbefitting of him to publicly lash out against Wang Qiang. Thus, he could only feign a smile on his face and slowly walk toward Wang Qiang.

Finally, he arrived before Wang Qiang. At such a close distance, Chu Feng was able to see Zhou Sitian even more clearly.

Chu Feng was able to clearly see that there was anger hidden within the gaze that Zhou Sitian looked to Wang Qiang with.

Chu Feng believed that if it wasn’t for the fact that there were so many people present, then, even if Zhou Sitian did not kill Wang Qiang, he would still violently beat Wang Qiang up. That was because what Wang Qiang was doing was simply the equivalent of ruining the ceremony.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of people present at this time. Regardless of how angry he might be, he would still have to contain his anger, so much so that he had to appear with a smiling face.

Zhou Sitian adjusted his state of mind and also adjusted the fake smile on his face to appear extremely normal. Chu Feng knew that Zhou Sitian was about to speak.


However, right at this time, a muffled explosion suddenly sounded from underneath Wang Qiang’s buttocks. The power behind that explosion was so strong that it caused even the surrounding seats to violently tremble.

“Crap.” At this time, Chu Feng screamed in his heart. He immediately jumped up and far away from Wang Qiang. That was because he knew that Wang Qiang had used his ultimate sleeping skill - farting!!

Sure enough, not long after Chu Feng escaped, an extremely vile and nauseating stink rapidly swept through the surrounding area.

At this time, not a single person near Wang Qiang was able to keep their expressions unchanged. They immediately covered their noses and mouths before dodging to the sides.

This Wang Qiang’s fart was truly too stinky. Everyone present were world spiritists who possessed a high amount of tolerance. If they were normal people, many would have been knocked unconscious just by smelling Wang Qiang’s fart.

However, at this time, the person facing the most head-on attack from Wang Qiang’s fart was that Zhou Sitian. He was the person closest to Wang Qiang, standing right in front of him. Thus, when Wang Qiang’s fart was released, the person who ended up being the most unlucky was him.

As Zhou Sitian was angry to begin with, over half of Wang Qiang’s fart ended up being sucked into his lungs.

If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have his current expression, that sort of sinister expression that seemed like he had just ate dog shit. His complexion turned ashen, and his expression was as ugly as it could be.

“Scoundrel!!!” Finally, Zhou Sitian exploded. After breathing in the majority of Wang Qiang’s fart in anger, he was finally unable to contain himself and exploded on the sport.

Actually, his rage-filled explosion was something that people could understand. After all, if it was anyone else, they too would not be able to tolerate Wang Qiang’s conduct and deeds.

“Wh,wh,what hap-ha-happened?” However, the matter that caused people to feel speechless was that when Wang Qiang was woken up by Zhou Sitian’s angry shout, he appeared to not know what had happened at all.

With an innocent expression on his face, he looked to Zhou Sitian before him and asked confusedly, “Lo, Lord Vi, Vice Village Chief, why do you ha, have such an ug, ugly expression on you,your face?”

“Humph!” Zhou Sitian was about to be angered stupid by Wang Qiang. Thus, he did not bother to speak superfluous words with Wang Qiang. Instead, he waved his sleeve, turned around and began to walk back toward the ancient pagoda.

Chu Feng was certain that if there weren’t this many outsiders present, Zhou Sitian would definitely not have left just like that. He would have definitely swatted Wang Qiang to death with his palm.