Chapter 1350 - Where Did You Come From?

MGA: Chapter 1350 - Where Did You Come From?[1. Pelicanv: WHERE DID YOU GO? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM, COTTON-EYE JOE]

After entering the Sealing Ancient Village, Chu Feng discovered that the Sealing Ancient Village was actually a very large place, so large that it surpassed his imagination. From a glance, it simply appeared like a very large power, a city with boundaries that could not be seen.

There were many villagers in the Sealing Ancient Village. Furthermore, the majority of them possessed exceptional strength. Regardless of whether they were young or old, they all possessed cultivations that could be considered very powerful amongst others in their age group.

It could be said that not only did the Sealing Ancient Village possess a lot of villagers, all of the villagers were elites too.

However, the construction in this place was very lacking. They were actually all living in thatched huts. Even the roads were spread out with crushed or broken rocks and stones.

Chu Feng did not believe that an enormous power like the Sealing Ancient Village would not be able to construct a luxurious city.

Thus, he knew very well that it might be that the Sealing Ancient Village deliberately wanted this sort of plain and simple appearance. Likely, it was the wish of their deceased ancestors.

Furthermore, the people from the Sealing Ancient Village were extremely well-natured toward foreigners like Chu Feng.

It was no wonder that this many world spiritists would want to come and be guests of the Sealing Ancient Village. That was because as long as one could pass through the two trials, one would be treated very courteously by the Sealing Ancient Village’s villagers.

Finally, with Grandpa Song making the arrangements for him, Chu Feng was arranged to stay in a thatched hut with two bedrooms and a living room.

Although the outside appearance of this thatched hut appeared to be very ordinary, the internal decorations were, nevertheless, worthy of praise.

Although the decorations were not gorgeous, they were very neat, and gave off a comfortable sensation. Most importantly, there were both tables and chairs. Furthermore, the bed was also soft and comfortable. On top of that, there were tasty light refreshments and fruits placed on top of the table. In short, the preparations were very considerate.

In the Sealing Ancient Village, treatment like this really could be said to be top quality treatment reserved for esteemed guests.

Due to the fact that Grandpa Song was relatively busy, he left immediately after arranging Chu Feng’s residency in this hut.

After Grandpa Song left, Chu Feng hurriedly closed the door to his house and then sealed it off with a world spirit technique.

He did this because he was anxious to refine that treasure from Wang Qiang to see if he could achieve a breakthrough.

“This thing is truly stinky. However, it most definitely is not a piece of dung. Exactly what is it?” Chu Feng held the dung-like treasure and began to carefully examine it.

From his first glance at this item, Chu Feng had felt that it was extremely special, more special than all of the Natural Oddities that he had encountered in the past.

“Chu Feng, are you really going to eat this disgusting thing?” Eggy asked with an expression of avoidance.

“Of course not. Who said that I need to eat something in order to refine it?” Chu Feng smiled lightly. After that, he lightly threw the treasure into the air and began to form hand seals with one hand. As he opened his mouth, a frantic power and numerous bolts of lightning surged violently from his mouth, engulfing the treasure within them.

It turned out that Chu Feng was already capable of utilizing his lightning to refine cultivation resources. From a passive state, he had reached a state of active control over his lightning.

“Buzz.” But when the frantic lightning came into contact with the treasure, the treasure actually began to emit a black shine that blocked the lightning outside of it.

“Is this for real? That thing is actually capable of withstanding your chowhound-like divine lightning?” Seeing this scene, even Eggy’s eyes shone with shock.

One must know that Chu Feng’s divine lightning was extremely savage. All of the Natural Oddities in this world, regardless of how frightening they might be, would all be culinary delicacies before Chu Feng’s divine lightning. The end result would always be the same; they would be devoured by Chu Feng.

However, this dung-like item was actually capable of withstanding Chu Feng’s Divine Lightning. What did this signify? This meant that it was very extraordinary, very powerful.


Right at this time, a snarl suddenly sounded from Chu Feng’s dantian. This snarl was extremely frightening. From just hearing it, one would tremble with fear.

Even Her Lady Queen from the Asura Spirit World was frightened by this snarl, causing a trace of paleness to appear on her exceptionally beautiful little face.

