Chapter 1351 - Using A Long Line To Catch A Big Fish

MGA: Chapter 1351 - Using A Long Line To Catch A Big Fish

“Hogpen? Why would you go to the hogpen?” Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

“Sigh, sa, say no more. It, it’s that old lady. Sh, she did th, this to me deliberately.”

“She said she would be ar, arranging a residence fo, for me. I to, told her that any kind of re, residence would be fine, and th, that even sl, sleeping outdoors wo, would be fine wi, with me.”

“Bu, but that o, old lady, sh, she actually arr, arranged for me to li, live in the hogpen. Fur, furthermore, she sta, stated that as I am a guest, and thus no, not allowed to run ar, around all ov, over the place, I'm on, only allowed to sleep in the hogpen.”

“Fu, fucking hell! Ha, has there ever been someone who wou, would bully another like her? Di, didn’t I only say some things about them? Th, this is tru, truly too excessive!”

Wang Qiang began to swear. As he spoke, he walked into Chu Feng’s residence and even took the opportunity to close the door. Furthermore, he sat down on one of the chairs, began to pick up the fruits on the table and started to eat them. He had completely disregarded himself to be a stranger in Chu Feng’s residence.

“For you to come to my place, did you need something?” Chu Feng did not care what sort of grievances Wang Qiang might have encountered. Thus, he immediately asked the most important question.

“Of, of, of course! Di, did you tru, truly think that you could win that gamble fo, for free?”

“I w, want to cont, continue gambling with you,” Wang Qiang spoke with seriousness.

“Continue gambling? What do you wish to gamble on?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“Isn’t tomo, tomorrow the Se, Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestral wor, worship ceremony? In the an, ancestral worship ceremony, there is a sp, spirit energy competition. I be, believe that you also kn, know about this matter.”

“I shall comp,compete with you, and we shall see wh, who among us will be able to obtain fir, first place. Who, whoever man, manages to obtain first place sh, shall be the victor,” Wang Qiang said.

“In that case, what if neither of us manages to obtain first place?” Chu Feng asked.

“Im, im, impossible. That fir, first place is def, definitely mine,” Wang Qiang said with confidence.

“In that case, doesn’t it mean that I am doomed to lose?” Chu Feng was unable to contain his laughter. This Wang Qiang’s ability to boast was truly amazing.

“Th, that’s not for c, certain either. Th, the fact that you we, were able to win aga, against me this time means that you are pr, pretty good too. Either way, that fir, first place will ei, either be yours or mine,” Seemly afraid that Chu Feng would be unwilling to gamble with him, Wang Qiang actually shifted his speech and began to praise Chu Feng.

“While I am open to gambling with you, what do you plan to gamble with? Could it be that you possess even more family treasures?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“Ho, how could th, that be? I only ha, have a single family treasure. Furth, furthermore, I’ve already lost it to yo, you,” Wang Qiang said.

“Don’t tell me that thing is really your family treasure,” Chu Feng asked with a testing tone.

“Of, of course! Wh, why would I be lying to you? Do, do I look that sham, shameless?” Wang Qiang said.

“Very well, since you’ve said those words, I’ll trust you. In that case, let us return to our main topic. I bet you wish to gamble with me because you want to win back the treasures that I won. Today, the amount of treasures I’ve won is rather numerous. What do you plan to use to gamble with me? If the value of the item or items you’re planning to use as the gambling stake is of inequivalent value, I would not be willing to gamble,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s tr-true of co, course. You can, can rest assured. I am Wa, Wang Qiang, I will not try to sc, scam you.”

As Wang Qiang spoke, he took out the Cosmos Sack on his waist. Then, he turned it around and opened it before Chu Feng’s eyes. In an instant, a pile of items glittering with golden shine flowed out of the Cosmos Sack and covered the floor.

Upon closer inspection, Wang Qiang truly possessed quite a bit of treasure. Merely martial beads numbered over two hundred thousand. Other than that, there were martial skills, medicine concocting materials, weaponry refinement materials and various other treasures of all kinds.

If one were to carefully calculate their value, then the treasures Wang Qiang displayed before Chu Feng would really be more valuable than the treasures Chu Feng had won today. That was because the majority of Wang Qiang’s treasures were very strange and rare. Although they possessed ugly appearances, they were all top quality items.

Unfortunately, none of Wang Qiang’s treasures enticed Chu Feng. What Chu Feng needed were not these, what he needed were cultivation resources that could allow him to rapidly reach a breakthrough.

