Chapter 1349 - The Miraculous Wang Qiang

MGA: Chapter 1349 - The Miraculous Wang Qiang

“I’m afraid that you will not be able to obtain those spoils of war,” Grandpa Song said with a smile on his face.

“Wh, what? Yo, yo, you old fa, fa, fart! Su, sure enough, you can’t be tr, trusted!”

“You’re actually shame, shameless enough to em, embezzle the spoils of wa, war from a younger generation. Wh, where is your mo, moral integrity?”

“Re, return my spo, spoils of war ri, right now! If you do th, that, I’ll consider it li, like nothing ha, has happened.”

“El, el, else, I’ll sp, spread your in, infamy all over. I’ll de, defin, definitely do that, you hear me?”

Hearing what Grandpa Song said, Wang Qiang’s expression changed. The way he saw it, Grandpa Song had embezzled those treasures. However, he was not afraid of Grandpa Song, and actually began to threaten Grandpa Song with confidence.

“Wang Qiang, are the spoils of war that you’ve mentioned these here?” Right at this time, Chu Feng walked out of the stone house. He was holding onto the Cosmos Sack with the treasures.

“Holy fu, fu, fuck! Th, this is impossible!” Wang Qiang’s expression instantly changed greatly. His complexion turned pale as paper and his legs grew weak. He actually swayed and fell to the ground as disbelief filled his eyes.

Evidently, he was immensely shocked by Chu Feng’s appearance.

“Wang Qiang, I’m sorry to inform you that little friend Chu Feng was quite a lot faster than you in his arrival. Thus, the victor of this competition is little friend Chu Feng,” Grandpa Song spoke. He spoke with a tone of mockery.

“Im, im, impossible! You, you, you’re cheating! You all are def, definitely cheating!”

“He most def, definitely did not walk out from the Vill, Village Entering Pass. He mu, must’ve taken your Se, Sealing Ancient Village’s sho, shortcut.”

“You’re tru, truly despicable! Tru, truly shameless!!”

“Tell me, wha,what sort of benefits did th, that Chu Feng promise you? Wh, why did you he, help him like this?” Wang Qiang started to interrogate Grandpa Song.

“Cheating? Humph. All the people here have seen little friend Chu Feng walking out from the Village Entering Pass’s exit with their own eyes. Yet you actually say that I’m helping him cheat?”

“Wang Qiang, the way you’re speaking is not only a disregard for your elders, you are looking down upon the integrity of our Sealing Ancient Village!”

“Since this is the case, why did you bother to come to our Sealing Ancient Village at all? The way I see it, there is no need for you to enter our Sealing Ancient Village, you might as well take the same path you’ve come from and return,” Grandpa Song said.

“You actually dare to insult our Lord Elder in such a manner. Scram, get out of our Sealing Ancient Village!” At this time, the Sealing Ancient Village’s villagers also started to angrily berate Wang Qiang.

Furthermore, they began to angrily walk toward Wang Qiang, forcing him back. They were not playing around. They were truly prepared to drive Wang Qiang out of the Sealing Ancient Village.

“Sto, sto, stop!”

“I, I, I was merely jok, joking. Look at you all, you act, actually took my jo, joke to be real,” Seeing that the situation was not good, Wang Qiang hurriedly changed his expression and started to smile.

However, Grandpa Song and the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village did not buy his excuse. They continued to appear to want to drive Wang Qiang out of their Sealing Ancient Village.

“Aiyah, my grandfather! I am mis, mistaken! Is that not enough?” Seeing that the situation was still not good, Wang Qiang actually bent his knees and with a ‘putt’ knelt onto the ground. He began to kowtow. “Pl, please, a per, person of great mo, moral stature does not re, remember the off, offenses committed by one of low mor, moral stature. Pl, please give me an, an, another chance!”

“I have tr, traveled far fr, from distant lands, crossed ov, over mountains and ri, rivers to com, come here.”

“Th, through great difficulty, I ha, have passed through ha, hardships and perils to come he, here.”

“If, if you are to t, tru, truly dri, drive me away beca, because of my jok, joking words, yo, you will mi, miss out on a guest who co, could potentially beco, become your Sealing Ancient Vi, Village’s dis, distinguished guest. You will mi, miss the opp, opportunity to be, befriend the fu, future overlord of the Holy La, Land of Martialism.”

Wang Qiang appeared extremely miraculous. He kneeled to the ground and began to speak all sorts of good words. He was simply another person when compared to the him from before.

If the Wang Qiang from before could be said to be a king, then the current Wang Qiang would definitely be a grandson. [1. Grandson is an insult. Like how chinese people like to refer themselves as ‘your daddy, your granddaddy, your uncle, etc.” as insulting, prideful terms]

However, the thing that was the most surprising was that there was not the slightest bit of shame on his face. It was as if all that he was doing were only natural.