It was as if there was nothing in this world that was more frightening that this snarl.

Fortunately, this snarl could only be heard from within Chu Feng’s dantian. If it was to be heard outside, then it would definitely create an enormous ruckus.


After this snarl, the Divine Lightning rushing out from Chu Feng’s body became even more frantic. It actually managed to break through the treasure’s black radiance and aggressively sweep that dung-like treasure within it. Then, it ripped it apart and refined it, leaving not the slightest bit of it behind before returning to Chu Feng’s body.


“What happened earlier? Were the monsters in your body angered?”

“That was truly scary. Even this queen was frightened by it. It would seem that that dung-like thing is not up to much. After those monsters became enraged, it was simply unable to withstand a single blow.”

“This queen is truly more and more curious as to exactly what those monsters in your body might be. Is it really just an Inherited Bloodline?” Eggy asked with a pensive expression. However, she was also very excited. She was excited because there was such a strong power within Chu Feng’s body.

“Actually, I was frightened by it too. Just earlier, I felt as if I sensed their life energy. It was as if they were resurrected.”

“The reaction was not only from the Divine Lightning in my dantian, even the Divine Lightning that had been assimilated within my blood began to flare up. The power that they were exhibiting was extremely strong.”

“However, after the treasure was refined, they calmed down and returned to normal. I am truly unable to fathom it,” said Chu Feng as he shook his head.

“Regardless, it is a good thing that you’ve managed to refine that treasure. Hey, what’s going on? You didn’t manage to break through?” Eggy was astonished. That was because Chu Feng had predicted that he would likely be able to reach a breakthrough after refining that dung-like treasure.

However, at this time, not only did he not manage to achieve a breakthrough, it appeared that he was lacking a lot of martial power in order reach a breakthrough. Based on this, he would need to refine at least another one of that kind of dung-like treasure in order to break through.

And that… was something that surpassed Eggy’s expectations.

“That treasure is extremely special, even more special that I imagined it to be. Even the Divine Lightning in my body is unable to refine it completely,” Chu Feng said.

“You mean?” Eggy realized something.

“At least half of the Natural Energy contained within that treasure has been lost. And I, I could only watch as it washed away before my eyes without being able to do anything about it,” Chu Feng said.

“It was actually that powerful?” Hearing those words, Eggy was shocked.

“I think it was also because my control over the Divine Lightning was insufficient. If I were able to control the Divine Lightning, then, with that power, I would definitely would have been able to refine it completely. Unfortunately… I was simply unable to control it at all, and so was unable to really utilize it this time,” Chu Feng sighed. He truly wished to be able to control that powerful Bloodline of his.

He knew that when he managed to control his powerful Bloodline, he would become extremely powerful, countless times more powerful than the current him.

“Even if that is the case, it still remains true that that item was extraordinary. That Wang Qiang, exactly how did he manage to obtain it?” Eggy began to ponder.

She knew that an item that even the frightening Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s dantian was unable to completely refine was definitely extraordinary.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

“Knock, knock, knock…”

Right at this time, sounds of someone knocking on the door could be heard. Furthermore, when listening carefully, one could hear that someone was shouting.

“O, o, open the do, door.”

“Qu, quickly op, open the door.”

“Why did this guy come here?” At this time, Chu Feng smiled. Just from the voice, he was able to tell that it was Wang Qiang that was knocking on his door.

“Who cares? This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask him where he obtained that amazing treasure,” Eggy said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. He then removed the spirit formation around the house and opened the door.

When the door was opened, Wang Qiang could be seen standing outside the door. Merely, at the same time he appeared, a powerful and unstoppable stink immediately assaulted Chu Feng’s nostrils.

This caused even Chu Feng to frown. He immediately stepped backwards and used his sleeve to cover his nose and mouth. Only then did he dare to properly observe Wang Qiang.

At this time, Wang Qiang’s entire body seemed to be covered with manure. As for that unstoppable stink, it was being emitted from those manure-like things that covered Wang Qiang’s body.

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng asked, “Where did you come from?”

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang raised his arm and proudly waved his beautiful hair with his hand. Only then did he smile before saying, “Th, the hog, hogpen.”