Seeing that Chu Feng did not reply to him and even appeared to be a bit unwilling to accept these treasures, Wang Qiang hurriedly asked, “Wh, what’s wrong? Wi, with all these t, treasures here, you, you’re still not satisfied?”

“These treasures of yours are about the same sorts of things as the treasures that I’ve won. However, they’re missed a single sort of treasure,” Chu Feng said.

“Wh, what’s missing?” Wang Qiang asked.

“It is missing an item of equivalent value to your family treasure,” Chu Feng said.

“Wha? Eve, even though I’ve ta, taken out all these tre, treasures, you still wan, want my family treasure? H, how greedy could you be?” Wang Qiang asked helplessly.

“Are you implying that these items are on par with your family treasure? In that case, that family treasure of yours is not invaluable either,” Chu Feng said.

“You, you, you…” Wang Qiang was forced speechless by Chu Feng. He was so anxious that he began to sweat. However, he did not know how to respond to what Chu Feng said.

After all, he had said those words with absolute certainty before, saying that his family treasure was an invaluable item. At this time, Chu Feng wanted him to take out an item of equivalent value; wouldn’t that mean that he would have to take out a priceless treasure?

“Bro, brother Chu Feng, ca, can you not be like this? I, I’ve already ta, taken out all of my belong, belongings. Pl, please, please gamble with me ag, again,” Wang Qiang begged.

“You were so confident earlier that you would be able to win against me. Right now, you’re clearly setting up a trap so that I will lose all of my treasures to you.”

“However, even if you planned to have me jump into the trap that you’ve set up, you should at least place a strong lure. When you’re unable to even take out an item of equivalent value to your family treasure, how am I supposed to jump into the trap you’ve set for me?”

Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders. It was not that he did not want to win the items Wang Qiang had taken out as gambling stakes. Merely, he felt that Wang Qiang had yet to take out all of his treasures.

Chu Feng was using a long line to catch a big fish. He was testing Wang Qiang to see whether he was willing to take out real cultivation resources.

“Fine. I’ve lost to you. T, this sh, should be enough now, no?” Sure enough, after being forced by Chu Feng, Wang Qiang clenched his teeth and suddenly placed his hand inside his large flowery underpants.

When his hand was taken out of his large flowery underpants, Chu Feng’s eyes immediately started to shine, and his heart began to throb. [1.GNE: Homo-erotic undertones FTW :D]

That was because there was an item in Wang Qiang’s hand. That item was wrapped in a spirit formation. Thus, it was nearly impossible to sense its aura. However, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that this item was the same item as Wang Qiang’s family treasure, that piece of dung-like treasure that Chu Feng had just refined.

Chu Feng was certain that as long as he could refine the cultivation resource in Wang Qiang’s hand, he would be able to achieve a breakthrough. When he thought about the chance to achieve a breakthrough in cultivation, how could Chu Feng not be excited?

However, in order to make sure that he did not expose any flaws, Chu Feng remained extremely composed on the surface. In fact, he even started to frown and displayed a very unhappy expression.

With displeasure on his face, he turned to Wang Qiang and asked, “Didn’t you say that that was your family treasure? Why would you be able to take out another carbon copy of your family treasure? You have clearly scammed me, no?”

“Bro, brother, I am so, sorry. In, indeed, I li, lied to you earlier. Wh, while this is in, indeed my family treasure, I ac, actually possess two of these family treasures.”

“I am tru, truly not lying to you thi, this time around. I on, only have two family treasures. One, one, one of them is in your hands and the ot, ot, other is here with me,” Wang Qiang said with an apologetic expression and a very sincere tone.

Although he had a very normal expression and attitude, Chu Feng was certain that this Wang Qiang was lying.

“Even now, you actually still want to deceive me? I have carefully inspected it. Although that thing contains natural energy, it is simply impossible to refine them. In short, they are useless things.”

“Thus, I am certain that they are definitely not your family treasures. Exactly where did you find that trash? Tell me exactly what their origins are. If you do, I’ll gamble with you,” Chu Feng said.

“I, I, I admit, they are ind, indeed not my family tr, treasures,” Wang Qiang was truly a person without any moral integrity at all. Being threatened by Chu Feng, he actually began confessing right away. Furthermore, he had a calm expression as he began his confession; there was not the slightest trace of shame to him at all.