Seeing Wang Qiang acting like this, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin looked to each other. They were also made to feel awkward by Wang Qiang.

No matter what, Wang Qiang was a person with very powerful strength. Grandpa Song believed that Wang Qiang would become someone extraordinary in the future, and was definitely someone with a powerful background.

If Wang Qiang were to continue to threaten them, then it would be unavoidable for them to drive him out.

However, Wang Qiang suddenly had a hundred and eighty degree change in his attitude and became so petty and low. He had even kowtowed, begun to beg, and started to address them as grandfathers and grandmothers.

Oh how determined was his resolution to admit his fault.

If Grandpa Song was to still insist on driving Wang Qiang out even after he admitted his fault in such a manner, it would turn to him being in the wrong if word of this matter were to spread.

“Grandpa Song, the way I see it, Wang Qiang has the heart to repent. I think you should give him an opportunity to turn over a new leaf,” Right at this time, Chu Feng spoke.

“Mn, since you, Chu Feng, are pleading for leniency for him, we will give him the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.”

“However, you were the one who was rude first. Thus, you cannot blame our Sealing Ancient Village for being inconsiderate in our reception of you. Originally, with your speed of passing through the second trial, you should have been granted the highest quality guest room. However, now, you will only be granted the lowest quality guest room,” Granny Lin said.

“No, no, no problem! I, Wang, Wang Qiang, po, possess tough skin and th, thick flesh. It do, doesn’t matter to me wh, where I sleep!” Seeing that Grandpa Song and Granny Lin had decided to forgive him, Wang Qiang immediately stood up and started smiling again. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

“Doesn’t matter? Truly?” A vile smile that was difficult to detect emerged on Granny Lin’s face.

“Absolutely ce, certain! Ev, even if I am to be sl, sleeping out, outdoors, that wo, would be fine too!” Wang Qiang patted his chest and vowed.

“Very well. In that case, follow me. I’ll personally arrange a residence for you,” As Granny Lin spoke, she began to walk toward the Sealing Ancient Village. When Wang Qiang saw that, he immediately followed behind her.

However, at the time when Wang Qiang walked by Chu Feng, he suddenly stopped and looked to Chu Feng with a gaze filled with tender feelings. There was even a shyness to his face, and his lips were slightly raised. It was as if he was about to confess his love to Chu Feng.

At the time when Chu Feng felt that it was very likely that Wang Qiang would be thanking him, Wang Qiang suddenly raised his hand and extended his middle finger.

That was correct. Not only did Wang Qiang not thank Chu Feng for pleading for leniency for him, he instead raised his middle finger at Chu Feng.

It seemed that Wang Qiang was afraid that Grandpa Song would discover his action. Thus, his speed of raising his arm and extending his middle finger was extremely fast. Right after Chu Feng saw the middle finger, Wang Qiang had already started to pull back his arm. Then, he smiled at Chu Feng with all his teeth exposed before rapidly running after Granny Lin.

“That stutterer, he truly needs a spanking!” When Eggy saw what Wang Qiang had done, her expression turned pale. She was deeply angered.

“Heh, I find him extremely amusing. If possible, I would like to befriend him,” However, Chu Feng was not only not angered by Wang Qiang’s provocative action, he instead started to laugh as he found this Wang Qiang to be very interesting.

“Are you for real? You actually want to befriend someone as shameless as him?” Eggy was shocked by Chu Feng’s words.

“Although his actions are shameless from time to time and even childish sometimes, although his mouth is extremely vile, he has never once hidden anything.”

“He has always spoken and done whatever was on his mind. He dares to do what he wants to do without fear of provoking others or losing face. That sort of temperament is actually pretty good,” Chu Feng said.

“Pretty good? I don’t see it at all,” Eggy curled her lips. To her, anyone that dared to provoke Chu Feng would simply be courting death. She would not feel any sort of good impression toward those sorts of people.

“Although Wang Qiang might appear to be very annoying on the surface, he is a much stronger person than those who pretend to be righteous on the surface and only do shameless things in the shadows,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s true,” Eggy nodded in agreement. Compared to the people who were shameless on the surface, those who would do shameless things behind one’s back were the most hateful sort of people.

At this time, Grandpa Song said. “Chu Feng, let us go too. You are the first to pass through the Village Entering Pass. As such, you can enjoy the highest quality treatment for guests,”

“Grandpa Song, thank you for your trouble,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng courteously bowed and then began to follow Grandpa Song into the Sealing Ancient Village.