Chapter 1352 - You Are Chu Feng?

MGA: Chapter 1352 - You Are Chu Feng?

Faced with such a Wang Qiang, Chu Feng felt very helpless. From Wang Qiang, he was able to experience a phrase: There are no fish in the clearest water and there are no enemies to the most shameless people.

Wang Qiang possessed such thick skin, it could be said to be a talent that not everyone could accomplish.

“In that case, tell me about it. Where did you obtain those strange things?” Chu Feng continued to ask. He wanted to know exactly where these treasures came from. At this time, the only lead that he had was Wang Qiang.

“They were it, items that I swi, swindled with a ma, mar, martial bead wh, when I pass, passed by a village.”

“Ac, actually, they are re, really ite, items of little value. Ea, earlier, I was in, indeed swindling you,” Wang Qiang said with a smile on his face.

After hearing what Wang Qiang said, Chu Feng felt very helpless. He had carefully observed Wang Qiang when he had said those words, and discovered that it did not seem like Wang Qiang was lying.

“Where is the village located?” Chu Feng asked.

“You wish to kn, know? It se, se, se, seems that you ar, are the same as me and yo-you’re al, also very cu, curious about the ori, origins of this item.”

“How, however, I will give you a bit of ad, advice; it is, is be, better to give up. That is be, because I ha, ha, have already ask, asked the own, owner of this item about it.”

“He sa, told me that th, they were items le, left behind by his gr, gr, grandfather. As, as for his grand, grandfather, he had fo, found them. As for ex, exactly where he had fo, found them, even he did not kn, know.”

“Fu, furthermore, ac, according to my in, investigation, wh, what that man said was no lie. Th, there is real, really no way to fin, find the ori, origins of this item,” Wang Qiang said.

“You merely need to tell me where that village is located,” Chu Feng said. He had to check that village personally.

“Ve, very well. As, as long as yo, you ar, ar, are willing to gam, gam, gamble with me, I’ll te, tell you,” Wang Qiang said.

“As long as you tell me where, I’ll gamble with you,” Chu Feng said.

“As a ma, man of charac, character, once you, your words le, leave your mouth, ev, even four horses cann, cannot catch up to tak, take them back. You mu, must not go back on your word,” Wang Qiang said.

“Absolutely, I will not go back on my word. However, you must also not try to deceive me,” Chu Feng said.

“Re, rest assured, I wil, will definitely not deceive you. The vi, village that I obtained th, this item from is call, called the Chrysanthemum Village. Ho, however, it is no, not located in the Alliance Domain. In, instead, it’s located in the Cursed Soil Do, Domain,” Wang Qiang said.

“Cursed Soil Domain?” Chu Feng was quite surprised. He felt that Wang Qiang was not lying to him this time. Merely, the Cursed Soil Domain was the territory of the Cursed Soil Sect. As for Chu Feng, he did not have a good impression of the Cursed Soil Sect.

“Th, tha, that’s right. It, it’s the Cur, Cursed Soil Domain.”

“I, I, I truly did not lie to you th, this time. If you do, don’t believe me, the, the, then look a, at this. Th, this is a ma, map that I had de, de, delibe, deliberately kept,” Fearing that Chu Feng would not trust him, Wang Qiang extended his hand into his large flowery underpants again and then took out a map.

Chu Feng received the map from Wang Qiang and opened it to check. Sure enough, it was a map of the Cursed Soil Domain. Furthermore, there was a single route drawn on the map. As for the destination of that route, it was precisely a place by the name of Chrysanthemum Village.

Looking at the map, the route must have been drawn quite some time ago. Thus, Chu Feng felt that what Wang Qiang said was most likely true.

“Is that Cosmos Sack in your underpants the real location where you keep your treasures?” After Chu Feng put the map away, he asked Wang Qiang with a smile on his face. He had already discovered that Wang Qiang had hidden another Cosmos Sack inside his large flowery underpants.

“Hehe… wh, who, who does, doesn’t have some se, secrets?” Wang Qiang replied with mischievous laughter. Immediately afterward, he hurriedly said,” Th, that’s right. Br, brother Chu Feng, can, can I st, stay at your pl, place for the ni, night?”

