Chapter 1348 - Spoils Of War

MGA: Chapter 1348 - Spoils Of War

“This is pretty interesting. Are you saying that we, who are not from the Sealing Ancient Village, are also allowed to participate?” Chu Feng asked with great interest.

He knew that Grandpa Song and Granny Lin would not tell him about these things for no reason at all. Since they had mentioned it, it was most likely related to him.

“Of course. If you cannot participate in this, then why would we mention it to you?” Grandpa Song said with a beaming smile.

“Not only are you capable of participating, you will also have the chance to fight over the prize”

“The top three participants in the spirit power contest will all be given awards. The third ranked participant will be able to obtain a hundred drops of Sealing Glacial Water and ten thousand martial beads.”

“The second ranked participant will be able to obtain three hundred drops of Sealing Glacial Water and a hundred thousand martial beads.”

“As for the first ranked participant, his rewards will be much more amazing. He will be able to obtain one thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water and a million martial beads.”

“Furthermore, if the younger generation’s first ranked position is not a person from our Sealing Ancient Village and instead is a guest, this guest will also be able to obtain a Sealing Title Plate.”

“Those with Sealing Title Plates are distinguished guests of our Sealing Ancient Village. They will be able to enter and exit our Sealing Ancient Village without going through any trials,” Granny Lin added.

“There are actually such generous rewards?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng who was already excited became extremely excited. That was because the rewards for being the first ranked participant were truly extraordinary, so much so that even Chu Feng was unable to contain his desire for them.

Most importantly, if he was able to obtain the first place, he would definitely be able to allow the people from the Sealing Ancient Village to have a whole new level of respect for him.

Why had Chu Feng come to the Sealing Ancient Village? His purpose was precisely so that he could obtain a good impression from the people of the Sealing Ancient Village and then obtain an opportunity to steal some of the Sealing Glacier.

As for this ancestral worship ceremony’s spirit power competition, it was, to Chu Feng, a rare opportunity.

“The Heavens are helping me!” At this time, Chu Feng was unable to contain his emotions and shouted in his heart. The way he saw it, he believed that the competition of spirit power was already his to win.

“Chu Feng, your world spirit technique is very powerful. Among those of the same generation, I believe that, other than the geniuses from the World Spiritist Alliance, there will rarely be anyone capable of rivaling you. I believe that even the brats of our Sealing Ancient Village will not be able to rival you.”

“If I am not mistaken, I believe that you are definitely extremely confident in this spirit power competition and feel that victory is within your grasp.”

“However, I am not trying to splash you with cold water. While our Sealing Ancient Village’s world spirit techniques might be inferior to that of the World Spiritist Alliance, we possess special sealing techniques and methods of spirit power utilization that not even the World Spiritist Alliance dare to underestimate.”

“Especially the youngsters. They have deemed the competition of spirit power to be the highest honor in the village. Thus, ever since the day that they started learning world spirit techniques, they have placed the training of spirit power as their number one priority. They have all trained bitterly for the sake of tomorrow’s competition.”

“Thus, even if our village’s youngsters possess inferior world spirit techniques to yours, they might be above you in terms of spirit power utilization,” Granny Lin said.

“They’ve focused on the training of spirit power?” Chu Feng started to lightly frown. The majority of the world spiritists focused on training powerful world spirit techniques. Although spirit power was fundamental for world spiritists, not many among them specialized in training spirit power.

As for Chu Feng, he had, at one point, placed quite a bit of effort in training his spirit power. However, in order to grasp even more powerful techniques, he had gradually begun to neglect training and strengthening his spirit power, and instead to focus on meticulously studying powerful world spirit techniques, as well as the utilization of his Heaven’s Eyes.

From Granny Lin’s tone, Chu Feng was able to tell that she was not trying to scare him with frightening words.

The Sealing Ancient Village was filled with world spiritists. Furthermore, they had been in existence for so many years. If one was to say that they did not have something that they specialized in, it would definitely be a lie.

It was very possible that sealing techniques, as well as the strengthening and cultivation of their spirit power, were their specializations.

At this time, Granny Lin and Grandpa Song exchanged gazes with one another. Then, they handed a scroll to Chu Feng and said, “However, Chu Feng, you do not have to worry too much. This here is the general diagram of the formation. Although it is not very detailed, it might be able to provide you assistance if you are to memorize it.”

“Grandpa Song, Granny Lin, this Chu Feng cannot accept that,” However, when Chu Feng saw the scroll, he shook his head repeatedly. He did not dare to accept it.

“This is merely the general diagram. It is something that all of the youngsters from the Sealing Ancient Village have seen. We are not telling you to cheat by looking at it. Merely, we want you to have a fair chance in this competition,” Granny Lin explained.

“Granny Lin, in that case, let me ask you a question. Other than the people from your Sealing Ancient Village, has there ever been any guest who has seen this general diagram?” Chu Feng asked.

“That... of course not,” Granny Lin shook her head.

“But, Chu Feng is a guest. If I am to see that, while it might be fair to me, what about the other guests?” Chu Feng asked.

“This…” Grandpa Song and Granny Lin were speechless. It was true. To the other guests, what they were doing would not be fair at all.

“Grandpa Song, Granny Lin, I know that the two of you are doing this for my sake.”

“However, I wish to compete fairly. Although I have not focused on training my spirit power, I am still relatively confident in my spirit power.”

Not only was Chu Feng’s tone filled with confidence, there was also a lot of gratefulness toward Grandpa Song and Granny Lin.

They were only strangers who had met each other by chance. Yet, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin treated him so generously. This meant that they truly thought highly of him. As such, it was actually very unbefitting for him to refuse their goodwill. However, Chu Feng was someone who conducted himself with a moral baseline. To him, the most important thing was to have dignity.

Even though he wanted to obtain first place in the spirit power competition, Chu Feng wanted to rely on his own strength and not win by cheating.

“Very well, Chu Feng, you have integrity.” To Chu Feng’s joy, even though he had rejected their kindness, not only were neither Grandpa Song nor Granny Lin angered, they instead thought even more highly of Chu Feng.


“Gran, gran, grand, granddad, granddaddy I, am the first person to arrive!”

“Fi, fi, fight with me? Non, none of you could win, win against me!”

However, right at this time, a loud laugh suddenly sounded from outside. As for this voice, it was from none other than Wang Qiang.

Sure enough, after seeing through the window from the stone house, Wang Qiang could be seen standing at the exit of the Village Entering Pass. With a naked upper body and a pair of large flowery underpants, he was flapping his arms and jumping up and down as he loudly laughed. He was laughing so hard that he was unable to even close his mouth. Furthermore, he was even making strange victorious poses one after another. He was truly excited and appeared like a lunatic.

Wang Qiang’s appearance caused the people from the Sealing Ancient Village to feel completely at a loss as to what to do. They could not understand where this fool had come from.

However, Wang Qiang evidently did not notice this, as he was immensely overjoyed by his self-perceived victory. He stood at the exit of the Village Entering Pass and continued to pose in body-building style postures toward the people of the Sealing Ancient Village. He actually began to show off his shriveled muscles.

“Wang Qiang, what are you doing?” Grandpa Song was unable to continue to watch Wang Qiang making those weird postures. Thus, he walked out from the stone house.

“Haha, I, I, I am do, doing my victory celebr, celebration!” Wang Qiang patted his chest and spoke with pride.

“Oh, that’s right, ol, ol, old man, whe, where’re my spo, spoils of war? Qui, quickly hand them over.” Wang Qiang began to walk toward Grandpa Song with confident and complacent strides.