“Stay at my place?” Hearing what Wang Qiang said, Chu Feng felt surprised. He did not really want to accept this Wang Qiang who was covered with pig’s feces.

“Pl, please, ju, just shelter me fo, for the night. I do, do not wi, wish to return to that hogpen.”

“I can, can tell that you ha, have a pr, pretty good relationship wi, with that ol, old lady and ol, old man. If I we, were to st, stay with you fo, for the night, they wo, would definitely not ma, make things di, difficult for me.”

“Bro, bro, brother Chu, Chu Feng, as the saying go, goes, on, one does not ge, get to kno, know another without fighting. Al, although we are still rivals, I ac, actually admire brother Chu Feng greatly. If you ar, are willing, we can be,become friends. Wh, what do you think?” Wang Qiang asked with a pathetic expression.

In order to stay at Chu Feng’s place, he had actually suggested becoming Chu Feng’s friend. He had completely forgotten that he had come to Chu Feng’s place in order to challenge him.

He had also forgotten the time when he had extended his middle finger at Chu Feng, provoking him at the entrance of the village. This Wang Qiang was truly the pinnacle of shamelessness.

“Since there are two bedrooms here, you might as well stay,” Chu Feng actually did not dislike this Wang Qiang. Especially when he thought about how Wang Qiang’s other treasure was likely going to end up in his hand, allowing him to breakthrough to rank six Martial King, Chu Feng decided to let Wang Qiang stay at his place.

However, when it was late into the night, Chu Feng began to regret his decision.

That was because not only did this Wang Qiang grind his teeth and talk in his sleep, he even fucking snored!

It was one thing to snore. However, this Wang Qiang’s snoring was thunderously loud. It was as if he was a pig being butchered.

Furthermore, his snores were segmented, going on and off at random times. However, if it was only that, then Chu Feng would still be able to deal with it. However, this Wang Qiang even fucking farted in his sleep. Furthermore, his farts were exceptionally stinky and capable of filling up the entire house with their fragrance.

Chu Feng had always been a person with exceptional endurance. Yet, even he was unable to not be disturbed by Wang Qiang.

With no other choice, Chu Feng could only set up a spirit formation around his room to solve this issue of Wang Qiang.

While he managed to sleep through the night peacefully after that, when early morning approached, a new situation occurred at his place.

“Knock, knock, knock…”

“Open the door! Open the door! Quickly, open the door!”

“The person by the name of Chu Feng, do you live here?”

It was currently dawn. However, sounds of the door being knocked on were echoing throughout Chu Feng’s house. Due to the fact that Chu Feng had set up a soundproofing spirit formation, he was unable to hear the knocking on the door at all.

However, Wang Qiang, who was sleeping in the room next to Chu Feng’s, was woken up by this loud noise.

After being woken up, Wang Qiang realized that someone might have come to create trouble. Thus, the quick-witted Wang Qiang did not go to open the door. Instead, he ran to Chu Feng’s room, broke through his spirit formation and tried to wake Chu Feng up.

Chu Feng possessed a very sharp sense. At the instant when his soundproofing formation was broken through by Wang Qiang, he woke up. He immediately cast his sharp gaze to the person who broke through his formation. After he discovered that it was Wang Qiang, he removed his guard and asked, “You need me?”

“Bro, brother Chu Feng, ha, have you pro, provoked a cal, calamity?”

“A lar, large group of pe, people from the Se, Sealing Ancient Village is ga, gathered outside and call, calling for you. I do, do not think th, they have come with good, goodwill,” Wang Qiang said.

At this time, Chu Feng also managed to hear the sounds of knocking on his door. Thus, Chu Feng jumped down from his bed and arrived before the door.

After he opened his door, he discovered that it was exactly as Wang Qiang said; a lot of Sealing Ancient Village’s youngsters were standing outside of his house.

The people leading this group were two men and a woman.

The ages of these two men and the woman were about the same as Chu Feng’s. Even their cultivations were about the same as Chu Feng’s. Among them, one man and the woman were rank five Martial Kings. As for the other man, he was a rank six Martial King.

After he saw Chu Feng, that rank six Martial King male sized Chu Feng up with a disdainful gaze and then asked with an ill-intended tone, “You are Chu Feng?”